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Tuesday, August 03, 2021


 Hailings #Cookiesandcream


The BV that BV Ceasar promised 5k, he sent the money since over 48 hours ago but you are yet to contact me.... I go use the money buy gala oh....

Hope everyone else is OK...

I know wetin una dey wait for but soup never don. lol

Enjoy the rest of the day.



Today is BV Orire's birthday and she wants you all to show her some love....

WOW .... Happy Birthday to you Dear....



This is the truth.... I know some guys in Germany who have wives back home and their lie is that they are going through a divorce meanwhile if you see how they shake when they are with their wives here you will know that there is nothing like divorce... One of the naija wives have three kids already and still waiting for him to divorce and marry her to bring to Germany..... it wont happen....


A Dog Resides In You!

The bane of waywardness amongst the kids of today may partly lie in something funny and simply profound at the same time. Possibly a fact that a significant portion of these kids have never been chased or ever bitten in the butt by crazy dogs.

In my days, the colloquial: "Beware Of Dogs" on a property gate was everything we needed to reprogram our internal GPS. It causes a quick recalibration of one's journey.

We feared dog owners just as we did their dogs. For the power of a sharp whistle to summon one of those beasts was simply demonic. I was chased in my hood by a particular dog every day of the week till one day- the damn thing got me cornered. 

Running out of breath and devoid of a fight, I mindlessly went down on all fours and started barking right back at it. The damn thing got me crazily riled up, and I ferociously snarled back too. I growled twice as wild and barked like a damn dog myself. It was like the huge beast telegraphed even the worst beast in me that day. It barked twice, I mimicked its barks right back and twice as loud.  

All of a sudden it stopped. My actions startled it. It started backing away from me. But it was a bit too late, for by then, a little bit of blood had already spilled over into my brain. I was enjoying the duel of two crazy creatures -the beast and me!

I slowly followed it, as it slowly backed away from me while I stayed strong and still on my paws. I went right after it with a feral vengeance signifying the local cliche of: "Today Na Today!"

And with each inch of ground I gained, my confidence soared even higher. Then the damn thing did the unthinkable. It started to whimper like a damn, discombobulated p#ssy. Or more like Tiamiyu when his usual gaslighting fails and he abruptly switches to playing the-pitiful-victim mode.

The last thing on its beastly mind at that moment was for me to turn around and threatened to bare my fangs at it. Knowing it's best to quit while I was ahead, I slowly rose up from my werewolf stance, dusted myself and was about to get on with my journey.

At that moment like a theme to the drama, I heard a lone voice from the direction of a long balcony up across from me. It was the familiar, soft voice of the Ondo landlord who was the owner of the damn dog.

"Bisi ó káre! Ó ti gbara ẹ lọ́wọ́ ẹ nìyẹn. Ko ni ever lè ẹ mọ! Wèrè l'Ajá yẹn. Ó tún wá pàdé wèrè to ju tiẹ̀ lọ loni!" (Bisi, well-done,you have gained freedom from the dog,it will never pursue you again. the dog is a mad one and finally met someone who has more madness) 

LOL A dog has chased me before too several times so i relate with this story very well.
This is to announce to fans of PINKYS CORNER that the writer will take a short break to attend to activities of signing the dotted lines with his sweetheart... He will be back after the wedding night brouhaha.



E don happen again, there's this girl that normally comes to sit with me in my shop last year, so whenever she comes, she go dey psych me to know if any girl find her man come, and na Edo girl, the guy wey she de find come na Igbo guy, very violent human beings, so full of himself, and can fight anywhere without minding who is looking..

  He beats her at every slightest provocation, but if you see the way this girl loves this anyhow man eeeh, you go shock. So most of the time , if she asks me anything about the man, i am always very careful with my answers.

 I later found out that the man is a happily married man with kids, he would come to me to send food stuffs to his family in Onitsha, at first I was moved to tell her, but the man trusts me so much and she loves the man too much, at a time I became really close to the man's wife cos most times when her husband's phone is not reachable, she leaves a message for him through me.

Around April, the girl travelled to abroad and the man's wife and kids came visiting, and I heard she's the one that rented the 3 bedroom flat, you needed to see the way this arrogant animal was worshipping his wife, pampering her and their 4 kids, 3boys and a daughter, they stayed for like one month and went back.

 Auntie Obodoyibo came back yesterday, I welcomed her as usual, she no even buy chewing gum for me, she came later in the evening to ask me dirty questions, I told her that I didn't know anything, that as she could see that I have issues with my business and have been indoors since, so I wouldn't know what is happening outside since I always wake up in the morning and go to the market to do my thing, come back in the evening.

She left and said ''okay, my body is talking to me and I must find out'' I said no problem dear, went back inside, this lady came here and insulted the living daylight out of me, she called me evil and tribalistic...

  where did I go wrong? What's my offence, she said no wonder I am a single mom, that no man would want to stay with a cunny woman like me, wetin I do her? Which offence i commit, cos I feel like this girl should beat me, I want to go and fight her, she said so many bad things to me, thank God I have never told her my story, she for sell am for street .....

  for the very first time, street people gathered for my sake today, shame wan kill me ...Just because I no gree give her info?

You should watch who you makes friends was already obvious this would go South... 
Nah you sabi




Them say Wahala be like bicycle, e no dey finish. Na person wey go fetch ant infested firewood (make una help me finish am o

I once shared how a lady in the area(Mama B) wanted to 'snatch ' the horseband of woman that helped her with a job(Mummy C) so that she can have small cash to cater for her kids as e be sey she get 'deadbeat horseband'.

Mummy C actually talked her big brother into getting Mama B a job in his firm as a cleaner, let her into her home and supports her when necessary. Hmmmmmmmmmm, may our goodness not put us into trouble. Like play like play, Mama B and Mummy C's hubby started running things behind her back.

My people talk sey before news go get to the real owner, e dey tey wella.

Mama B has three girls, so her horseband being a typical African man believes he doesn't have kids yet. So he left her to cater for 'her' pikins alone (I wish doctors will organize more seminars and teach some ignorant men out there that it's what they put into the lady that she brings out). Now Mama B believes she have to do extra job to put food on her table by dating her Angel's horseband (wickedness).

Mama B's horseband got another lady pregnant and moved in with her to a place close to our 'area' (happening area). Naso this him new wifey and mother in-law turn am to houseboy, they beat him up at will, make him do the dishes and lock him out whenever he didn't bring money for upkeep. Punishment for wandering sick abi na quest for a male child gone wrong.

Naso the amibo them for area dey bring the sweet gist Come knack us, Mama B sef doesn't cuuuuuuure cos she's caught a bigger fish.

But the koko now be sey yawa don gas for Mama B the betrayer and her horseband because karma is seriously knocking at their door, abt to enter sef.

Mama B is our street wazobia's bestie, madam Wazobia is Mummy C's church member. So who will madam Wazobia be loyal to

But mama B sef suppose know sey people no just name that woman Wazobia's for nothing. Madam can gossip for Africa and she likes igniting fights and drama...... Naso she carry the matter go knack Mummy C sharperly.

Mummy C couldn't believe that the woman she helped is the one trying to ruin her home, what if she had poisoned her cos she gave mama B full access to her home and kitchen too. Kai, devil dey learn work where some people dey. To think that she made her bro give this same mama B a huge sum of money to get a better accomodation cos of her kids.

E be like sey karma na woman true true think of sey e use Wazobia to expose this Mama B. Now she's told her brother the evil acts of this mama B and asked him to sack her...... Mama B's horseband in order to impress his new wifey and mother-in-law stole the accommodation money given to Mama Blessing.

Mama B is back to square one now, she and wazobia are now cat and dog cos she said wazobia spoiled show for her......She no dey chop like the 'whites' again. Her horseband after stealing from her, dey use style dey come hide for house when she's not around think of sey news reaching our ogbonge area talk sey new wifey go birth another bouncing baby girlie for am, as scan talk.... Serves him right. E be like sey naso Baba God go dey dash am the baby girls dey go o.

Now both husband and wife dey stranded cos of greed and selfishness.

Accommodation money don vanish, at least she would have started a good biz with it. Man pikin sef, horseband him too no see.

I miss all this street amebo things sha... lol



I need a hotel manager for an hotel and event centre in Sagamu - Preferably an elderly person.

Routine : Full one day on and full one day off.
Salary : NGN50,000

Please call number if interested - 08026687263 or please send email address :



I have some used shoes and clothes for a boy of 3/4years old....some were bought as used too.
Will just give to whoever calls first, preferably someone close to Oshodi, Lagos......

I can be reached on 08060885856.



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I belong in God’s class of divine beings; therefore, I look beyond the natural realm of existence to my heavenly rights, blessings, and provisions in Christ Jesus! Today, I recognize and take a hold of my divine right to live in health, prosperity, victory, success, dominion, and excellence!

  2. Dear Parents,

    A child will go to school by 7am and close by 5pm for five days out of the seven days in a week.

    During weekends that child comes home with many assignments in all the subjects he or she is offering in school and at such, there won't be time to rest and play at the weekends.

    The child does that for almost four months hoping to enjoy the holidays only for the school (in collaboration with the parents) to come up with an unnecessary activities in the name of holidays lesson.

    What exactly do you want to teach that child again at this period? Is it what he or she learnt in the just concluded session or what they will learn next term?

    Dear Nigerian parents, summer holiday is a period you allow a child to experience other things in life apart from formal education.

    Allow them to travel for the vacation and if you do not have money for that, take them to places where they will learn new skills.

    Let them go and learn drawing, dance, computer coding, how to play football, martial art, business, catering, tie and dye, foreign languages, Barbing, sewing, hairdressing, how about music 🎶 classes? Etc.

    Every time Book! book!!book!!! 😟😨😩😧
    This is why most of our youths are unemployed. They only had FORMAL education; no FINANCIAL education. 😓😪😷 They cannot do any other thing apart from white collar jobs. At that young age, they learn without being ashamed of what people will say, they will be using this new skills to feed themselves untill they get jobs in the areas they studied in college or university.

    We learn how to discover a whole lot of things in school but not how to discover ourselves 😦😵😩

    Dear beloved parents, please avail these little ones the opportunities to explore life!!! Yes...... Let them in into the world of self - discovery.... copied

    1. Honestly you're on point,I think schools should start holiday vocational training no be every time book o

    2. 😂😂 that issue of holiday lessons Dy tire me sef ooo,I wonder wetin Dem Dy learn 😒

  3. IHN don land oo
    Good afternoon bvs
    Hope ya day is going smoothly
    Happy birthday to ori

    1. Happy birthday @Orire🎉🎊🥳🎂 God bless your new age

  4. Helo house....I wish to make the first commenter o...


  5. Good afternoon,ma'am
    I am writing this mail to so clear my name cos i can't be stained on a blog that i have been on for sometime now without uttering a dang word..
    I have always reacted to the accusations being levelled against me and this one won't be any exception..What did i freaking do? How's myself changing my ID cos i felt like it an issue that warrants a stand alone memo via the SP by the blog PA? I literally am bemused to say the least..
    It's my blog ID and i modified it deliberately cos of my love for the new ID..
    Business giveaway? Like really? If you had selected those that you felt were all time qualified,do you think i am gonna die or faint cos of that? I know it's your blog but let's do things with decorum and i am pretty sure you would have been able to reach me via this email that's most definitely the one on my user profile..
    NB:I altered my blog ID cos i absolutely loved the new one and not solely to scheme for some business giveaway,ma'am
    A huge shout out to y'all that lol under that particular comment and hope your lives have become happier?
    Bv Genius_Vincent
    I dropped this via your mail and you sure can post it on here

    1. How old are you? 14? You act and talk like a child.

    2. Osi die or faint??? Hahhahaahaa. Choose one guy!! I am laughing so hard here reading this. You really are one funny dude. Damn!

    3. Oh my goodness! This Eloquent or whatever, you really think highly of yourself, guy. You called this disjointed an email? And even forming what I don't know that Stella should post it? I laugh my ass out, mehn. You just typed nonsense, ogbeni. Sit your ass down and think about your life, omode yi.

    4. 3 things shocked me!!
      1. I can not believe @Eloquent said "Lets do things with DECORUM! You? Decorum??
      2. Baba said he can not be "stained"...Hahahahahaa very funny.
      3. I am shocked that he did not use insulting words.
      Oh my God! Vincent Enyeama the genius eloquent Advinicci. Lol.

  6. Lol...@soup never done

    Afternoon everyone

    Enjoy the remaining hours of the day

  7. Bv Canny.
    Ọkpa seed is cowpea seed. It's sold in the market. Buy it and grind to powder.
    Make use of warm water when you want to mix the ingredients together in a mortar..

    Salt, red oil, Maggi, fresh or grounded pepper.

    Make the paste not too thick nor too watery.
    Normal pap mixture.
    Mix together very well until it looks a little slippery.

    Ps:you can use mixer if you have..

    1. Okpa seeds aren't cowpea seeds,it's called bambara nuts.

    2. Cowpea seed is not bambara madam.
      Okpa is bambara nut, different from cowpea.

      The person asking in sp post if scent leaf brings down sugar level. Yes it does. Extremely effective under a week of taking it.

      Wash scent leaf with water, same quantity of fresh bitter leaf.
      Fill your blender halfway with clean cold water,blend to smooth paste, don't mind the foaming juice.
      Filter along the foam and store in a refrigerator.
      Drink a glass cup every night for 4 days,a sugar level of about 400 will crash to 150.
      This period,don't take alcohol,oily food or smoke cigarettes.

    3. Will love to try this at home one day
      I am a lover of okpa

    4. Thanks vivalicious and anno for the correction.

    5. @BV OFFICIAL PRESTIGE thanks allot,I really appreciate 😘😘

  8. Happy birthday to Bv orire. May you always celebrate 🎉.

    Pinky, congrats in advance. May your home be blessed.

    1. Happy birthday bv Orire. Your new age will bring you blessings of health, wealth 🤑, favour, long life 🧬 and upliftment.😍💕🎂🎉🎊🕯️

  9. HoT GisT.

    Good thing you minded your business, continue to mind your business.

    Sha dey watch as event unfolds. Just dey update us oo

    And you fit call me sef for gist, be like dem go soon break their head😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    1. Ijeoma should call you and give you gist? OK, I don understand..

      Erm, Ijeoma are you in the medical field?
      Cos the last time I checked Ola wants a woman who is a doctor, nurse or in the medical field generally and has plans to travel out or lives outside the country

  10. Good afternoon to you all💋💋💋💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💚💚💙💙💙💖💖💖

    Happy birthday Bv Orire🎂🎂🎂🎂🍾🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈

  11. Good afternoon to y'all on here and hope your Tuesday has been inspirational enough?
    Which would you rather use??
    I work in a bank or i work for a bank?
    Which one basically?
    I am feeling hyper pumped and super good(not even the infinitesimal thing can get me angry at this cusp)..😅😂😂

    1. If your salary is less than N250,000 ie $500
      You labor, they use you.

      If your salary is more than N250,000 with sweet perks of office attached.
      You work, you enjoy.

    2. 'In a bank' 🏦,me thinks. Sometimes, the easiest way to find out the grammatical accuracy of some sentences is to try interchanging it with another word."I work for a school🏫, church, mosque or hospital"🏥 how does it sound, wrong right? I work in a church, mosque, hospital is grammatically correct.

    3. Anon 14:38 kilode!! Read the question again but this time,slowly,a word at a time, until it sink.
      E say make u tell am which of the sentences he wrote up there is correct..pere.

    4. Yes in a bank, I think too.. for a bank,for a bank, sounds like you working for an individual not an organization.. be like my head boot small today lol 🐈

    5. Y'all tried most especially the first person

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. The correct answer is i work for a bank and not in a bank

  12. Happy birthday Orire..have fun..
    mama B and her horseband no try at all

  13. #Believe....

    We conquered all there's to conquer.

  14. Hello people how una dey? Mehn I have missed you guys..Good afternoon everyone..Thanks Paris for checking up on me...Mehn this is back to back gist on this blog...Bring them coming....

    I dunno if it's just me; but whenever I watch any movie or series with a gathering of 20 people in a space I am always like ''why are these people not wearing face masks or observing social distancing'' then I have to remind myself that its just a movie 😁😁🤣🤣

    See you guys later...I didn't forget the testimonies I will share them..Nice day guys and happy new month.Kisses

    1. Welcome back dear. We missed you too.

    2. Happy birthday beautiful Orire..I wish you long life and prosperity..God bless you

    3. Glad to have you back Phoenix 🫂💋💕💖

    4. Thank you BV Osundi, Mark Morgan, Paris, Black Slimzy and Twins Squared. Ehugs

  15. IN EVERYTHING YOU DO...FEAR WOMAN! FEAR WOMAN!! FEAR WOMAN!!! Your fellow woman see say you need help and she helped you out but na to STAB her be her reward? I say make una FEAR WOMAN!


    1. IN EVERYTHING YOU DO...FEAR HUMANS! FEAR HUMANS!! FEAR HUMANS!!! Your fellow woman see say you need help and she helped you out but na to STAB her be her reward? I say make una FEAR HUMANS!

  16. A beautiful sunny afternoon to y'all.

  17. Kai,three lives wasted just like that,Stella,fellow bvs I have never been so terrified in my life before,there was a gun battle between the police and kidnappers on my street,very close to my house.Those guys,handsome young men recently moved into the apartment,they kidnapped a commissioner's wife and kept her there,unknown to us(how can we even know, its a mind yourself estate). The police traced them abi tracked them to the house and that was how three of them were gunned down and the woman was rescued.crime does not pay o,young lives wasted,govt kuku demolished the house and called it kidnappers den..

    1. 😮..crime doesn't pay,I have no pity for them.

    2. Benue state right? Hmm these days of mind your business,I don't even know my neighbor etc,plenty evil people dey disguise o, no like before where we make it a priority to know our neighbors up to where they work,I wish we can go back to those days

    3. Venue commissioners wife

  18. Happy birthday Bv Orire. God bless you always. Amen.

  19. Good afternoon everyone ❤️❤️
    IHN is here

  20. Good afternoon lovelies, karma no dey play

  21. Good afternoon to you all
    Happy birthday to you Orire God bless you
    Congratulations to you Mc Pinky God bless your home 🙏🙏🙏

  22. Ijeoma PH that your street gist sweet o. Reminds me of Mama Nnuku's gists lol.

  23. You guys I'm so angry right now, like my heart bleeds.

    Just imagine, I told them to bring rice for me to my office and they put it inside that yeye stupid carton takeaway pack, like WTH? That takeaway is big cheating na, the rice just hang for up with one tiny meat like one of my nipple, I'm eating with anger. A plate is 400 but I'm giving them 350, they should sue me.

    I'm ready for them.😠

    1. Wahala be like menstruation,, enl no dey quick stop��

    2. Nipple? hahahhahaha😁😁😁😁😁😁
      Reminds me of how hubby sucked my nipples last night and almost cut them. I had to caution him to do am small small. Guyman was sucking breasts like an hungry lion and I was not even enjoying it anymore.

    3. Thanks jare..God bless u for me

    4. You can cheat me with any other thing but not food, rice for that matter? NOOOo.
      The battle line has been drawn.

    5. Madam, shebi u dey naija. Tins cost, just manage with us.

    6. Nipple kwa????😆😆just eat yoyr rice and nipple meat in peace.

    7. You and food eh🤣😂🤣😂🤣 tiny meat like nipple 🤣🤣🤣

    8. 😆😆😆 sandy no use laugh kill person

    9. Of all things to compare with, nipple? Smh

  24. Lemme go back and read.
    First to comment

  25. Congratulations in advance bv Pinky
    Beautiful face of Ihn.

    Those chasing abroad husband listen to the advice given ,do due diligence before accepting to a relationship with an abroad guy .

    Good afternoon to the house

    1. Na better thunder go fire 🔥those abroad guys wey dey come deceive us. One lied to me sotay even pikin con know say na mumu liar. Money,I no see. Nothing at all. I just respect my old age, bone am. When he asked for marriage, I did check up. He's married to one akata and claiming that it's normal for him to get another wife here. That I should be calming down, that once paper comes out, he wil leave. Abeg, I no do. He fit do me same one day.

    2. Thank God you received sense and walked away

  26. Pinky I hate dogs and stay far away from them. I wish you a successful wedding ceremony

    1. Courage....Dogs can be so funny and brutal at times...thanks to God for my courage sef, na another story e for be

  27. Happy birthday Orire. Live long and prosper. I love your name

  28. Welcome IHN. All story dey entertaining... Una try. Good to see your spirit don high Stella... Make una take care.


  29. Happy birthday Orire.

    Pinky this your story made me rember the day I flew not jump pass a big gutter that children don't even attempt to jump across cause of the wildness when I was being chased by a dog

    1. one day person go try wetin him never try before now..make God help us all

  30. Blessed afternoon to us all

    Enjoy the rest ur day day jare

    1. Interesting write-up as always and thumbs up to you
      My cousin,Joyce got chased and bitten in the leg by a dog back in the days though
      Anytime she remembers that incident,we always laugh about it big time

  31. Madam food seller, you should have discouraged her visits and friendship from get go, knowing that it's a complicated love triangle. Now, she fit go do jazz for you which can be quite harmful.
    I was in same position some years back, I just stopped giving the girl face, cos I know say kasala go burst one day. At the end, serious gbege show but I just dey one corner dey observe.

  32. Happy birthday to you bv celebrating.
    Ijeoma gist pls keep updating us.
    Pinky we will miss your gists. Have a beautiful marriage ceremony.

  33. Happy birthday to you bc Ore and may God be with u and enlarge u in all doings

  34. Good afternoon everyone
    See hot gist,
    Pinky this your story is so funny eh,🤣🤣🤣 may God bless your marriage.

    Ijeoma 👍👍🤩

    Madam Stella greetings

    1. Amen ooooooo and I pray that God in his mercy will bless u and ur family

    2. Happy birthday BV Orire. You are blessed

  35. Happy birthday blog visitor Orire 🎂🥂🍾
    May your new age be blessed..

    Ijeoma with the sweet gist
    More ink to your pen 🖊

    Congratulations 🥂🍾 in advance Pinky..

    Gist galore.

  36. Happy birthday bv Orire.

    Ijeoma gist corner more ink to your pen🥰💕

  37. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon my lovely bvs,good afternoon Jewelu star woman, good afternoon our amazing Angels.

    Happy birthday beautiful Orire,you are beautiful and God bless ur new age.

    Bv Ijeoma with the saucy gists 🤣,I missed your gists o,thank God u are back. That mamaB and her husband deserve each other..greedy couple.

    Aunty obodo-oyibo that's looking for who to download her yeye married bf gist to her,abeg poster face front o,I learnt the hard way.This is you said the man na shameless fighter.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day..

    E go surely be ✌️.

  38. Happy birthday be Orire...May God grant your heart desires

  39. Happy birthday bv Orire. I don't like dogs!
    Happy married life in advance Pinky

    1. Oga/madam answer the question they asked you on sp,stop pretending like you didn't see it.

    2. Thanks and I pray my good God will bless u

    3. Aunty uncle I honestly didn't see it. Sorry. Thanks for pointing to the comment, I have replied you there, you can go and read it now.

      Amen@ Pinky

    4. Chinedum you won a giveaway with a fellow woman BUXOMEBONY last year September, you would have said you were a man.

      Release your two blog profiles that way others like me will confirm what the anonymous commenter is insinuating, weather it's true story or fake accusations.

      It doesn't stop stella from giving you the win if she decides, she took that good decision before she can repeat it and damn the consequences.

      Just saying🤷

  40. I like small small dogs,but those fierce looking dogs i dont like them. I want to ask a man called me this morning that he saw my number from this blog during Stella mingles post of December,since December 2020 he never called ,he is just calling today 3rd of August 2021,is that normal? Because i am not understanding,this man said he is not on WhatsApp ,so does it mean he doesnt have a browsing phone? This day and age,not to be on WhatsApp, is that one normal? Please, advice me

    1. Hope it isn't who I think he is. He also called me one time like that. Got my number from an old edition of the SnM. Says he doesn't have a WhatsApp, that the sim for it, got missing. He goes by an Igbo name that starts with "N", if I remember correctly but true caller always bring his name as the Pidgin form of "scammer", together with a Yoruba name.
      Let me stop here for now.

    2. Please be careful o, he doesn't have a browsing phone how come he's able to see your post on SDK?

  41. A friend of mine married abroad husband, since they married he has come home twice just to impregnate her. Me I don't understand men oooo, he is married to a Nigerian in the U.S with children what else is he looking for? My friend is aware of the other wife, and she no kwukwuma send, I don't know if the other wife know about her.

  42. Thank you for celebrating SDK and bvs.
    God's goodness will never cease in our lives.
    Congratulations Pinky.

  43. IHN is fully loaded.
    @IJ gist,so with the houseboy work wey him dey do, na still baby girl he go get🤣🤣🤣,serves him right.

    Happy birthday Orire!
    God bless your new age.

    Finally,we got a medal.All thanks to ESE Brume.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Good afternoon everyone

    Ihn so lit with enough stories to much.

    Ijeoma this ur gist nawaoooh, some women can be evil gosh. How can u have the mind to do evil in to someone that helped u.
    Some men hmmmm God forbid bad thing.

    Street gist, that girl na craze girl man weh no even like u sef kikikiki u wan die put.

    Whatever u do or how ever life has presented to you, don't forget one thing, God loves u, and someone somewhere is praying to have what u have.

    Before you plan to f##k someone's boyfriend or husband pls pity your fellow woman and your soul.
    #for ladies#

  46. Happy birthday Orire,I love your name

  47. Good afternoon all, trust you're all having a blissful Tuesday?? Happy Birthday Orire, have a blast... and on a general note, wishing you all a lovely day ahead... #ChrisSaysHi

  48. Happy birthday Orire. Pinky's story, Gist and IJ's story are all captivating.

  49. Good afternoon people. Wetin greed dey cause no be small ooo.

  50. That bv shouting up and down if you like dont hold your husband, how many girls you wan advice, do you know some girls dont even care if the men are married abroad and they are very happy to meet them. You think some girls care about the future or care if the husband will marry them. Some men dont even need to lie the girls are everly ready to be a naija wife self if you dont know, you they advice girls wey poverty wan finish , my dear they are even read to throw away their future infact they prefere for the man to destroy the future better hold your husband if not you go fight tire.

  51. Happy birthday Bv Orire and Happy married Life to Bv pinky😍😍

    Hope we all having a splendid day. Kisses from this end😘

  52. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding @Pinky, Olórun á mú ojó ró.

    Happy birthday BV Orire, your new age is blessed. Have an amazing year.

    Serves them right, greedy woman with wandering horseband.

  53. Happy birthday BV Orire.. The sign out makes a lot of sense.. Goodafternoon everyone.

  54. Good evening everyone! Today has been stress filled.

    Congrats pinky on your forthcoming wedding.

    Some people and ungratefulness are 5 and 6, see how she lost out on someone helping her because of greed. It's just a matter of time before the things we do in the dark find their way to the brightest of lights, just a matter of time

  55. mcPincky happy married life.

    I don't like fierce looking dogs. I still have dog scar on my knee because I was bitten by a dog when I was still in Primary school when we went to visit my mom's elder sister

  56. Happy birthday to you bv Orire, hot hot gist today, some people can be very ungrateful

  57. Congratulations on ur forthcoming wedding Mc🥰

  58. Happy Birthday 🎂 BV Orire. 🥂

  59. Happy blissful birthday to you sweetie..wish you great Grace n increase


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