Stella Dimoko Wraps Of Heroin Arrested Trafficker Excreted At Lagos Airport


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Monday, August 23, 2021

Wraps Of Heroin Arrested Trafficker Excreted At Lagos Airport

Can you see the 68 wraps of heroine arrested trafficker Abibu Miminu, excreted at Lagos Airport in three batches..?

It was a case of shit or die....

Me - shaking my head


  1. Greed; the worship of money can really debase someone.
    All in a bid to live vain lives he sees on social media. If he got this money
    all he would have done is, buy cars
    and gather prostitutes around him.
    Shame! 💀💀💀💀

  2. I hope they make him go through his own shit literally

    1. People who snort these rubbish are really eating kashi.

  3. Another developer.

  4. What a life. This whole risky just to belong. It's damn too much naa.

  5. Sorry you had to choose this path in life. I do not know what led you to this place. May God forgive and have mercy on you and put you on a better path which will bring you honour instead of disgrace.

  6. I'd like to watch a documentary on how these people ingest these wraps and shit them out. I'm curious. I'd also like to know how NDLEA detects someone who has ingested such stuff. In other news, I once read or heard that the major drug traffickers don't get caught as they are well connected to the high and mighty.


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