Stella Dimoko Serial Host Ebuka Explains Why BBNaija Show Did Not Show Explicit Content..


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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Serial Host Ebuka Explains Why BBNaija Show Did Not Show Explicit Content..

The host of Big Brother Naija, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, has revealed why some scenes were not shown to viewers during the lockdown season.

Ebuka, speaking on BeatFM said some scenes were censored due to the regulations of the National Broadcasting Commission.

According to him, the show is avoiding any legal battle and would be different if it was not in Nigeria.

Ebuka said, “I like Erica; I really like Erica, which is also funny because people thought that I hated her. She gave us good content; she and Kiddwaya.

“First things first, we live in a country that has regulations. We all know about the NBC; there are certain things we can never show whether we like it or not.

“I always say that BBNaija show would be a different show if it was not a Nigerian show or if it was not in Nigeria because of the kind of things that we cannot show. Those things are not in our call; it is just legal issues.”

He also denied speculations that the organisers focused and showed things about Erica and Kiddwaya to make them look bad.

“Secondly, this talk about what we showed about Kiddwaya and Erica; we actually did not show anything about them if anyone remembers. In fact, it was even Ka3na and Praise that people saw under the sheets.

“A lot of these things happened under the sheets in the house; so, we do not know what is happening. We’re not going to send a ninja to remove the sheet so that we can get a good shot.

“People say we showed some things that made Erica and Kiddwaya look bad and I ask how? How did we make them look bad?”

He added that people just made assumptions because everything that has been revealed on the reunion show was actually on air.
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  1. The reunion has ended,can we all move on to the next season?

    1. Ebuka pls come off it, u guys focused on Erica and kiddwaya, is it the same big brother channel I left on 24/7, I was watching showmax and even when I can’t sleep at night I watch big brother. There was nothing to suggest that other housemates where badder than baddest, you guys made Erica look like she was a bad girl meanwhile the wolves you guys protected. I have never been a fan of anybody but big brother picked their winner and decided to play the cards and that included downplaying Erica.
      Neo and very were always whispering and I was always expecting them to get a strike but no, let me not mention others.
      I understand it’s a business strategy but you guys should stop lying about your content. You can imagine the price money Laycon got was not what you guys said the winner would get. Abeg gettat

    2. oga your madam played herself. she showed no restraint and basked in self adulation and superority complex. she made a show of herself. Ozone were given special airtime too. i wondee ehat you lot keep complaining about. madam was feeling fly all d while and always said she was d show. several times d winner was up she said he would be out. personally i felt Ebuka didnt like Laycon. I stand to be corrected. The show is over. they ve given your girl a huge platform to blossom. let her use it and stop complaining. just support her like d winners fans are doing threr guy!!!

  2. Bla bla bla…… oga rest biko. The show is over and we are moving on. Stop dragging us back abeg.

  3. Ebuka has started again. People must talk but must you respond to all accusations?

    1. Yes he will respond, people were cursing his kids because they believe he was come for thier queen erica
      The truth is that erica do a whole lot more than what was even showed.
      Plus they hardly showed her except the time she claimed it with her mouth and kissed kid for everyone to see.

      If people came for my kids I will sing more than this.
      If they showed you half of what she did, buhari would have banned the show

      And why is everyone saying he is coming for just her when kathrina had more dirt.

    2. Really???
      People were cussing him out cos erika and even involved his kids??
      Some people are just EVIL.
      Even here in the blog the way some people come out bearing digger once you say a contrary things about their favourite.
      It's not by copying post from the daily devotionals, it is about living what thou preach.

    3. Madam push up, why is it that anytime u hear Erica, u jump out baring your fangs. The shower is over.
      Erica is doing exceptionally great, so with a few others. MOVE ON!

    4. @anon is push up lieing. People were cussing Ebukas kids,why wont he talk.
      Why blame a host for all the dirt your fav did in the host. Is it him dat told her to be making out on national TV?
      They even tried for her by covering her and Kidds shame.
      I heard the multichouce people have alot of X-rated material from them they didnt even show.

    5. Nawa o,what is wrong in what Push up said. 😂😂😂😂😂 cant laugh abeg.

    6. @push up, please easy with how you bear false witness. 🙏🏾

  4. I heard there is one street that is doing BBN copy copy.
    The contestants are Lazy Nigeria youths, their Host is a sycophant.
    Hee heeee heeee! Mumu dey worry dem.
    Blind leading blind.

  5. Na them sabi. What's my own there!

  6. Ebuka is right, they didn't show anything. Erika used her mouth to tell Neo they did everything. Surprised Neo asked, "even swallow cum"?, she said yes.
    Why are elites toxic? Ka4na that they showed her 2seconds sex did not complain oh, it's now Erika.
    Abeg make she enter poto poto jare.

    For those cursing Rbuka'd children, I return the curses to you and your households, running over, pressed down and shaking together.

    Always blaming everyone but your sex starved favorite that was fighting upandan because of man that did not even like her enough to claim her. Nonsense people.

  7. Is the show rated by NBC? If so, why the above? I believe the content shown is dependent on the rating and for an R18 show, this just sounds like a lame excuse. Selecting content shown can skew viewers perception and ultimately defeat the purpose of the show. There may be another reason but definitely not this one. Let's hope it isn't political 😁.
    I personally don't even care about the show Sha but it is what it is.

    1. Even if its Rated18. This is Nigeria.... Liar Mohammed and NBC dat has been lookn for all means to shut down d programme will grab opportunity.
      They did their best abeg.


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