Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 Boring Fake Eviction Sunday + Other Gists.


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Monday, August 23, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 Boring Fake Eviction Sunday + Other Gists.

It was boring on Sunday night with the fake eviction that big brother planned........... The show was so boring that many did not get upset when 'NEPA' stopped the flow of Electricity.

If you watched , please add your gist.!


Big Brother Naija season 6 housemates were on Sunday shocked over the fake evictions of JMK and Yousef.

Maria had on Sunday gathered the housemates in the lounge and announced the bottom six who least impressed her and instructed them to pack up for eviction.

She nominated JMK, Angel, Pere, Yousef, JayPaul and Emmanuel.

When asked to evict two housemates from the 6 during the live show, Maria mentioned JMK and Yousef.

Show host Ebuka eventually told the two nominated housemates to sit down and that there was no eviction.



Housemate Emmanuel was nominated alongside JMK, Pere, JayPaul, Angel and Yousef for fake eviction by Maria 
and Liquorose disclosed what would happen to her if Emmanuel is evicted.

Liquorose said: “I feel weird about your nomination for eviction, if you go I feel my game will be distracted because it will mess with my mind.

“You being here is supposed to be a distraction but it isn’t. You’re different from everyone in the house.
You’re not boring you’re just not loud like everyone and that’s okay.”

Biggie gave Maria a secret task to nominate six least favorite housemates on Sunday.

He instructed her to keep the information secret.



Housemate, Maria on Sunday revealed why she nominated Angel for eviction.

Speaking to Peace and Liquorose, Maria said she nominated Angel because of her nonchalant attitude towards chores in the house.

She said, “Angel might be thinking I hate her but, anytime I ask her to do the toilet, she won’t.
She takes time to come out when there is a brief. I can’t be forcing her to do things, I don’t do anything personal.” [sic]



Housemate, Saskay, on Sunday talked about her ‘situationship’ with Jay Paul and Cross.

Cross has declared his interest in Saskay several times in the reality show but she has not responded positively

 Jay Paul also told Saskay he likes her and has been seen most times with her.

When show host Ebuka asked her whom she prefers between Cross and Jay Paul, during Sunday live show, Saskay said

“I just enjoy the attention from both of them. I’m not interested in any situationship with either Jay Paul or Cross,” .


  1. Don’t I just love you Saskay... Correct babe... meanwhile, the fake eviction show was just so boring that I didn’t watch to the end.

    1. So boring. I was expecting them to take us by surprise and do something that will take all by surprise. Las las they fall hand

  2. Very boring ,I wasted my time tuning in.

    1. Biggie should have taken them to another house for a few days the returned them after some time.

  3. Yesterday live show was so boring.. Ah ah.. I patiently waited for a twist that never happened.

    Maria tried. She carried out that assignment like a pro. Best Hoh so far. Ebuka got her with the pick two to evict. She was so scared you could see it.

    Saskay and her men. Cross should leave that girl. U love his flirtatious game.. Saskay should not ruin his game for us.

    I literally googled Toke Makinwa after she came on stage. I needed to be sure it was her. I thought that was someone else. Like she looks nothing like Toke. Still good looking tho but a different kind of way. I can't really explain it. Filters be causing wahala.

    1. She added weight. There wasn't filters for the show.

  4. To me it was not boring, it was filled with intrigue and suspense. My only worry was that they are already in their fifth week and the house is still full as if they will have up to three winners this season. I also like as Ebuka asked Emmanuel about his situation ship with Liquor rose, he mumbled an incoherent answer. Liquor should concentrate on the game please. Our general was rattled yesterday, he shed some tears before he found out it was all a hoax. Quite interesting!!!

    1. He mumbled what?????????? trust me that was a very Smart answer he gave

    2. Lyndy, don’t mind all these follow follow ,who don’t have minds of their own. They either follow whatever d bloggers posit or whatever some BVs comment. For d fact that Ebuka shook tables & rattled some of d housemates, Pere was humbled & cried, Maria didn’t mess up d entire prank when she was asked to pick her choice of evictees & d reactions of d housemates when they were told that it was a prank, were enough to spice up d show. I pray they put up everybody up for eviction so that those wasting our data by doing virtually nothing should leave by Sunday. Pretty sure there will be three housemates leaving in their net eviction.

  5. This liquorose should borrow sense, see reply that guy gave, like jmk said, it was so weak, can't see it's one sided?

    1. She truly needs to borrow sense!

    2. A girl in love?, should borrow sense?, the love has clouded her sense

  6. Watch how no one will pay saskay any more attention. She is not even near serious. That was a wrong answer. Totally wrong.

    1. I like the answer Sasky gave, Cross is too confident, he thinks he is one of the best thing that will happen to women. Sasky is slow and deliberate

    2. They are in the dining as I type gisting and laughing. Cross nab fool

  7. Emmanuel that was a SMART answer you gave to Ebuka,Nice one.
    Saskay be feeling like a Queen,one needs wisdom to answer some question.
    Yousef almost had a heart attack last night,cool guy.

  8. I taut I was the only one that noticed how boring the last night live eviction show was suspense whatsoever

  9. See as that Yousef guy turn diary session to talking all day long

    1. Honestly I switched channel back to football cos I wasn't interested in what he was saying,going off point for close to 10mins!!

  10. Thank you Ebuka for setting my Cross free from that boring Saskay wanting to use him for whatever "game" she doesn't even have in the first place. You want to act like a bad bitch when you don't have the range? It's only Jaypaul that's going to be available for you to use because, clearly, that one doesn't know the reason he's in Biggie's house.

    1. Abi Let her and Jaypaul stay with each other and be sharing lips gloss together.

      Cross and Angel fit baje baje, street calleth unto street.

  11. They would have made it interesting by removing the evicted housemates from the house and then bringing them back in.

    1. Especially emmanuel! Make i see something


  12. Boring lewd shows
    set ups, everything about them is boring
    Kneeling to worship humans
    Manipulative and domineering chickens
    Chicks clinging on dudes like leeches.
    Diabolism -witchcraft 101
    Clash with each other
    Sleeping with each other
    Stealing of condoms to fornicate
    Drunkenness and crying crocodile tears
    porn shooting dreams and real
    kids watching porn
    men sucking the breasts of married women in full view of world cameras
    sex position demonstration on camera
    sacking volunteer cooks like "blatant failures"
    f-word galore and boasting
    slander and backbiting
    fights over food
    evil drama, evil drama, evil drama

    And sugar mommies and stevia daddies are saving up to buy suvs and mansions for them
    for jobs well done. And people stay up at nights with their kids to watch and copy these
    And brands of vanities will endorse these evil and atrocities?

    Reporting from Big BROTHEL House, it is me Onye nta akuko

    1. Nice updates

      Pls add which day or week your highlights happened cus all we have seen so far was their assignedtasks, clothing game and hair game

      T for thanks

  13. It would have been interesting if the housemates were actually evicted then brought back secretly. The shock and confusion on their faces was epic.

  14. For me it was not boring. I enjoyed the whole show. Now Liqourose will know that Emmanuel is using her to catch cruise. She was so down yesterday and i feel for her.

    1. Chop kiss dear, don't mind the boring gang, they still have all the details


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