Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Boma Kissed Arin, Worries Over Kayvee, Michael Wants To Be A serial Baby Daddy + Other Gists.


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Monday, August 16, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Boma Kissed Arin, Worries Over Kayvee, Michael Wants To Be A serial Baby Daddy + Other Gists.

Hmmmm these housemates sef..... This is just the 4th week oh!!


Housemate, Whitemoney has told JMK he cannot be in a relationship with her.

According to him:...

“If I give you affection you’ll run away because I’ll do it too much
I don’t know how to approach women but once I like you I wouldn’t give you space and I’m sure that will affect you in the house.
So I’ll just be with all the girls in the house,” Whitemoney told JMK.

He doesnt know how to approach women? Na lie ooooh, nobody should fall for this line.



Housemate Michael said he will never get married.
He revealed this while having a discussion with Boma and Whitemoney on Sunday.

Michael said: “My purpose is to procreate. Any woman that has my child will be treated like my wife but I’m all about making children.
The people I resonate with in life are Emperors, King David and Solomon. Once I start giving birth, I wouldn’t stop.
I’m not getting married because I don’t get the sacrifice aspect. I can’t put aside my genuine desires; that’s perversion.”



During a conversation with Liquorose after the Sunday night eviction, Boma revealed he kissed Arin passionately but did not give their relationship a chance because of how fast things could change in the house.

“You know I kissed Arin in this house after Jacuzzi party, it was passionate. Liquorose knew about this because I tell her things the boys don’t even know that happen to me in this house

“I liked her and we even called ourselves names, she called me ‘Mad man’, likewise I called her ‘Mad woman’, but I just didn’t give it a chance because of how I want to be in the house.

“I don’t want to have anything serious yet because of how quick things change in this house,” 

Boma, since entering the house, has been close to Jackie B, Queen and Arin.

He has mentioned that he can be emotionally attached easily and lose focus in the game, the reason he does not want any relationship in the house yet.
Boma warned Queen on Saturday night to stop caging him, clarifying that he’s not in any relationship with her.

He  should Face front and face the game and stop trying to eat his cake and have it....How can he be kissing up and down looking for orgasm without commitment ? He should face front before his game backfires....



Housemate, Liquorose has said she would have not given Emmanuel a chance if they were outside the house.

Both housemates have feelings for each other and have not failed to show it, as they’ve been seen at different times in the house kissing and cuddling.

Liquorose told Maria and Boma on Sunday night

 “I would have zoned Emmanuel if it was outside this house because there would be many girls following him and I don’t like stress.
I look tough but I’m emotional and I tend to avoid love situations like that.
I didn’t even notice Emmanuel when I came into the house until he came to me. I try as much as possible to avoid any love situation.”




Housemate Maria expressed anger after Big brother show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu told Pere that many conversations were heard, when he tried to replace his deputy Maria.

(Pere and Maria in the HOH lounge)

Pere : Can I explain?

Maria: There's no need for confession i don't want to have this conversation, I'm done with it, thank you

Pere: so you want to carry face for the rest of your stay with me? that's fine

LOL @ carry face.. Pere i enjoyed your time as head of house, its been the 
best so far....



Housemates in the Big Brother Naija show have expressed concern over Kayvee’s behavior in the house.

Kayvee, who was introduced to the show alongside Queen, Michael and JMK last week, seem to be finding it difficult to adjust to his new environment.

On Sunday, some housemates raised concerns that Kayvee was acting weird in the house.

Giving instances of his behavior, White money said he is confused if Kayvee acts awkward or he is trying to prank the housemates.

According to him, “Kayvee switched off the washing machine when someone washing, used the Jacuzzi water to wash his face and proceeded to switch on the tap. When we spoke to him, he ignored us, I don’t think it’s funny anymore or is this a prank?”

JMK said, “He was sleeping beside my bed and all of a sudden he jumped up and moved to the cot-yard. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t answer me. We have been telling Biggie to take him for psych evaluation.”

Cross added, “I feel like he is going through a lot and he can’t process it.”

Also, Kayvee had opened up to Saskay that he needed to speak to someone and she told him to speak to Biggie because he has all the help he needs.

Oh dear!!!!.....He should be attended to if he needs help... Or maybe that is his strategy to get noticed this week.

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  1. Pere for President abeg

  2. White money is definitely 💅🏾

    He’s got some sugar in his tank 😏

    1. Honestly, he gives me fruity vibes too

    2. Babe!!!!! Surprised everyone is pretending not to know this.
      Dude has got pleeeeeeenty sugar in that tank. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Pere and Maria's content is White money' s strategy. Both are snooping around for White's strategy while White money is going for the grand price of 90 Mula. I like as White has been dodging all the ladies, smart man, his head is on the game. Vote White moneyyyyyy!!!!

    4. We are talking one thing. This one @Lyndy is talking another thing. Abeg shift.

    5. Hahahaha, what I am saying is that White money is 'de koko' of BBN6. Please vote for him anytime he is up. U hear!!!!

    6. Thank you lundy
      Their storyline is about white money without him I just wonder🤣

      White money stays carrying this season on his back.

      Stella likes pere and doesn't like white money and that's find but don't say he is lying.

      He is a gentleman, he asked to take jackie on a date when they are done with the house.

      Pere las las called his friends to talk to them
      Even saga told him his attack on white money seemed malicious.
      Thank God all the housemates saw through it.

      Thank you ebuka for letting maria know what pere said about her.

      After all the gossip, pere had the right to tell his boys, maria was being disrespectful to him through out his reign 🤣

      She's back to white money's side this afternoon

  3. They have added more vices;

    orgasms through forced kissing of unwilling women
    in house coup plotting/slander
    serial baby daddy boasts and acts
    Girls fingering themselves on live camera
    men kissing breasts of married women on live camera
    Anger and backbiting
    female Drunkenness and shedding crocodile tears
    Ladies asking dudes for sex on camera
    Ladies proposing to dudes
    Fornication positions and doggy style demonstrations on live camera
    Sacking volunteer cooks like "blatant failures'
    F-word language galore
    Porn in dreams and live porn on camera
    kids watching porn shows
    and so on and so forth

    And sugar mommies and sucralose daddies are saving up to buy SUVs and mansions to these for jobs well done?
    And parents are allowing their kids to watch these?
    And when you tell them that this is wrong, they attack you like bees?
    Onye nta akuko news has come again with latest from Big BROTHEL House;

    1. and governors will appoint these charlatans as youth ambassadors and special assistants
      While brands will endorse them

    2. Are you sure you aren't obsessed with BNN like this? Talk true, what really happened?

    3. This anonymous in Jesus name.

      Nobody forced you to open this post. No matter what you say, the show is still ranked the highest in views.

      Rest in Jesus name...smh

    4. See as you analyzed the show and you are so on point.

    5. Most of them have psychological issues and were not evaluated before entering the house! This is wat happen when most of them entered thru connections.

      For princess. Dat ur eviction exit speech was not necessary babes. Both whitemoney and cross no send u self! Cross nominated u self🤣🤣🤣.

      Boma should go and seat his flat ass down! Everybody nai e dey kiss! Serial kisser. Pere is a manipulative person! Probably a narcissist.

      Thank God saskay and Nini was saved. I voted for saskay. Yousef most boring housemates. How can someone stay in d house and not talk or socialize??? If all housemates be like dat! How d show go be. Since he came for love let him go to jos and look for it.

      Rose u better leave dat boy wey dey follow u up and down. Na becos he know say u get fans🤣🤣. Na fake love! U may not be my favourite but stay focus girl! U are the most focused and confident lady in d game so far. Unlike some overhyped person like maria🙄🙄

    6. @13:19
      So the Jesus you are calling supports all the atrocities that the anon listed up there? Why don't you make a choice between
      Jesus and the World, between heaven and hell?

    7. 14:43

      Not all those who call lord lord will enter heaven. Know this and have peace.


    8. @17:35
      So those who fornicate on live camera and the watchers of them are those that will enter heaven?
      Please which porn will you be watching when you get to that your "heaven?"

  4. White money b telling babes he doesn't know how to approach a lady,he told Jackie b same on Friday night n now JMK, Hmm

    Still my fav tho.

    Boma n Arin wow never saw that part
    But saw him kiss queen on the fore-head,last week.

    Pere and Mariam officially over after ebuka's tales hahaha tho the relationship was only in Peres head..
    Princess exist yesterday was somehow sha....she was smiling so much while standing bfor ebuka called her up for eviction n she gave us Bollywood style...
    Sha good luck to all of dem

    1. Big gbosas!!!!, to Ebuka for exposing Pere and Maria's dirty schemes

  5. i love pere oh, i dont know why Nigerians are made wih him, he didi not go to big brother to like anybody, that why the averGE NIGERIAN LIKE doing jazz because, we always want the easy way out, we dont know how to fight opposition apart from killing and eliminating, see as white money turn to catfish after dem remove am for kicthen, who goes into a gae with just one stategy? my bet is on yousef or liqourose, whitemoney is to dumb to be a winner,as usual the victim crying olympics groups will cry of marginalaization forgeting their girl carried it last year.

    1. Hian!!!! Marginalisation inside BBN????? Una wan do quota system???? Biko no bring that smelly primitive mentality here. What nonsense.

    2. My dear, White money is the content of this season whether he cooks or not. Remember that last year Laycon turned to catfish and defeated Erica , history is about to repeat itself, it will do you vam!!! for eye. White money brings comedy and satire to the show, the guy came prepared.Today Pere leaves as HOH ,you will see that he will become like one of the furniture in the house, following Maria up and down like a dog in the heat

    3. Thank you!!

    4. Nigerians are just too sentimental,pere is the real content and he does not pretend....

    5. As from today, we shall see the content he brought to the show!!!

    6. The queen roaster, you type like you have the brain of a rooster. It's unbelievable that you can boldly showcase your ignorance on a public forum. Clearly, you don't watch the show probably for lack of subscription.

      Lady rooster, White started trending from day one with his entrance to the house and his introduction in the house. We saw a real, entrepreneurial, jovial guy who reminds us of the hustling spirit the Nigerian youth has. This is the reason he resonated with us and why he deserves the prize.

      For you to say he is dumb, you are indeed like your mentor pere. Intellectually comatose yet prideful.

    7. @The Queen

      Laycon won last year and if you think Whitemoney is all you stated above, rewind to the very day the show started to see how he won the hearts of many.

      So to you, it is only the 'average Nigerian' that like doing jazz abi? Abeg de think we'll before you write.

    8. Please spend that your data in educating yourself. Average ko mean ni.

    9. You say he is but he's the only one that figured out the wild cards. And he is so talented. This your comment just shows you don't actually watch the show.

  6. Boma is using the kissing arin to gain votes from arin fans ( no matter how little the votes may be). We refuse to fall for ur pranks Boma.

    I interpret what whitemoney said as telling the ladies that he would go all out for a woman he wants to be with if he spots her. He said he's still watching out for some qualities. I hope the ladies are not saying "is it me, master? Lol

    If it's you, it's you. If it's you, I'll choke you with love- a subtle way of Whitemoney telling those ladies it's not them. Once he spots the woman, he would rush her with love.

  7. Boma person wen dem reject no de reject himself ,stay pls. See what Jackie B did to you, dumped u like a sack of beans.
    Sdk we know why u don't like Whitemoney 🤪. Pere's HOH last week has been the best indeed. E go shock you on the final day😄🤐🤫 make we de watch fess

    Kayvee no well that's why dem no gree give am visa. He's the only person living in their family house at ogba, d rest dey USA. Guy no well, psychologists won't do much, take him into a special room, give him his drugs and weed, he'll revive it evict him before he punches a face.

    1. Ehen??? You say? Neighbour ti de o. Soooooo he lives alone in Nigeria.

      Please let me warm my lunch, continue o.

      I know so somebody must knowxwetin dey worry this guy.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you no well.

    3. You really know him.

      He behaves one kind, sometimes he'll bring out camp bed to the middle of their street and sleep there till dawn.

      Anyway, Big Brother has evicted him from the house before he stabs or implicate a housemate then both will be evicted.

      Same mistake they made with K Brule and he dragged Khloe out of the show.

      Goodbye from BBNaija season 6 dear Kavyee, you will get proper therapy.

  8. Kayvie? Just give him that his regular simple.

    1. Housemates will put him up for eviction. He can kiss the house bye on Sunday.

  9. I didn't watch the Ebuka opened Pere's yansh? Ikwakwakwakwa.

    Tonight's HoH challenge will be hemehe.

    1. Ebuka exposed him one time, he cowered and gathered some boys around him discussing and blaming Maria. You need to see how for the first time BBN6 started, Pete's shoulders were bent, using style to solicit so that they will not put him up for eviction. I laff tire yesterday, the braggart was humbled

  10. Pere will be so up today for possible eviction

  11. 3 things abt KV,either he is a drug addict jonesing,has a pre existing mental health issues or he is playing out a script.


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