Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 Gists In The House...


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Thursday, September 09, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 Gists In The House...

Bigie's house has been kinda dry since Boma and Tega were evicted but we still grabbed a few this and that for your reading pleasure...

Add yours if you are watching 24/7


Housemate Whitemoney said during a convo with Jackie B and Angel that Angel is too exposed for her age.

He said this because during a conversation with other housemates, Angel narrated her sexcapades and the features she finds attractive in a man.
Shortly after the conversation, WhiteMoney said he is amazed at the 21-year-old’s level of exposure.

“The things you say and the things you have done.
The tyres you have burnt, wow,” he added.

Angel, responded that she is exposed because her friends are older and she is smart.

Angel will be hot cake after she leaves Biggie's house so the experience will increase.



Angel has revealed when she will forgive Boma for calling her names.

During a heated Ange argument with Angel days back, Boma had called her names, adding that being on Big Brother will be her biggest achievement in life.
This didn’t go down well with Angel who warned him never to bully her and vowed not to talk to him again.

Whitemoney approached her on Wednesday night requesting that she forgives Boma and she said

“What keeps me pushing in this life is when people look down on me or call me names.
I will not forgive Boma until I use those words he abused me with to push myself and achieve more. Till then, there’s no forgiveness from me''.

She will achieve more fast once you come so it wont be long before she forgives Boma




Housemate Saskay has said that she would want to be together with JayPaul in the same hotel if they are evicted on Sunday.

While having a conversation with JayPaul on Wednesday night, Saskay revealed that she’s scared she might get evicted from the show.

“I’m really scared about Sunday’s eviction. Hopefully they keep us in the same hotel,” she said.

In response, JayPaul who is also up for eviction, told her she’s giving him silly ideas with what she said...

He also noted that he’s scared of leaving but at the end it’s a game and someone has to go.

Saskay, JayPaul, Whitemoney, Liquorose, Queen and Saga are all up for possible eviction on Sunday.




Whitemoney told Jaypaul on Wednesday night that he has genuine feelings towards fellow housemate, Queen.

Queen had confronted him over his closeness to Jackie B, accusing him of not being loyal to her.

However, while having a conversation with JayPaul after the incident, Whitemoney said

“I have told her to stop thinking that I want to be with her in that aspect. I genuinely like her and I feel the need to help her. I’m not new to this game because I have been studying it and I know how it works but it’s not the same for her.

“The other day she was kissing and giving Cross a lap dance and I didn’t feel bad but Imagine if I was the one who did that, all hell would have been let loose.

“I know how I got her to loosen up and start associating with other housemates because I was like with the way she’s so attached to me, If along the line I leave, how will she cope?

“She still doesn’t get it, all I have for her in my heart is genuine feelings and nothing more,” he said.

WOW...truthful but painful

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  1. Queen needs to really calm down cos the way she's going, hnmmmm. She's too possessive and this was what Boma was complaining about.

    1. Very possessive, clingy and immature.

      Reminds me of those secondary school friends that will not want you to talk to anybody once they latch unto you.

      Omo I dey always japa, I dont like people clinging to me like lice.

      With that her nose like stuffed sausage.

  2. I don't know why Queen is dragging the relationship stuff with WM, guy man doesn't want u in that aspect.
    WM had to call her let them talk yesterday in the night, she kept about how WM is getting emotionally attached to her friends. That WM was also attached to JMK...guy man had to disagree sharp sharp.
    WM told her that she is free to avoid him ooo but if he should try to avoid her, na there d drama go dey. Anyway, they were still talking when Bigi shifted his camera to inside the house.

    So Bigi called Jaypaul, seems he asked Bigi to get him flowers. He was still presenting the flowers to Saskay when NEPA 'took' our light.

  3. Queen saw clips of this BBNaija season 6 show before getting into the house,I can bet that. Good she got sisterzoned before she brings Whitemoney down, he's not there to fuck, his alliance with Jackie B now is great,Jacky isn't there to fuck, the two tally well well.
    Cross feels bad about Saskay accepting JayPaul and dumping him, smallie Saskay for that matter,smdh.
    Last night at the kitchen while she was receiving the flower love bouquet from JayPaul,cross was by the sink melting as he washed dishes, Whitemoney approached him ,said to him Cross the Lord is your strength 不不不不不

    Anyone who believes Angel is 22 needs her brain examined. Agnes has been an escort since 2012 that's the reason why she has never added dates to her sextrip stories,smart old woman.

    1. Aww...NEPA no allow me watch to that side. Cross my brother...the Lord is your strength. Leave Saskay and her love interest, thank God you didn't force the whole thing. Just try and cheer up and stop looking and feeling so down and dejected.

    2. Have you seen angels father? He looks ber young and I mean younger than Boma and pere. Finer too. He could have easily gotten into the house. He was the one that trained that girl (single father) and he did a terrible job. They even dress alike

  4. Angel has sense sha. I fear for Whitemoney o, Cross might win o.

    1. White money iS winning the how hand down< i thought lIQOUROSE will fight him but as at today WM has no rival

  5. So you mean to tell me Yousef is still in the house???? Wonderment.

    This his strategy should be studied thoroughly in school.

    Somebody entered BBN house, scan everywhere and kuku just turned to pillar of salt.

    Everytime I see him on screen he wii just be sitting down as if he came to the house with Kayode to repair socket.不

    This guy can go actually home on Monday and enter back on Friday for the party. No body go know sef...不

    Issokay bye!

    1. 不不不不

    2. 不不 abeg leave our Yousef like that for us. I Sha like seeing him on my screen.

    3. 不不不不 Leave Yousef alone jare. Better to be unnoticed than to be noticed for bad things.

    4. Lolzzz at came to repair socket with Kayode不不不不不

    5. 不不不不不不不 who be this person. You don kill me with laughter

    6. Hahahaha不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  6. Angel is 29, you can take take this info to the bank

    1. I actually thought initially she said she was 29, all of a sudden, I started hearing 21. Me I dont understand

    2. Don't mind her she will be there shouting 21,21 like Nigeria national anthem.

    3. I wish. Unfortunately she might even be younger than 21

  7. Queen is too clingy. WM doesn't want any sexual relationship with her but babe won't take that..we must be an item by fire by force. The other day WM was joking with her that her bumbum has reduced o,babe told him that the bum needs smackin..ha!

  8. I don't know how a 21 year old will get the nerves to try to seduce all the men in the house. Yesterday during their task break I called my little son to watch their task with me, the next thing I heard was Angel telling Emmanuel that he want to fuck him. I quickly pursued the innocent child to the room. Whitemoney has his head on the game, he knows that the game is coming to an end, he is avoiding entanglements

    1. The progeamme is clearly rated 18. You invite small pikin make watch because children's programmes don finish for TV. When he repeats what he hears st the playground you will say village people, meanwhile some of you are upright greatest village people.

  9. I think whitemoney really loves jackie b, check out the way he was caressing her when they were seeing that movie with the head of house and rose.

    1. You saw the caressing too?
      I was irritated by it though

  10. How come no man wants Queen in the house?

    1. It's like that sometimes especially when they act desperate. Even Yusuf that has been uncoupled since the beginning of the show no even look her side e just face im fish.

      I guess that's what's paining her as nobody look her side upon all the open stops and undersized shorts she is always wearing. Buahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Queen is too clingy. Which kind attitude be that? She doesn't want Whitemoney to mix with others, as per what na? Whitemoney kukuma clear her yesterday.

  12. Angel can tell which housemate, through their body scent! Wow.

  13. Queen wm likes you like a sister get that into your head and stop giving him body. You may not survive this week


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