Stella Dimoko Woman Bathed With Boiling Water By Woman She Accused Of Being Her Husbands Lover


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Monday, August 09, 2021

Woman Bathed With Boiling Water By Woman She Accused Of Being Her Husbands Lover

Sunday Joy a 37-year-old mother of two has confessed to the police in Ogun State that she bathed a woman with hot water for accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

Ogun police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, told newsmen on Sunday that the suspect was nabbed after a report was lodged at Agbado police station by one Kelechi Samuel,an elder sister to the victim.

Samuel had told the police that during a vigil at Spring of Life Global Ministry, Giwa, Agbado, the suspect came into the church with a container of hot water and poured it on her sister’s face, causing her grievous harm.
The suspect stabbed her on her left hand when she tried to hold her.

The DPO of Agbado Division, CSP Kehinde Kuranga, after hearing the report,detailed his men to the scene, where the woman was arrested.

“On interrogation, the suspect explained that the victim had been accusing her of sleeping with her husband for quite some time now, and all efforts to disabuse her mind from it proved abortive.

“On that fateful day, while they were in the church, the victim came as usual and started raining curses on her. While she tried to walk away from her, the victim pulled her back with her cloth and tore the cloth.
 It was that annoyance that made her to go home and boiled water which she brought back to the church and poured it on the victim’s face,” Oyeyemi said.

The woman denied dating the victim’s husband.

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  1. Why conceive such wickedness in her heart to cause bodily harm to a fellow woman because of a man.

  2. Fighting over an irresponsible man... you should have confronted the Mkpi, you call a husband.. what if the said Lady killed her on the process of trying to fight over this shameless man?

    1. When you have no self esteem to the point of putting yourself in trouble for a no value man

  3. She left the vigil she came for and went home to boil hot water? She's very wicked and must face the consequences of her evil action.

  4. She left the vigil she came for and went home to boil hot water? She's very wicked and must face the consequences of her evil action.

  5. Nobody

    Is worth going to prison or hell for
    Or losing your mind or your peace for

  6. While they both let the man in the middle of this shit go free.

    The future is female indeed.

  7. Read the article o

  8. Why do women allow themselves to keep receiving punishment for the sins of a man?
    If you know you have an irresponsible husband, face him or face your own life and plan your Future and that of your kids, don't put your life at risk because of a man. That wife now has an everlasting scar on her face and body, the other one will go to jail or even go free if she can spend money and has a good lawyer. The man? He may chase his wife, with her Scar face away, marry another woman and keep frolicking around.

  9. Guilty as charged.
    She did all but where is the man at the center of this whole show of shame?
    He is cooling off somewhere, watching the two foolish women slug it out.
    What a shame!

  10. All ye married women that always come here to explain how they dealt with their husband sidechick for praises, times have changed, country don red, better learn from this useless woman up there attack the man not the side chick, i have said it several times, in this time we are you will just loose your life fighting the side chick because people no dey fear again. Face your husband oh una no go hear.


    I wont do gutter! We move

  12. The heart of men are desperately wicked..
    Wickedness everywhere

  13. What a waste of a name. How the hell you name Sunday Joy and doing such evil.

  14. For all you women who don't hear word, always going to accuse and confront some woman over your ashawo husband or boyfriend, read this o and advise yourself, not every woman will take your rubbish, some will retaliate. Better face your man or use that energy to leave him and save your own life.


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