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Sunday, August 08, 2021

Movies To Watch

Have you seen the latest Fast and furious movie..... Oh it is a must watch if dont mind all the action that makes one sit on edge... I saw the movie two weeks ago and it was worth the watch: Vin Diesel and Jon Cena really rocked my boat.. LOL

You should also watch 'Stranger with my Kids'. It is an old movie I saw on Sony Movies but worth it.

Another must watch is 'The Box'.. I watched this movie and understood why those who go into questionable things for money are tricked into it.... This movie really really got me thinking deeply.

Please recommend movies that teach something and have content.


  1. I saw Padman recently. It a Bollywood movie. Very interesting movie based off a true story.

    Quiet Place part two was alright.

    1. I watched fast and furious the day it was released. It was nice.

      I am still trying to finish vikings! I have finished LUPIN new episodes. Cnt wait for money heist on 3rd September. I am sleeping on it

      Pls someone should recommend nice relationship. Family or war but pls no scary movies. Thanks

    2. Cruella is a very interesting movie. I loved the fashion display and intrigues.

      To behave like a dog.

      Fast and furious not yet. My kids has been begging me to watch it that it's an interesting.

    3. @ Sexy, Ferry was a cool romantic action movie. Not boring at all. I saw it on Netflix. I also loved, The Last Letter From Your Lover. It was so beautiful

    4. Thanks anons. Already added dem to my list

  2. Triumph(Terrence Howard et al)
    Till Death(Megan Fox et al)
    Lovers error(Nigerian casting Ray Emodi,Benita Onyieuke et al)
    The personal assistant is nice too(Nigerian casting Bimbo Ademoye,Shawn Faqua,Monalisa Chinda,Nino B et al)

  3. Haven't seen the latest fast and furious, hubby watered down the movie already (he has seen it) and made me lose interest.
    I watched 3 Nigerian movies the past few days and enjoyed all.
    Kambili: the whole 30 yards, my God I loved the movie so much I rewatched like 2-3 tines. Like I said in another post, Nancy and Achufusi's scenes were a delight to watch. Movie aesthetics too are on point for me, clean video production, and don't even get me started on Chidi's house, I love the decor so much.
    76, a movie starring Ramsey Noah, Rita Dominic and Chidi Mokeme. Fantastic too. Ramsey is a good actor shaaa, with the way he moved his body swiftly all through. I loved how they used accessories and costumes from that era (1970s), even the vehicles used😂😂😂.
    Finally, Quam's Money featuring Falz, Toni tones, Nse Etim. Another hilarious money from Falz.

    1. '76 movie was worth it.
      The sexy wig and gowns on the ladies did it for me. Raw natural love shared in the film was cool

  4. Suicide Squad was cool! John Cena didn't disappoint with Idris Elba and Violet Davis plus Margot Robbie.

    I just downloaded VIVO (animation) and it's awesome!!! Love the movie!! The songs!!! My best was 'Dance to the Beat of my own Drum' and 'Love will pick you up and never let you down'

    Lin Manuel is a genius abeg.

    Fast and Furious was cool and hopefully they will release PT 10 and I hope it's the last. I love fast car movies cos I love cars but how they survive bombs and plenty bullets it's becoming unrealistic even for a movie.

    I'm waiting for the releases of Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds, The Protege with one of my favourite and underated Chinese actress of Nikita fame.

    Disney's Shangchi (martial arts) with Michelle Yeoh and Awkwafina in's going to be interesting plus Dune with Zendaya, Josh Brolin and plenty others.

    Still looking for Snake Eyes tho...yet to see it.

    1. I await dune too, though I'm not a fan of adult Zendaya's acting

  5. I don't remember where they mentioned this movie but I started watching it and I love it, I'm on the third season now, it's a Korean sci-fi series, "Alice" is the name.

  6. No church today, it movie day for me....I am already downloading stranger with my kids, stella the box, is it korean? Different ones popped up

    1. Please, what site do you download from? Most of these movies ain't on netflix

  7. I watched Titanic again after so many years and this time I realized love conquers all.
    Rose damned all consequences to be with Jack.
    Jack risked all to save Rose, it breaks my heart he had to die 😢😢😢
    And Rose's mum, she left her daughter and went with the boat 😆😆😆my people say ti na ba njo ni, to n Jo omo eni Tara eni la nkangbo loosely translated as 'when fire is burning a mum and her child, she takes care of herself first'
    And Rose dropped her family name to Jack's, it melts my heart when she was asked her name and she Dawson, Rose Dawson 😍😍😍True love exists.

    I saw Mulan, it's a Chinese movie very interesting. I learnt that as parents we should watch out for that outstanding talent in our children even as we guide them through life.
    The movie is about a young girl called Mulan, a daughter of a retired soldier, she has a little sister.
    Right from her childhood, she picked interest in training with her dad but her mum on the other hand is of the believe that a woman's place is to get marry and bring honour to her family.
    Well, she took it upon herself to go represent her family albeit denying her gender when the king ordered that every household should provide a young man to help combat those wanting to take over the throne.
    Las Las, Mulan was honored and she brought honour to her family.

    Wonder woman, Reborn, The Invincible Man are all interesting.

    1. Nigerian ladies would see all the love movies and read all romance novels, ohhing and awwing.. but when e reach their town dem go spoil everything.. where in those movies do you see those girls asking for tfare, urgent 2k and all other bullshit..

      Also saw Titanic again 2weeks back, it was were I concluded that it's never by how far but how deep, jack met rose and within 2weeks sacrificed his life for her to live.

      Then I saw The Great Gatsby again, all I can say I that only men fall in love for read.. men dieing for women since the days of Adam

    2. Dante you have a huge problem jeez!!!!!
      To think that you found a way to bring your gender war into a harmless post like this says so much about what is going on in your dusty ass brain!!!
      You need help kid.

    3. @Dirty..
      A sensible person would attack the message and point out loopholes. When the message is ignored and the person is attacked instead, it means 2 things-
      1. The message is the truth, and the person attacking is pained cos it's what he/she does
      2. The person attacking the person instead of the message is plain dumb

  8. 'the suicide squad' abeg don't watch that movie when you're eating. You might vomit your food.

    'jungle cruise' Dwayne Johnson.

    'playing God'.

    'notorious Nick' True life story.

  9. Gunpowder Milkshake-2021
    The Tomorrow War-2021
    Black Widow-2021
    Fast And Furious 2021
    Jungle cruise
    Please if you know any other 2021 Movies (Hollywood)comment so i will know..

    1. Hitman's wife's bodyguard
      Sucide squad
      Cruella (didn't really enjoy this but lots of ladies might)

      Gunpowder Milkshake (My best)
      Fast and Furious (very interesting too, but the 'miracles'there is something else.. Haba, flying cars and shii, car flying to space, tyrese being shot at while running and nothing touched him Lol, he even had to state that he think they're not ordinary human Lol.. abegi, make them take am easy dey 'entertain' us)

  10. 76 is a really good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it...

  11. Restore to love and Sing2

  12. I need to watch Hobbs and shaw!...I pray this comes to pass...

  13. The thing is, there are different movies with the same name. So, please if you're recommending any movid, add the director's/producer's name to it

    Thank you.

  14. Please which sites are you downloading all these movies?? 🤔😪

  15. I watched "The pitch" recently...its abit interesting
    Watched Ben Touitou for the first time....what a fine Somborri.

  16. Movies with deep content I watched recently:

    Blood Red Sky(Meaningful horror)
    Dry(Stephanie Linus (nee Okereke)
    A fall from grace(Tyler Perry)
    Queen & Slim
    The girl on the train( a gas lighting movie)
    The unholy(horror but a lot of lessons about church)
    Grigiron gang
    God calling
    Miracle in cell No.7
    Outside the wire

    Power book III: Raising k'nan
    Ozarks S01, S02, S03
    Why women kill S01
    The wire(old but very classic)
    Sex Life(men try dey satisfy your woman, na ur obligation)

    That's all for now


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