Stella Dimoko American Crooner R.Kelly Found Guilty Of S3x Trafficking...


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

American Crooner R.Kelly Found Guilty Of S3x Trafficking...

On Monday September 27,2021, 54 year old American Crooner R. Kelly was found guilty of s#xually abusing women, boys and girls.

For over a month, Kelly has been on trial in Brooklyn federal court on one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, a federal law addressing sex trafficking. Federal prosecutors accused Kelly of running an “enterprise” through which he exploited his star power time and time again to prey on underage girls, young women, and at least two male victims.

Jurors deliberated for just nine hours to reach their verdict, finding Kelly guilty on all counts. He now faces decades in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced May 4, 2022

The federal charges against Kelly came after BuzzFeed News in 2017 published an investigation by Chicago journalist Jim DeRogatis revealing that parents had told police that the singer was allegedly holding their daughters against their will in a “sex cult.” In January 2019, the documentary Surviving R. Kelly further detailed their allegations and those of multiple women who said Kelly had abused them, once again raising questions about how he had escaped accountability.

Federal prosecutor Elizabeth Geddes points to R. Kelly during closing arguments in the trial in a courtroom sketch, Sept. 22, 2021.

At trial, the government laid out an expansive, detailed case to prove Kelly’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, bringing hundreds of pieces of evidence and 45 witnesses, 11 of whom were his victims. They testified, at times through tears, about how Kelly sexually, emotionally, physically, and verbally abused them, some for years. He was directly charged for crimes related to just six women — including Aaliyah, the late R&B singer Kelly married when she was 15 — but the government used evidence that he’d abused others to argue that the scope of Kelly’s actions amounted to racketeering.

"It is time to hold the defendant responsible for the pain that he inflicted on each of his victims: Aaliyah, Stephanie, Sonja, Jerhonda, Jane, and Faith," Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said in her closing argument, naming each of the women Kelly was charged with abusing.

"It is now time for the defendant, Robert Kelly, to pay for his crimes,” she continued. “Convict him."



  1. Young man, be careful and think it twice..before u choose to your device, so you don't have rain drops rolling from ur eyes..

    Pay the price if guilty...May God forgive u..simple as that

    1. We buy dead inverter battery:0814139511328 September 2021 at 10:04

      They should free that guy nua!!!

    2. Are you for real?

      They should free someone that's guilty of sexual abuse?

  2. If they check well, animals might not have been exempted from his sexual depravity. The guy was sick and we didnt realiz, we just bumped and grinded.

  3. It's been long time coming, this guy got married to Aliyah when she was a teenager.

  4. A man with so much talent allowed game to destroy him and everything he worked for. Those taking advantage of women to satisfy their devilish lust should learn from this grace to grace, then from grace to disgrace of R. Kelly.

  5. Oh so sad, see the way he just ruined his years of hard work and dedication.

  6. How I liked him and his music! Never knew he is like this.

    Robert Nesta Kelly, may you find God again and may God have mercy and help those you've damaged.

    1. The same with Cosby.I used to watch Cosby's show as a kid and i was disappointed when he was accused of rape.It seems R Kelly lacks self control,he has been in and out of jail because of this.

  7. As talented as he was, he allowed the devil to use him. So sad. God is a God of second chances and I pray he genuinely returns to Him, no one is a writeoff.

  8. It's long time coming...really @ EllanBeauty.
    How did he manage to marry a 15 year old in a country like America?
    Which pastor or magistrate contracted that marriage?
    All of them deserve to serve jail terms.

    1. He and his crew showed fake documents to prove Aliyah was 18years old which was a lie.

    2. Watch "Surviving R Kelly", the documentary, her uncle handed her over to him to groom in the music industry, he didn't believe a full grown man would be interested in a 12 year old girl. Robert groomed her and started having sex with her, all the while being very abusive and controlling to her. He got her pregnant and convinced his security guard back then to help him forge papers saying she was 18 and he wedded her in a registry while they were on tour.

      Her parents found out shortly afterwards and annulled the marriage, she lost the pregnancy (not sure how) and her parents settled out of court with him for $100 and a non disclosure agreement (on her part), she was already a rising star by then and they didn't want her to miss out on her big break in music and show biz. Aaliyah's spirit is so strong cos the former security and one of her crew members back then spoke out in the documentary.

      This should serve a "word of caution" to all those powerful men that keep using their position to abuse people, your day of reckoning will come and you will lose everything you stand for and ever worked for, if you like, don't stop. The Oga involved in Snow white's saga, are you reading?

  9. Good. Filthy, reprehensible man. His music slaps though.

    I was shook after watching the Surviving R Kelly documentary series, all 3 (or is it 4?) parts and I could literally feel bile rise up my throat 🤮

  10. Oooh, What a pity! How are the mighty fallen. God have mercy on him.


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