Stella Dimoko Dr Freaks Journal - "One Good Turn Deserves Another"


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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - "One Good Turn Deserves Another"


21 June 2021:

It happened to be one of those long and hectic days. I had a matter in Court and by implication, I had to wake up as early as 4.30am and leave home not later than 5.00am. Let me save you the details of my "trip" to Court and what transpired thereat.

My matter was no. 5 on the "Cause List" and interestingly, I rounded off in good time which afforded me the privilege of chasing the Court Sheriffs and Registrars for updates in respect of my matters.

As I was rolling down the corridors of the High Court, a funny looking guy looked in my direction, our eyes locked, he smiled and I reciprocated. He gravitated towards my direction and feigned an unusual camaraderie. To a first timer, I can pass for a "friendly" and sociable person, but my friends know that I painstakingly choose my friends.

Under two minutes, this "new found friend" of mine had replayed the story of how we met, in a most dramatic manner. He was driving, LASTMA officials flagged down his vehicle and they were in the process of billing him a sum N18,000 before "Mother Luck" brought me to the scene. "My friend" further stated that right from the moment I intervened, he was let off the hook and ever since, he's been looking for me with a view to paying me back for my good deed.

On a very serious note, I may have offered some pro bono services in the past and even in recent times, but in the instant Oga Sir, lied! 

I tolerate liars and boring folks a lot so most of the times I'm being mistaken for a "fool" or an "idiot" but those who really know me know better. He informed me that he was a "Filing Station Manager" at a supposed nearby filling station and that he was privy to a privileged information to the effect that NUPENG would be embarking on a mother of all strikes the following day and that it was in the spirit of appreciation that he was offering me 50 litres of PMS free of charge out of the supply he had brought for "some Chinese guys" at TBS.

 He sought to know if I had a jerry can in my boot, I responded in the negative. He offered to get me one somewhere around. Those who are familiar with TBS know full well that getting a jerry can around that axis was a tall dream. It was at this point I told him I needed to get to the nearest ATM to get some money. The idiot actually asked me how much I was going to withdraw and I pulled his legs by stating that I needed just N50,000 and this got me the desired response!

 He could not hide his excitement, another "maga" had just fallen! He offered to walk down to the ATM point with me and walk back to get the jerry can. At this point, it had become apparent that my instincts were not wrong from the outset.

I took a firm stance by asking him to wait for him on the main road whilst he walked to TBS car park to get his wallet. The idiot, at that point got the message and walked away from my sight briskly.

The take away for me are as follows:

- Fraudsters are always on the prowl;

-When a stranger approaches you and starts sounding or acting familiar, "#NaDem", flee! Even when they come to your inbox on Facebook, #NaDem;

-When the offer sounds too good to be true/real, flee! #NaDem;

- When they invite you to come and reap where you did not sow/have not sown, #NaDem! In my heart, I knew that I hadn't met this guy in my life let alone offered him any form assistance, so I should have had myself to blame had it been I fell for his pranks;

The idiot actually felt he could defraud or kidnap me from the court premises just like that?

The free fuel was just a bait, the bigger one was actually cooling off somewhere and his friends were somewhere waiting for him and me, but guess what, I'm a retired Street Boy. I did not waste ten years of my life in UniBen, yes, ten!

Beware peeps!

Its Kunle


  1. Cunning man die, cunning man bury am. Scammers are getting more creative by the day. Shine ya eyes, people.

  2. The ones that'll tell you to call back that they have job offers nko, awon there's just one vacancy left in the oil company and I want you to have it, thieves

  3. Just imagine. I'm glad you didn't fall for his tricks.

    I know someone who was defrauded of 300k. She took the money from her office. She was a cashier, that particular day she didn't remit her sales for the day and took it to the scammers. Her siblings had to cough out the money and she was later sacked.

    1. Lolll,I always find it funny when they come to try me.The one they are using now is claiming to be your friend and know everything about you. Strategies they will use to get close and get what they want.
      You don't wait till you fall victim before you shine your eyes in this country.

  4. -When they say they know you and you don't know them,flee #NaDem.

    Smart one.
    Great job you are doing.
    If you don't use your brain in this country dem go use am for you.
    Shine your eyes people.
    Keep it up Mr.Kunle

  5. Just imagine........inside court no fear..

  6. Scammers everywhere. That was how one approached me while coming back from school and said I looked like his former secretary in his office. He said he called me from his car but I didn't hear. My brothers and sisters, I was very sure I didn't come across any broken car while crossing that path. He went further to tell me he's the youngest brother of a well known politician from my state, and that he's a medical doctor in the oil company. He said he likes me because I look like someone he knew and would love to be my friend. I actually believed him untill he said he wanted to make me his wife, that he was offered ticket for 2, to travel abroad and that he was given only 3 months to get a wife. There and then, he promised me heaven and even Jesus Christ join. My people, it was a long story. Maybe one of this days I'll send in the full story.
    Scammers are everywhere, beware of them.!!!

  7. I really don't talk to strangers who accost me.I only listen and nod. Some of them can hypnotize you by mere speaking with them. One has to be careful now especially towards the ember months.


  8. Scammers are many in Nigeria
    Intelligent ones o, the ones the are not intelligent at all o, they full everywhere.

  9. Thanks for sharing. These are some of the kind of stories we should tell our children every evening so they become aware on time. My mother did this when I was growing up and I learnt a lot from it. Of course she was telling us as gist but I took it to heart. Some of this tactics aren't really new. They're just refurbished to suit the times. That's why when I got into a wrong cab filled with hypnotists/
    conmen and one woman (usual style) many years back, I already knew what to do.

    1. Please can you give details so we can all learn?

    2. Calm down, God saved you. You think every other victim was foolish and didn't know what to do?

    3. Just be careful how you relate with people you don't know too well,I mean strangers.

  10. What of those ones that will call your phone and tell you that you all did your NYSC together and they now have connection in Agip for job. Telling you all sorts just to scam you. Na to shine eyes always.

  11. If you had let greed get the better of you, you would have fallen for his tactics. Thanks for sharing. Your articles always have things to learn from.

  12. Thanks for sharing, a greedy person would have fallen for his entrapment.

  13. Hmmmmm I wish I can share my own encounter.

  14. It's a season if shine ya eyes, if you don't, na sorry levels be dat


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