Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 84


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Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 84

See me see this Uber Driver Oh......

It is not unusual to see that many people in relationships and marriages are not faithful to their partners but the major argument has always been that one gender is more unfaithful than the other. In my opinion, especially based on my experience and my kind of work, I can boldly say that ladies are more unfaithful in relationships.

One common thing I have noticed about my passengers when I take them out is that it is the ladies who lie more. For instance, as I was taking a girl home one night from a guy’s apartment, she received a call on the way. She begged me to find a quiet place to park off the road and put off the car radio so that she could pick her fiancé’s call. She lied to him that she was very sick and just got in from the hospital, asking the guy to send her money, which he promised to do immediately.

Another one I can’t forget in a hurry was when a girl I picked up from a hotel around 5am in the morning brought out a purse containing about 5 marked sim cards and slot one of them in her phone to make a call to a guy. I overheard her tell him that she had low battery on her phone because there was no light throughout the night. She promised to see him later that day. As soon as she finished with that call, she removed the sim card and slot in another labelled one into her phone to make another call to another guy.

Seeing these things on almost a daily basis makes me scared about making a commitment to a lady. I hardly see any lady these days who is committed to only one guy. I am not saying that guys are saints either but my submission is that ladies do worse than guys in this regard.

*Wetin Stella no go see for Oko Ashawo column? Women cheat more than men and you used only TWO examples to back up your claims? Na wah.
If i talk now your supporters here will come for me.
You are serial so I am sure Ladies would also be scared to make commitment with you.. You that used to gbensh your customers? LMAO!!!


  1. Please don't ever write this again. Show a girl that you love her, attention, care etc. Only 5 % will be stupid enough to cheat, 95% will be very faithful

    Show a guy all of this 99% will still cheat only 1 % will not

    1. Dey there dey talk rubbish.. by care you mean say make him buy you bone straight and iPhone 20 bah.., na the excuse weh Una take dey use cheat be that, na why Una dey end up with Yahoo boys and guys with questionable source of income, just like that babe weh efcc cramp her husband early this week.. HOELOSHO lifestyle.. Una no dey hear word.. even the ones weh do all what you stated above still get cheated on with another dumb excuse.. a greedy person is never satisfied. Once a cheat always a cheat.. no make men for here tell you story.. your ear go burst.. just cos guys dey always bottle up their issues and try to be a man, Una weh dey do anyhow go dey run mouth up and down..
      Na so one babe weh I leave am cos I find out say she dey carry waka with one guy, I no won make people weh Sabi am dey use cheat eye look am, so I no gree disclose the reason for our breakup.. I just dey talk say we no dey compatible.. only for the babe to dey tell everybody say me been dey cheat on am so she end the relationship 😂😂.. see person weh I dey hide her secret oh..
      Useless Ashawo girls everywhere..
      Make Una no just vex me this afternoon, I no dey good mood at all

    2. Dante, no need to find another girlfriend make you go marry another man kawai. You go get even 20kobo regards for women. You are too critical and suspicious, you dey even suspect your shadow.

    3. Dante I,m a medical personnel, I really think you should see a therapist dear. This is coming from a place of concern..

  2. If you leave your line of night work, you will meet good ladies and well-raised women who are decent and faithful. This your analysis is half baked dear.

    1. Thank you.
      If you work at night, you will see what you're not supposed to see ordinarily.
      Both genders cheat because morality has been thrown to the dustbin.

  3. How did you arrived at your seeing?

    1. The nature of his job unfortunately made him get wrong. For me I will be say both gender. Ordinary years back it is easy to say men cheat more but this quest materials things has made some married and single ladies to turn to something else. Majority don't even fear God again and you will be surprised they are well identified with the religion they are practicing and one find it difficult to understand wany has really gone wrong,majority has relegated God for wealth and fame.

  4. Hi Oko,
    Someone agrees with you;
    While my soul was still searching but not finding, among a thousand I have found one upright man, but among all these I have not found one such woman. 29Only this have I found: I have discovered that God made men upright, but they have sought out many schemes.”…(Eccl. 7)

    It is a matter of fact of life. Ladies are full of schemes because of the "biological clock" and the desperation to get married.
    my own opinion and understanding. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    But a godly woman, a woman of noble character (Prov. 31) is hard to find, her price is far above rubies. If you are one, you will understand these

  5. Beloved, most of your clientele are ladies of the night so what tf were you expecting ??? I’m not sure how you are expecting to find lambs amongst pigs ( not referring to the ladies as pigs Abeg, this is just a metaphorical statement)

  6. I'm a woman & i agree women are not faithful but you see "the other gender" just forget it!!!!!!

  7. He is right shaaa.. Women cheat more.
    You go hear them dey call Men names like horseband.

    I remember one married lady wey me and her dey run things. We run things to the point I put am for the other hole.. yet she go dey complain say her husband dey cheat on her..
    Me go dey wonder wetin she dey with me.. abi that one no be cheat?

    1. LOL. I will be shocked to see a woman who doesn't cheat in Nigeria.

  8. I strongly disagree with you on this one. Why you think women cheat more is because you carry more women than men. That woman has different sims, she still can be caught if she doesn't delete her messages, but men have different phones, they either leave it in their place of work or in their dash board in their car. Their women would never know

  9. Oko ashawo, women patronize your taxi more than men that's why you think women cheat more than men.

  10. The one wey tire me was the girl I was with picked up the hotel room phone and kept it up while she made calls to her fiance pretending to be sick. It was after I got home the next day that I realized what she did. She didn't want the hotel phone to accidentally ring as that might blew her cover. Fear ladies. I collected my turn and Waka. Abi na the runs girl wey gave me her invitation to a traditional marriage a week later after spending the night with me. Nigerian ladies should come with a warning label. Cheating is one thing but the audacity to act like is normal is out of this world.

  11. When I see married women, I assume they cheat but not with me.


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