Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Boma Warns Queen Not To Cage Him, Jackie B Says Her Child Is Watching Her + Other Gists


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Sunday, August 15, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Boma Warns Queen Not To Cage Him, Jackie B Says Her Child Is Watching Her + Other Gists

These housemates are beginning to 'show themselves'


 Housemate, Jackie B has accused Michael of disrespecting her and she confronted Michael in the garden on Saturday night for allowing Angel to romance his head.

Jackie B told Michael: “You disrespected me in front of everyone. We have a thing and you should have asked me to help you rub your head; to help with your Migraine not Angel.

“Don’t make me look stupid. Angel is like my younger sister. She’s just 21 years and it’s not that deep, but don’t disrespect me.
Don’t try to play me and Angel on national Tv. My child is watching.”

Michael, responding said he is being real with her, adding that her complaint is just all ‘Pre-imposed conclusion’ as he has nothing to do with Angel.

This is so annoying!!!

Your child is allowed to watch adult content? focus on winning the money and leave man matter...USE A BROOM if it itches!!



Housemate Boma has warned Queen to stop caging him.
He issued the warning to Queen after the Saturday night party and lamented that she kept taking him away from every other girl he wanted to dance with at the party, which is not cool.

“I have to tell you now don’t pull me off from other girls when I’m dancing we are not in a relationship

“I don’t want people to think I’m dating you, it is not cool stop caging me,” Boma told Queen.

What a shame!!!.....Is it a crime in that house if no relationship happens?



Housemate Liquorose has said she will not forgive Emmanuel if he is evicted from the show this Sunday.
She said that she doesn’t know what she would do because he has stirred up something in her.

Emmanuel, however, advised her to be focused and win the money if he is evicted.

Liquorose said, “I don’t care what you are putting on. All I know is you ain’t going nowhere. If you leave tonight, I’m gonna hate you.

“You can’t come into my life, mess up shit and leave. I will never forgive you, what am I supposed to do?”

Emmanuel responded, “Stay focused and win the money, you are a born winner.”

All this love talk now now? na wah... Focus on winning the money!



Housemate, Angel said she made love with Michael in her dream.

Angel disclosed this to Jackie B secretly but Jackie exposed her secret on Saturday night while discussing with Maria and Pere about her little drama with Michael at the party.

Michael and Jackie B engaged in an argument after Saturday night party as the latter complained about Angel rubbing his head in front of other housemates, describing it as disrespectful.

She said: “Angel told me she has feelings for Michael. I told him to be careful since we had a thing together. But he went ahead to disrespect me by allowing Angel rub his head in front of other housemates.

“Angel also told me she dreamt she made love with Michael.”

Maria, responding said 

“How would you say you dreamt you made love with your friend’s man, you caused it Jackie B.... If I was the one, I will not laugh but just walk out on her,” Maria said.


  1. I know Emmanuel is up for eviction this nite, previous post had only five names. Hian

    1. Biggie should remove jumoke and Whitemoney from the house to a hidden room let's see how the house will look like.
      We need a switch abeg,too much nonsense

  2. That's why Angel is the best female in that house, she is there for cruising and not ready for any gum body. Why can't the girls focus and leave relationship for now. Liqourrose attachment to Emmanuel is annoying because I don't think Emmanuel has the same feelings for her

    1. Angel doesn’t know boundary or consent tho. The way she’s moving in that house is real janky..accosting the guys in the shower and sizing them up.

    2. Angel is shameless. You ppl will come and say this slutty behavior is cruise but in real life she will be a canditate for MFM. The girl needs to learn some morals because her parents did a terrible job.

    3. Are you for real?@perxian.
      If it were a guy,there would've been an outrage in and out of the house,and he would've been evicted. Why can't biggie call her to order? Smh.

    4. Sorry dear Lyndy, you need to shine your eyes even in real life . You said Angel is what....... seriously.

      Angel is a loose woman, periodttt. If you no keep your stuff well , she go keep am for you . Imagine a small girl like that sizing up the men , her body count eh .

  3. This Angel of a girl is something else. Only God knows her body count at her supposed 21.

    Very loose girl

    1. Blame yourself for believing those lies.
      15 minutes ago during discussion, Liquorose was in Ss1 in 2003, that ma is 18 years in the past, inside biggie house she came in as 25years old girl.

      Angel finished secondary school in 2011, hers ma na 10years back. She claims 21.

      They will laslas tell us how many children they already gave birth to, those bodies and breasts are telling us something else.

  4. This girl keeps talking about her son watching,did anyone force you into the show? And why will a kid be watching adult content?
    'her friend's man'....for those watching has michael professed love to this girl or its all in her head? So naso them curve boma? Smh.
    Michael is my ex look alike,they could pass for twins.


  5. Them don add more ooo (Please I don't watch this, I read them all here)

    Child watching adult content (porn)
    women Caging men
    porn in the dream
    porn on TV
    female fingering herself on camera for the world to see
    men sucking married women breasts
    Anger and fighting
    f-word galore with boldness and impunity
    Sacking (volunteer) cook like "blatant failures"
    Girls asking men for sex
    Dream sex
    and so on, and so on...

    And some folks are also "blatantly" allowing their kids to watch these?
    And some sugar mommies and stevia daddies are saving to buy SUVs and houses for them for jobs well done?

    This is Onye nta akuko news reporting from Big BROTHEL house

    1. You're man 100%. Hahahahahahahaha.

    2. You forgot to add some stupid state governors will appoint some of these housemates as S.A on whatever after the show.

    3. @13:40
      I am totally confused here: Is it a sin or crime to be a man?
      Why do you folks leave the substance of a discourse and pursue shadows?

  6. So all of them were single before getting into the house?nobody has a serious relationship outside the house? Na wah!

  7. But Boma just dey para for Queen Yesterday. I felt embarrassed on her behalf. He could have be calm while addressing her. If na person like Maria or JB, would he have used that tone?

  8. Asides the four people that managed to get marry via this show, why is relationships a premise of the show. Even Ebuka stays shipping like this is love Island now HMs come into the house wanting to couple up by all means necessary and if you are not feeling the other party.HMs should play this game with no strings attached pls

    1. That's normal in confined spaces..if you think it's easy,aaudition and check out..Most of them thought they'll play alone but they can't believe they can fall in love

  9. Stella be giving housemates Gbas Gbos

    Jackie biko calm down.Is your son 18years old that he is watching.You dont want to be disgraced but you jump from Boma to Michael immediately he came in on Sunday. Just a week he came in oo.calm down please

    Liquorose,I love you from the stage but can you play your game alone without Emma.He kissed JMK last night she even told him to go meet you.He looks deceitful and he has said he isn't in any relationship. You are the only one in this situationship oo.

    Pere said maria has an eye for Michael

    Good for Queen.Boma is running for his dear life as she has said she is clingy.

    Lockdown housemates are still more party rocker than this set.They keep wasting the music on Saturdays

    Angel knows no boundaries.As much as I like her she portrays that bitchplease look.Micheal told her to stop playing with him last night.

    Cross,ciroc is not your mate.See how you crossed yesternight.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ€£

    Waiting for the eviction.
    Nini is really growing on me.I like her.

    1. Anon 13:45 you're a terrible liar, Emmanuel never kissed JMK. Why lie on the poor boy, today is sunday o.

      Rose and Emmanuel talked about the "I'm not in a relationship" response in the dining last night,and they both laughed about it,apparently Boma told Rose.

      Stop lying abeg

  10. Angel is a sore whore

  11. I hope that child is not watching like she is claiming o...

  12. The ladies in this set ehhhh, they are the ones chasing the guys. Being really desperate. Ohhh Chimooo

  13. I'm trying to see what they are seeing in this Michael...still can't see it.. with that his agzent that wiii just be fluctuating like NEPA. Razz boring dude feeling fly.

    1. Pls when you see what's attracting them to Micheal kindly let me know because I don find am tire I no see 😏πŸ₯΄πŸ™„

    2. This Michael is hot pie in that house now even peace took turn to kiss and romance last night.

    3. Ginger you donminit??? Abule Egba Teddy Riley.

    4. I thought I was the only one o. I'm still trying to look for the hotness. Guy looks rough sef.

  14. That rose alone is content, I don't understand why she desperately needs Emma. I hope she deals away with that slow poison and focus.

    1. Seriously rose is content and she doesn't know it.See how she wins tasks so easily.Even the betnaija game that guys cant win to the fashion show before their debate.Only if she can see how strong her fanbase is.

  15. "If you leave tonight, I’m gonna hate you". It should be "I'm gonna leave with you", then we'll know you're serious, since you're miss lover lover. Mtchewwwww

    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "15 August 2021 at 15:21

      I am telling you, she for leave with her.

    2. She's just giving him lamba,forgetit.

    3. Lynne,abeg leave that one for saga..Rose needs the money oooo..hhahaha

  16. How can a 10 year old be watching a show that is rated 18? SMH

  17. Like I'm tired of those girls Stella. It's really annoying. Just disgracing themselves up and down all in the name of wanting to be ships. Last night was something else.

  18. Yeee!!!😲Stella enter Jackie B🀣🀣🀣 Thanks for the update. Na because of kids on vacation some of us no fit watch. How she will confidently say her underage kid is watching her ‘no understand’ me. She no dey think again, the scratch don plentiπŸ™ƒ

  19. I'm surprised that people who were against Nnegi last season are now supporting Angel. Nnegi was condemned by some people because of her friendship with Kid but this season Angel is cruising. And I'm forced to ask if seducing amd trying to kiss all the guys in the house is now cruise.

  20. I can't judge any of may not be easy for them to be alone..

  21. The gang up against Queen was too sad to watch. Whitemoney is the only person who has her back in that house. Others are just jealous. Boma never even danced with her, what was he complaining about. He should be happy someone even wants his ass after he got dumped by Jacky B

  22. Angel is the purest soul in that house. Life has thought me that people like her are always straight forward while the goody two shoes are always the snake.

    1. She has a beautiful soul and i'm sure she'd be a very kind person in real life but her flaw is her being too loose, and it's a very bad kind of flaw. I pray she works on that aspect of her life because that aside, she's really a very nice girl.

    2. That's the ways of a woman with easy virtues, easier getting into her than a local school in a neighborhood. Just knock and "it" shall be opened.

  23. Angel is the purest soul in that house. Life has thought me that people like her are always straight forward while the goody two shoes are always the snake.

  24. I love ne some Angel

  25. Angel and liquorose are the most amazing ladies in that house.. I thought liquorose will be crazy but I thought wrong and she's so humble..Tacha wey been no get this kind followers used to shout,no leave no transfer..


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