Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Returns Toll Gates On Federal Roads


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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Nigerian Govt Returns Toll Gates On Federal Roads



  1. What about the one the Nigerian Police has been collecting on their behalf at every junction?

  2. My question is: will the toll fare improve the condition of the roads cross Nigeria?

  3. Have they fixed Lekki toll gate?
    Haven't passed their for a long time.
    Lagos state government is trying when it comes to road construction and maintenance.

  4. This government is bent on making money by all means. Whistle blower monies returned has entered voice mail. Abacha loot returned money nko. Billions borrowed yet nothing to show for it. Utility bills increased. Now it's toll gate money that they want to use and build tower of Babylon in Nigeria. Na change we want and this is the change

  5. So officially this government is all about hardship for the people by the government of the people.
    It has become a crime to be a Nigerian.
    I need me a new country

  6. These people just lack ideas. The same toll gate Obasanjo removed during his tenure, money will be spent to put it back. APC always thinking backward.

  7. Back back forth and forth..... Whistling out of post .

  8. What is wrong with our leaders.
    Always planning through the anus

  9. Babatunde is looking for contracts for his cronies. 😜😜😜😜

  10. Remove toll gate, put toll gate, remove toll gate, put toll gate, remove toll gate, put toll gate...load of confusion. Very expensive confusion at that.

  11. This people have destroy the economy. They are now looking for money anywhere so they can also loot it.

  12. Why is Nigerian government putting their citizen through this stress??? what is the need for the toll gate?? are the roads going to be more secured now? Why is it that nations are looking for a way to make things better for their citizenry but Nigeria is always doing the opposite???? I am just tired of this country honestly.

  13. The rest of the world are moving forward, these ones are trying to tak us 20 years backwards. Oh Lord forgive us our sins and take us out of these predicament😒😒

    1. Amen
      Its well oo
      Nigeria our home,may peace keep leading us


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