Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Bombshell Shocker As Biggie Evicts Yerins, Niyi And Beatrice And Introduces 4 New Housemates


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Monday, August 09, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Bombshell Shocker As Biggie Evicts Yerins, Niyi And Beatrice And Introduces 4 New Housemates

What is Big brother up to? He threw out three housemates and brought in four new ones... Who does that???


Season 6 theme is 'Shine ya eyes' and that was indeed what happened on Sunday August 8,2021 Live eviction as viewers eyes widened in shock as Big Brother threw out three housemates ( Yerins, Niyi and Beatrice) and introduced four new housemates Michael ,JMK , Kayvee and Queen......

Whitemoney and Yousef were saved from being evicted.

The new housemates...


  1. JMK 23? Hmmmmmm...
    Micheal is hot 🀠

    1. Big brother loves Nyash,that's what he is up toπŸ˜πŸ˜‚.I am beginning to think that big brother is related to TJ

    2. You needed to see the disbelief on the faces of the housemates when she said she is 23 during introduction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.She had to tell them not to mind the body😁.
      I think that's her football age

  2. He did that to spice up the house.

    The shocker was that Zee world was not evicted

    1. E wo ni Zee World? Rajeev the teacher? Ah he and awa UN observer Princess go leave the same day, that is if they dont forget her in the house before the start dismantling the furniture and switch off the lights.

  3. Let the game begin. Beggie is here to make money. Suspense makes the game more entertaining.

  4. Four new housemates? Only in bigbrother,Everybody cash must count...

  5. This show is messed up. Clearly it's for "who know who" why remove 3 to bring four was there some sort of agreement, cos bringing in new housemates in two weeks no make sense. One would expect that oh! They will be fire but only Michael the rest be like them come sleep, so what's the need

    1. Beats me why people say it's a man know man show intoto.

      Same procedure brought in Cindy the chic who Enkay didn't allow to play Ludo with her.
      Brought in Joe Abdallah the guy with Herbert Macaulay signature moustache.
      Ah ah.

  6. My dear I shock at all these ages the females are calling oh. Big brother brought in matured ladies with thick thighs, big bumbums and well developed bodies and they are all claiming 20's. I'm not body shaming anyone but we all know how 23 year olds look like na. At least no one argued that Chidinma the super TV CEO killer isn't 21.
    See thighs, massive bumbums everywhere and I hear, I'm just 23.

    1. Don't mind those mamas who are in their forty's claiming 20's. The thing is even annoying.

  7. Biggi be whining us, why is he messing with our emotions and head? All yee blessed Money Geng, stay focused! Eyes, love, attention and votes only on our Million pound baby boy White Lion. Se eti gbo?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Ahh but Michael is hot af, boy is hot.
    I was so pained that my Niyi got evicted, i loved him in that house. Biggi should have sent only two housemates home. Wishing the three evicted HMs good luck. Niyi go home to your queen and lil angel, love you still hottie.

    1. Chi Bebe kee kwanu?
      It's sho ti gbo nne.

      Keep your fingers on White Money's name tag if he's up for eviction this week because his "real competitor" has just berthed in the name of Michael.
      Have you heard the song from Naughty by Nature before , "Houston niggas are the craziest?"
      White Money's game better have it tight if not, oga adi behuke.

      I'm trying to catch up on many clips and I must give him kudos from what I've seen so far. The boy is good but remixing a whole album of Chinyere Udoma in front of a kitchen or mirrors won't save him.

      Pray for him to have a consistent direction.
      O di mkpa!

    2. 9:46
      Are you a yoruba person? Obviously not!
      It is 'se oti gbo?" Not " sho ti gbo"
      please! It does not have the "h" alphabet. I was even surprised chisom said it properly. Stop correcting a language you are not conversant with.

      You write like XP though.

    3. No way you are not my XP, this is you momma. Ngwa bie m oma because i've missed you! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜.

      Ehh, thanks for the correction asa. I know the the band Naughty by nature but i don't know the song you're talking about, will download now.

      Akuko, Micheal is not a competition to our million pound baby boy at all, Micheal is a competition to the likes of Cross, Boma, Pere etc. As far as i'm concerned, the love the Money Geng has for Whitelion is a copied assignment, we can never explain it, neither can it be shared or shaken. We de for our boy, we got him, we are riding harrrd for him. Micheal is a hot bad boy while Whitelion is a mixture of everything a person wants in a human, his kind/type is rare. He got no competitor in that house.

      The Money Gengs are praying, spending and loving him at the same time. Who deyyyyyy?!

    4. 10:29, oh i'm correct? Lol. 🀝😌

      She's definitely XP.

    5. Chisom you're right. The anon's handwriting as XP written all over it.
      XP Chisom is correct if you're addressing more than one person. Also, it's so (without the h) ti gbo, when addressing one person.

    6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      CHISOM be anyi rapu godi onye mgbua,ojikwa nu ahu?
      You're so right. Onulu ube nwanne(in Bright Chimezie's voice). Haha

      Osugbugo nu the nwa that I write in Yoruba.
      2 things that killed Lagos:
      Na dem. Even inside the church, cathedral you speak the language fa ana ebe. Ngwanu speak Igbo,fa aju.
      Anyi adokalu go ka Phyno,fa bebe akwa.
      Will compose bomb ass mail to bv Ceasar later because he's ranting about kidnapping and women,the main cancer in Nigeria is tribalism but anyi na awa ndia agba,big time. Onwea di!

      Anony 19:29... Look,sisi corrector,I have a 35mins presentation to make in Yoruba language on September 1st, go to my LinkedIn profile and delete it,inugo? Kikiki

      The street song ruling the airwaves that some churches banned children from singing and dancing to is SHO TI GBO by Smartboy Banky B.
      That one is Esperanto language abi?
      Cry on baby. We polygots like that.

      Chi Bebe,ndi supe ji touch eso my profile o maka na munwa ekwero na dia gofmenti.
      Oku di over,my Nokia 8210 for calls is illegal, imagine.
      Rather dead than use my main line and phones for comments, will use my direct lines soonest, let me sort it.
      Ndi afu onu here di tight on many things,I love my small job biko.
      Stella Kork has plenty shildren na, holding down for us.
      There's so much to tap on here,once in a fortnight I stroll in.

      Akuja kwana.
      I'm shining eyes tonight,so expect my e-kisses.

    7. This is certainly XP maama.
      We miss you here o.

    8. Nekwanum anya o.

      Mrs Dainty, you too has joined bag gang? Aarrgghh e pain me!
      How una dey find my handwriting for comment? Why? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
      Anyway thanks for that. I can't change my writing style.
      If you remove all the Igbo language there, you'll still know I'm the one.
      Go and read many memos and posts from Stella Kork na the same style na. I said it since that I'm a good student. I learnt hers and added my thinking pattern so it's freestyle and once I show, you will know.
      Maybe I add "E go be" as my footnote to complete the follow up. Haha.

      CHISOM...the song is Craziest.
      Take a close look at the lyrics, Trench especially made some valid terms, a replica of who Michael the new housemate is.
      Find the exact lines and you'll love him but ego ocha is ahead of him.

      Meanwhile Whitemoney is heavily admired and his content is a Sub-content in the reality show. I watched the live eviction with a sis,the first question she asked was "odikwa ka dis yellow guy abu tejuosho hustler". Haha.
      Whitey na esi ego ego, you guys his army are indomitable too.
      Thumbs up.

    9. Go,people get time o, see all the long write up on top people u may never meet.

    10. No problem, omidan.
      You have a presentation in the language? Good! It simply shows You may be fluent in speaking but you are obviously not fluent in writing. This is the second time I noticed you would correct someone written words in the yoruba language and your corrections are always wrong and misleading. Just had to correct you.
      Welcome back.

    11. Osundi(owendi)... I miss you too o.
      I saw your hyper on spontaneous Post about your Γ³kΓΉkΓ³, weldone plenty plenty. What looks small will gradually translate to an empire as long God is for you.
      Here's the thing:
      1. Get oven mitts for your hands. If expensive,get to Yaba,behind Mr Biggs and get tokunbo ones. Wear them to feed your chicken.
      2. Slice water leaf and lay for them to be pecking while you fill the feeding troughs,that way the rush will be less.
      Or set a little outside,let them fight it out while you fix their feeds.

      That's my Emene coded side hustle you know. It's a worthy investment.

    12. Anony 12:08
      Thanks for appreciating.
      BTW... at least I'm defending my small title na, mo ni Eko certificate of "Omo-oluwabi-ism".
      Till I tell you my tribe you won't know.
      Even my Igbo language,written is 90% but spoken is like 66%,not my fault, didn't get home early enough but I do many dialects effortlessly, in pieces dear in pieces yet I speak it. My bv friends can confirm that. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

      Deenity...leave us alone. It's called SDK BLOG family.
      And who says we don't meet them?
      Wait till I jam you somewhere and ask you why you're not wearing your sailor suit. Then you go know(in flavor's voice).
      File jo!
      ";" have you on lockdown as a celebrated bv that you is.

    13. @Xp, song is a hard core hip hop, i love the song. Thanks for introducing it to me. And that song by Bright Chimezie is a complete jam, one of my favorite songs by him. I love how his clean and clear sweet voice did justice to that very patriotic classic song.

      Ehh, all of us just missed you and we're glad to see your comment out here. Sort whatever it is out already and come out with full force. Ms Dainty didn't join any bad gang momma.

      12:08, thanks for the correction deary.

      XP say me well to that our sister you watched the show with ❤️❤️

  8. The great twist,it's good as this let them wake up.

    Michael is Teddy A. Bad boy American with swag and innocent moves. He's flirting without talking, the chics admiring and getting set to steal him over.
    If you love Boma pray for him as Jackie B changes love net sharparly.

    JMK is (barrister?)CeeC. She's ready for attack and counter attack with poor composure,not articulate in her expression. Another itibolibo lawyer,her beauty will help her though big bum bum didn't save Beatrice,Jmk needs to work harder.

    Queen is Tacha unlimited. Similar background. "I'm a philanthropist", Ebuka shouted "hey,go inside,go inside the house". Ebuka fittin't fit.lmao

    Kaycee is Tobi photocopy. The boy is good. Angel has grabbed his gbola few hours after arrival,checked out and squeezed it good good.
    Hope there a standby doctor invade Sammie stuffers a heartattack.

    Biggie has reset his house to A Brothel. It's now Big Brother Brothel Pro Max.
    Angel was forming naked, the main naked Queen has come. Let all the over soft kpomos begin to stand strong.

    1. Ewooo see errors.

      Typing with sleepy eyes jare.

      *Real good
      *There's a standy doctor incase

      Oh chim!

  9. Wo, it's needed to spice things up and when Biggy will evict, 4 people might leave.

    It seems Jacky B has ported to Michael o. Her spec don enter house, strategy don change. Sorry Boma.

    1. Cyn I typed that up there.
      Jackie B has switched up to the American Abuja boy.

      She's a sweet soul but very particular about social status so yeah she's likely running with Michael who she considers a bourgeoisie.

      Sorry Boma. Nature calls.

    2. Cyn I typed that up there.
      Jackie B has switched up to the American Abuja boy.

      She's a sweet soul but very particular about social status so yeah she's likely running with Michael who she considers a bourgeoisie.

      Sorry Boma. Nature calls.

  10. My G, Whiteyyyy is still in the show, that's the Koko! His appreciation mood yesterday got me emotional. Who deyyy?

    1. Me too, i was so emotional for him last night.

  11. Biggie had to do that to bring some life into that house.

  12. We have beautiful people in Nigeria

  13. Big brother loves Nyash,that's what he is up toπŸ˜πŸ˜‚.I am beginning to think that big brother is related to our Teejay

  14. When I saw new housemates coming in,I knew it will be exodus eviction night! I'm so happy for White Money πŸ’° he later broke down in tears while thanking God for surviving eviction..even Yosef I'm happy for him

    The new housemates are hawt😍

    1. Watching white money cry in the kitchen while thanking God got me so emotional.
      That guy is so real, hope he wins...

    2. Make una vote Odogwu Whitemoney oh...keep embarassing him with votes... i dont watch much but once I see him up for hand no dey pain me for my whitemoney...

  15. Michael ooo... He will finish those girls with accent and snatch them from their house boyfriends.

    Nice replacement from Biggie. Those up were so boring except WM. Biggie didn't finish the work. It should have been four eviction that will send yousef home. He's another boring person.

    My Whitemoney cried last night.. All week he was so strong but scared inside. He just cried in his kitchen, thanked God and continued the game. If only he knows the massive love waiting for him outside he won't worry at all. He should just enjoy his holiday with his new friends.

    1. Truly "in his kitchen". I actually shed some tears when he was crying and thanking God, i was like, oh what a sweet and grateful soul, if only he had a clue as to how much he is loved. The innocence, cuteness and vulnerability that oozed out of him when he was wiping his tears last night. 😭❤️❤️😍

    2. Whitemoney's grateful heart was everything. It could melt even a stony heart. I wish he knows the massive following. Yet again, thank God he doesn't know, so he keeps entertaining and bringing forth his A game.

      Whitemoney may the God Whom you gave thanks to, keep to the end and you bring home the gbola.

    3. Gbola ke, or mula😁😁😁😁😁@ Modasista
      Your phone has a mind of its own

  16. People were complaining that those in the house were boring maybe that's why big brother introduced new housemates.

    I wanted Beatrice to stay but I wish her all the best

    1. Stay and do what? Be running errands gif Whitemoney? Let her go biko. People will enter the house with no plan, no strategy, no focus just doing zege zege like they forced them to enter.
      Be strategic!!!
      E say no, dey hide for shell.
      Na her loss na.
      Dem no go even remember her name before middle of the show.
      And she no get any talent that she can even leverage on.
      Zero talent.
      Except ma nyansh she wan monetize.
      Very forgettable somebody.

  17. My own were these new housemates also in a locked house without phone since these big brother started,cos if they weren't, they must ave known everything, about the outside world view on the housemate and play smartly. BTW Michael is hot.

  18. Is their facial expression for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  19. Mehn biggie be playing with my emotions. Three of my people left yesterday, very painful but the show must go on. That been said, Angel Michael I mean Michael is Hooooooooooot!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Kayvee is the "I no send" kinda guy. Did y'all watch the dare game last night? He will go places.🌚 Meanwhile, if biggie like he should put Davido in the house na Whitemoney go still win the money.πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    1. If Biggi sef like, he should bring in Beyonce, who send her? 😏 Whitelion for the 90 milli.

      Omo i'm going to miss my Niyi baby, stay safe king. Kayvee is the male version of Angel. I don't want Jackie to hurt Boma, i pray she doesn't hurt him.

  20. Polymatch don go ehyaaaa. Abi wetin e dey call himself.

    Brains with no VIBES = BORING.

    You can be a very intelligent, book smart, with 10 Phds person but you cannot survive in a show like this without VIBES.

    Wait for that Cowbell competition, na dat one go fit you.

    Then for somebody to boring without brain nko??? Chai, na misfortune be that na...

    List of boring housemates:


    I'm sure there are some I dont even remember but these ones have been able to impress me with their level of 'boringness'.

    1. Remind me who is blessing againπŸ™„

    2. 11:42 if you ask me na who I go ask?

  21. I think what Biggie did was to RESET the game. The inability of the housemates to spot the wild cards altered their game plan. The house became choked with laid-back kind of housemates who brought no personal fun hence the triple eviction yesterday. And seemingly indolent housemates were shown the exit door so that the house will be gingered back to life.

  22. My dear,@jubliee white money will win.he is too real .

  23. omo Biggie is just catching cruise... these new housemates look quite intriguing.. I sense a whole lot of incoming drama

  24. I was never expecting Niyi to be evicted yesterday..

    1. Dude was turning to another Eric without lilo.

      Let him put it in his bio, former bbn contestant and continue with his tik tok videos.

  25. It was a premium surprise last night. I was happy for yousef Sha.
    The new housemates are hot,even teejay spec dey thereπŸ˜ƒ
    Whitemoney is a comedian aswear,he said to Nini ' u wan do ashawo for my front'🀣🀣🀣 I loved the way the babes hugged him when it was announced that he is safe. And Nini calling him "daddy" up and funny.

  26. I felt bad for Beatrice yesterday now that she has started mingling with others. I wish her all the best.

    1. Beatrice took too much time to adjust and be in the game. Too late. Oboi Michael is a snack. πŸ˜‹πŸŒ­πŸŸπŸ§

  27. Hhahahahaha!!!, see as I was laughing like a mumu in the office, Funny comments. Micheal is hawt, 042 no dey carry last but Daddy whitemoney for the 90 million. I nearly have heart attack yesterday, thank God the Zaddy of the house survived it. Vote Whitemoney because I know the house will put him up again, he shock them yesterday.

  28. It is called shine your eyes......
    With these new housemates,i see drama loadingggggggggggg


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