Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Liquorose Wins HOH; Picks Saga As Deputy + 6 Housemates Up For Eviction + Other Gists


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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Liquorose Wins HOH; Picks Saga As Deputy + 6 Housemates Up For Eviction + Other Gists

Beautiful housemate Liquorose is the new Head of house in week 5 of the Big brother season 6 show..
The smart woman however did not choose her love Interest Emmanuel as deputy...



On Monday August 23rd, Liquorose won the head of house after she defeated other housemates by scoring the highest point during the Head of House challenge

As the Head of House, Liquorose gains immunity over eviction but wouldn't get access to the HoH luxury lounge because she was banned by Biggie as punishment.
She chose Saga as deputy, and Saga picked Nini to share the Luxury lounge with him

Biggie granted Liquorose access to see a movie at the cinema and she chose Maria, Tega, Emmanuel and Whitemoney to watch the movie with...




Housemates Pere, Queen, Cross, Sammie, JMk, Maria have been nominated for possible eviction

Head of house Liquorose used her Veto power to save Peace and replaced her with Cross

At least, one or even all of the housemates will be evicted from the reality show on Sunday.

How they nominated

Queen- Pere and Peace.

Michael – Angel and JMK.

Cross – Pere and Sammie.

Liquorose – Cross and Peace.

Jaypaul – Pere and Maria.

Emmanuel – Peace and Pere.

Tega – Saga and Peace.

Nini – Sammie and JMK.

Saskay – Boma and Pere.

Boma – JMk and Pere.

Saga – Sammie and Queen.

White money – Pere and Peace.

Angel – Queen and Michael.

Yousef – Jaypaul and Queen.

Peace – Queen and Emmanuel.

Sammie – Pere and Maria

Jackie B- Pere and Angel

Sammie nominated Pere and Maria

JMK- Pere and Maria

Maria- Queen and Whitemoney



Housemates JMK, Pere and Maria were issued their first strikes on Monday for being guilty of mic infringement .They were read article 19 which reads

"if any housemate tampers with microphone or damages it, Big Brother reserves the right to issue a strike or disqualify the housemate."

Biggie played a clip where Maria was earlier warned for microphone infringement, in another part Maria was seen asking Pere to take off his mic

According to Biggie:
“You have been warned against infringing on the rules of Biggie house, particularly regarding whispering and speaking in hush tones. You are not supposed to remove your microphone or damage your microphone.
You have used several excuses to justify your actions, you seem to comprehend that what you’re doing is absolutely unacceptable. Some days, it seems like some of you have chosen to intentionally flout the rules to be used as scape goats or test Big Brother’s patience.”

The three housemates were also banned from participating in the Head of House games for two weeks.

Biggie warned Queen ,Whitemoney, Tega, Jackie B, Maria and Pere to look for a way to settle their usual confrontations, differences and misunderstanding in the house

"Other housemates will be punished on Tuesday after their regular morning workout session", 



Saskay during a conversation with Cross disclosed that her mum died in 2005 when she was still little and it wasn't easy for her then.

She said;
“In 2005, my mum died after she had an attack. I was still little then when everything happened so I’m not really sure if it was spiritual or something else like health related. It wasn’t easy then but after she died I became my dad’s favourite".



Cross revealed to Saskay that his mum is a beautiful woman but very stubborn and difficult to handle.  

According of him;
''My mum went to the man’s house to beat him up and after she was done she went home to ask her parents to return the bride price to the man. My grandparents felt bad , they were so devastated, the bride price and everything the man had brought to do her marital rites was returned.

She is a very beautiful woman but she was very stubborn and difficult person to deal with. Her parents were so unhappy about her actions because they thought her marriage would be successful''.

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  1. One time for Queen Rose! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸŒΉπŸ‘‘. what a lady?! Beautiful, cool, calm, wise, smart, drama free, toxi free, bitter free. Just a pretty combination of power, wisdom, sweetness and greatness. I love that girl so much, My HOH.

    Meanwhile, our baby, Whitelion be chilling like the king he is in the executive lounge. 😌☺️

    All yee blessed MoneyGengs, our babies are up for eviction, Cross and Queen. We're sharing our votes for the both of them, they're real ones, they got our baby, they stood up for our baby, we're VOTING aggressively for them. Fifty percent of our votes to our Cross and fifty percent of the remaining votes for Our Queen. Vote vote vote for our friends bikonu!

    CROSS and QUEEN ain't going nowhere because they got the MoneyGengs.πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°❤️

    1. Rose is really playing the game and I love it.
      She didn't pick emmanuel as her deputy because she needs him by her side.

      Cross was in shock, he started packing his things,he is a vibe I swear, such a sweetheart 🀣
      Dear cross, you are going no where.

      Dear Maria, you need to get rid of your bitterness
      Calling people fake because the people she nominated weren't up for eviction.
      Getting angry and saying she won't watch the movie with fake people, indirectly taking a jab at white money because she thinks he nominated her, something she's guilty of...what a pot calling the kettle...

      Shes angry at biggy because she was given a strike that was well deserved.

      See the gbosgbas boma gave her yesterday and reminded her that big brothers house wasn't her father's house.
      If she keeps up the attitude they will nominate her next week too.

    2. Cross 50%
      Queen 50%

    3. @Push up yes. When Maria was nagging telling Boma to reduce his voice, Boma said to her sarcastically "this is not your week o" 😀 E enter!!!!!!!

      The guys she's beefing
      Liquorose, Tega, Whitemoney, Emmanuel and Queen didn't even nominate her.

      Yellowsisi is eating her ownflesh for no just cause.

    4. Gbam!

      I have already shared my DSTV and Online votes to both of them. Cross na better guy same as Queen.

    5. 4 ur fresh affordable Gorontula chat me up @ 08156173381 Nationwide delivery(Wholesale & Retail)24 August 2021 at 12:20

      Really can't wait to see Maria's reaction, when she leaves the house and realizes that WM isn't her enemy and hasn't done anything to deserve the hate she's dishing his way.

    6. 09:52,πŸ‘Œ.

      @Push Up, Maria must be a very difficult person to be with. God help her.


      @Cynthia, you're doing well.

      @12:20, Nobody gives a damn about her, the thing is, she should stick with her kind and stay away from WM, ogwusiaa!

  2. Biggy is back from leave. You're doing well Biggy.

    Maria turning down LR's invitation to see a movie is so irritating. Saying you don't want to be around fake people is so annoying. Come dey go abeg.

    1. Maria is starting to piss me off. Ugh!

    2. You mean she turned it down, could it be because of Whitemoney?

    3. Maria is playing the game.
      See her nomination, totally different from her bottom 6.
      Let wm not be deceived

    4. Are you kidding me? This Maria get craze for head small sha

    5. Shandy, I think so. That lady has deep-seated hatred for Whitemoney. Somebody that didn't do anything to her and the funny thing is that she nominated him but he didn't nominate her. She's probably angry that she's up for eviction and he's not.

    6. Maria want to be Tacha of this season, it's like she didn't watch previous seasons?/ When Biggy final hammer will descend on her she will understand that the show is not as easy as it seems. People like labels so they will still vote for her to be in the house after all Ceecee and Tacha had fans

    7. I'm sure it's because LR chose to save Peace instead of her. It's a game, she should face the nomination with her full chest, after all she nominated people too.

    8. Yes, it's because of White Money and to think that she told Pere that she has started hating WM because of him is just crazy! I mean, how do you hate someone that has not done anything wrong to you because of someone else' hatred. Na wa! I used to root for WM and Maria but her attitude made me shift my focus completely on WM.

    9. @Dainty T,LR can't save her,part of her punishment says veto power can't be used for her,for the next two weeks.let her enjoy her tension.

    10. Pere will be Maria's undoing if she didn't take her time. Pere she is fighting for did not call Whitemoney's name

    11. My own is help me ask Mrs Tega why she has been nominating Saga since the breast sucking 'saga.. .. wetin na, na hin talk say make you open nipple give am or you expected him to be following you around like he does for Nini ni? Na wa o! Like back to back nomination. Na nipple he suck na, he no kill person.
      As for you too oga saga, next time married woman bring nipple come your side you go commot eye.
      Keep following nini around like ozo there...its fucking irritating to watch. Will keep praying for your soul. Wait, I no go pray for you sef, I never finish praying for myself. See as the Michael, Boma finish you yesterday. It was only Pere that spoke for you.
      How can you lose Focus? Like how?

      Pardon my rants, ejor. The thing pain me ni.

  3. Many bvs are saying they're not watching thank God for the updates.

    So they didn't have decoders before.πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

    Jeweluchi ste ste maybe you start decoder giveaways, at least your Pere will see votes.

    1. When someone says they don't watch it doesnt mean they don't have decoders. Plenty channels to select from.

    2. Taaaa. Plenty channels in your head.
      They are dropping comments minute after minute on a reality show they don't wish to watch ,okwaya. How then do they watch the other channels if not sleeping on social media pages that report BBNaija season 6 news caps.
      No let basket cover you here. Runalong pls

    3. There's

    4. @Anon 09:14, you fail to also understand that with children on vacation, some of us have to do away with adult content except they are in bed which in recent times have been running late( they love the fact that they don’t have to wake up very early). It has nothing to do with having decoder or not.

    5. Thank you safe haven, Disney junior is always on since these children vacated. I only watch highlights on African magic when they are asleep and Sunday eviction show. Besides I get bored watching it except when there is gbas gbos. Thank God for SDK updates

  4. She choose whitemoney, Emmanuel, Tega and Queen to watch movie with her not Maria

    1. She chose Maria

    2. Maria was actually the first person she called but as usual, the confused wicked woman declined in the most condescending way. Very annoying human.

    3. She initially chose Maria but after the nominations, Maria became angry and refused to join them for the movie saying she can’t be with fake people, I guess she was referring to Whitemoney. Liquor had to replace her with Queen.

    4. It was initially Maria not Queen. Maria declined after been nominated for eviction

    5. @Ginger, she choose Maria, who rejected it out of bitterness cos she's up for eviction. So,Liquor had to replace her with Queen.

    6. Maria said she can't share the lounge with "fake people".

      If you've not been watching from your neighbor's window,you'll know why she said that.

    7. I meant Maria turn down the offer and it was replaced with Queen

    8. Maria is the fakest housemate this season< imagine saying that she was drunk when she instructed her boyfriend Pere to remove his mic so that they can gossip

    9. No that is not what you meant Ginger. What you meant is clear in your statement at 9:27.

      You dont know what you are saying, you are not watching the scenes, just frog jumping on different people's comments tryna sound like you know...jabberwocky.😁😁😁

    10. Anonymous 12:37 thunder fire your stupid ass there idiot!!!
      I did not read comments before i typed and i didn't read before i replied.i was still typing when my comment mistakenly sent to publish. So get it anuofia

    11. Loll Ginger abi ogiri.

      I wish you the same.

      If you had a fully functional adult brain, I would have engaged with you, but it would be quite disgraceful to trade words with a toddler.


    12. Anonymous 14:37 ok grandpa/grandma

    13. @12:37 😁😁🀣🀣 abeg na...🀣🀣🀣

  5. I am giving my votes to cross and queen,even though Maria is from my state I will'nt try to dash her 1% of my vote or relatives.

    1. Must everything be about tribe or state of origin in this country? You people should not bring your tribalism into bbn abeg.

    2. @anno 10:31 She is trying to say she is not tribalistic even though some people will want to vote maria because they are from the same state with her..

    3. State kwa. I am Igbo but don't bring tribalism into this. Support people because u like their game

  6. I love the new HOH, very calm cool headed babe

  7. There's an extreme bbn fanatic on here,funny enough all that one has got to offer is incoherent nonsense.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

      For a true Christian that should avoid any sinful post like how someone wearing white avoids palm oil but no she’s obsessed with anything bbn every single day.

    2. Prettiest Rosie you’re talking about a different person that Shantelle does not even give a hoot about her opinion 🀣🀣 Shantelle is referring to her “lover”.

      Shanbaby I love you and I also love that person oo chill baby

    3. Break it down fan Emmanuel. Drop hints, na who be that habeg

    4. The fanaticism is on another level o

    5. 🀣🀣🀣

    6. Hahahahahaha anonymous you like amebo πŸ˜‚

      Okay nearest in meaning to the person’s name is “Thrust Ahead”.

    7. πŸ€”
      In my udi tongue n'ime umuabi, does it mean panie nya enu?

    8. Hahahahahaha Nwanyi Udi unekem iji ya ooo

    9. De eje nwunem

  8. Maria so if it was not fake eviction you would have chosen queen and whitemoney abi πŸ’‍♀️ white witch continue with your evil heart.

    1. You got it! She knew it was fake eviction, so no need nominating WM and Queen. Highly calculated.
      Her hatred for WM will be her greatest undoing. Someone that it was because of his likeness for you that’s the reason you’re still in that house. I’ve never seen this kind of village people in my life. Atleast even the Devi is loyal to people that loves him. Maria is worse than the devil himself

    2. Don't mind her! She's annoying for refusing LR offer for movie night..

      All my vote goes to CROSS,the cruise master himself

    3. You people are funny, WM nominated someone else for eviction and of course someone else nominated him. But you people are angry that someone nominated your fave forgetting that its a game. Na wa for your myopic way of thinking

    4. Very annoying somebody,hating someone for no reason.l used to like her but not anymore.

    5. B osundu if what value is your like to even yourself?

    6. Anon11:51, you need to read and comprehend. People are not angry that she nominated WM. People's annoyance is her rejection of LiquoRose's offer for movie night because LR also invited WM and she did it in a very condescending way.

      And also calling WM fake cos she thinks he nominated her when he didn't. In fact, she is the one that's been nominating him. So, why the hatred on someone that has never done anything to you. Is that not witchcraft.

    7. 15:16, It is pure witchcraft.

  9. Thank you Stella for the update

  10. I wanted Peace to be up. Liquor exchanging Peace for Cross pained me to my bones. I wish she exchanged Sammie instead even though I no too gbadun him. Cross goes nowhere. Pere, Maria and Cross goes nowhere. They bring content to the show, if they will be four then Queen will join them. I really wanted Peace to go just like I wanted Arin to go. My consolation is that there is still next week and I hope with all my heart that she will leave next week.

    1. Such hatred for pretty peace, you been know am before?

      Or she fine pass you , e come de pepper you

      Easy e jor

    2. Maria has a good game but she might be disqualified if she is not careful< imagine calling Biggie"s movie nonsense

    3. No, she’s not finer than I am and also No! I don’t hate her, just don’t like how she gossips up and down, in fact she annoys me just like Arin was annoying me with her behavior in the house. Hate is a strong emotion and I can’t waste such emotion on someone like Peace, Taaaah!
      You wanted my explanation and now you’ve gotten it so run along 😜😜😜😜

    4. Ok. Now bend your head & receive this knock

  11. Congratulations to LIQUOROSE,the headmistress and HOD of Fingering.

  12. Queen and cross get my vote.

  13. Cross is covered. I'll vote Queen my baby.

  14. Cross don't worry your pretty head. You're going no where. Being up this week will only help you build a more solid fanbase ahead of more nominations to come. Except biggie decides to play dirty with his eviction on Sunday, I think we good.

  15. Liquorose saved peace after nominating her

    1. You see am ba? I say as dem barb her head, na so dem barb sense commot.

    2. They really barb her sense commot, loool. I was like what was she thinking see Yousef, jaypaul and boma for goodness sake, she go replace peace with cross. The thing pain me o.

      Maria is such a spoilt sport, she has been thinking she's special and all that. Now her real condescending attitude has come out. I used to like her but I started noticing some things she does and realised she's just acting for the cameras.
      After all last week she showed us how good an actress she is.

      Pere o pereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the look on his face when he stood up after being nominated, priceless with that his yeye hairdo. Sammie,jmk and maybe queen might leave. They're still too many so it may be three people that will leave

  16. Maria was lying that she was drunk when she told Pere to remove his mic. She is exhibiting too much hatred towards the housemates forgetting it's a game. See her calling others fake as if she is genuine herself.
    I felt for Cross, he is a jolly good fellow and may scale through on Sunday.

  17. Has yousef being evicted? Is he still in that house? Did they forget him somewhere this one no one mentioned his name.

    1. Awa Charlie Chaplin. 😁😁😁Make dem no forget am for house when dem switch off the lights o.

    2. Person say the housemates don forget Yousef name that's why they no remember call am during nominationsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. Pere and Maria are going NOWHERE till the last day even if they are nominated every week

  19. Congrats to Liquorose but don't like how she put up cross. She nominated peace inside and saved her outside. She for save Sammie,I don't want him to go yet,there's this sorry feeling I always feel for him.
    Loved the way WM was consoling queen. I pray she and cross scale thru.
    Ha JMK! I don't want you to go yet o,my nnukwu nwanyi.

    1. Talk true make devil shame...the 3 people you mentioned are they adding any value????

      Add Japaul,Peace, Saskay and Yousef.

      Pere, WhiteMoney,Angel and Maria cant leave till the end. They are the ones driving the show. The others just escorted them.

      Abi is it Queen and Yousef or Saga you switch on your tv to watch?

  20. Chai e still dey pain me say nini mouse and saga go dey hoh lounge sha

  21. Why the thing dey pepper her sef

  22. Maria is so bitter ehn,kai.

    I'm voting for Queen and Cross baby thus week.I pray sammie stays o but I'm concentrating on my two babies abeg


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