Stella Dimoko Wife Of Assassinated Haitian President Says Killers Did Not Allow Husband Talk


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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Wife Of Assassinated Haitian President Says Killers Did Not Allow Husband Talk

The widow of slain Haitian leader Jovenel Moise, who was critically wounded in the attack that claimed his life, on Saturday issued her first public statement since the brutal murder, calling on the nation not to “lose its way.”


In an Audio message posted on her official Twitter account three days after her husband was shot dead in their home , 

Martine Moise said...

“I am alive, thanks to God, I am alive but I have lost my husband Jovenel
In the blink of an eye, the mercenaries entered my home and riddled my husband with bullets … without even giving him a chance to say a word,” 

“I am crying, it is true, but we cannot let the country lose its way,
We cannot let his blood to have been spilled in vain.
I will not abandon you''

The authenticity of the remarks, made in Creole, was confirmed to AFP by Haiti’s minister of culture and communications, Pradel Henriquez.

Martine Moise was rushed to a Haitian hospital after the attack in the early hours of Wednesday, before being evacuated to Miami for treatment.

According to Haitian authorities, an armed commando of 28 men — 26 Colombians and two Haitian-Americans — burst in and opened fire on the couple in their home.

So far, 17 have been arrested, and at least three were killed. A handful remain at large, police say. No motive has been made public.

Her husband’s killing has plunged already troubled Haiti — the poorest country in the Americas — into chaos.



  1. I weak for this Haiti. How can a President’s home be that porous?? What was his security detail doing?? The country, as small as it is, is worse than Nigeria. A country this old sef.

  2. Is someone in Haiti also in America?

    1. Haiti, is not in America, the country but in the Americas as a geographic location.
      Simply put, it is a country in North America, others are Canada, Barbados, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala and like almost 18 other countries.

  3. Even if the Haitians are tired of him, his security shouldn't be tired cause he was still their president but, for such number of men to storm his house just to kill him is terrifying.

  4. Story. They gave your husband free 4 tons of quality Colombian cocaine to ease his fundings during the presidential race,he won and settled well,remit their money back through the provided 2 accounts, he started forming Commando.

    Madam,your plight is in the very first episode of the series film, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH.
    He wouldn't have died,greed overtook him.

    RIP Moise.
    Colombians don't take DO YOUR WORSE.
    They do their WORST.
    Sorry for the loss anyways, Martine.

    1. You’re watching too much TV. Leave Teresita out of this.

    2. Oh Teresita in Pote's voice. Love season 5 ended

  5. I believe there is a frame up here, the foreign nationals are supposed to be his backup security. Before they could be activated? Deals already done. Be careful in another man's country.

  6. Sorry for the loss madame... You can take charge as the new "Petrona"

  7. What I Don't understand is how none of his security where shot or wounded!!!! This is like what happened to Bola Ige🤔 .


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