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Monday, September 20, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day all..

Please I need you guys advice on what to do cos I'm already depressed.
I saw my period last in early June, and since that June till now I have not seen it again.

I had a Lab test and there is no infection detected.

I Don't know what to do again.. This September will make it 3 months..

I'm not pregnant and I am only 27 years old.

Please Stella and BVs help me, Doctors in the house help me..
I'm dying. what can I do for it to come out again. God bless you all..

I think you have a medical condition called Polycystic ovary syndrome which sometimes has a family history. let me leave those that know to enlighten you on this!... I am not sure it is what you have but you definitely have a medical condition preventing it from flowing


  1. Replies
    1. Go for proper check up qnd you're not dying.

  2. You are not dying. It's may be a simple thing to manage or correct. An abdominal scan will reveal more. Visit the nearest hospital.

  3. Please Stella, do not make matters worse. There are so many things that
    can cause delayed period. Do not just
    put it down to polycystic ovaries and
    alarm the person without any investigations done.
    She needs to see a gynaecologist.

    1. Did you read where Stella wrote "i am not sure???

  4. Over to the doctors in the house.. May God grant you a permanent healing.

  5. First of all, you are not dying. Pls don’t say negative things as you don’t even know what exactly is the reason for the delay. Periods can stop for all sorts of reasons like weight loss or gain, stress, diet, infection, etc.

    You have to go for a proper check. Check your thyroid level, hormones because period ceasing is very common with PCOS sufferers.

  6. You are not dead pls. Stop using negative words on yourself. You will have your children when the comes.
    One step at a time. Go to a gynecologist and do your checks. 2ndly pray. You can join Nsppd. I've had mind blowing testimonies. And I know what God cannot do does not exist. Yours is not beyond what God can do.
    All the best.

  7. A high level of stress can make your period stop, also undernourishment can do it too. Periods are actually tied to the level of body fat that women and girls have. Drinking certain concoctions and herbal preparations can stop menstrual bleeding, or having a medical condition.

    Please speak with your family doctor or go and see a gynecologist who will be able to send you for the right tests and examine you properly to determine what is going on. All the best!

  8. Please go to the hospital and get tested to know what's causing it.. I'm suspecting hormones or PCOS.. whatever it is may it be goodnews

  9. Please go to the hospital for proper check up, prophesy only good things to your self it's well..
    My delay in menstruation started few months ago, once I take any antibiotics it will delay the flow.. All through August I didn't see it, only for the flow to come out on the 15th of Sept and by 17th it has stopped...

  10. Perhaps if you state where you live others can direct you to a good medical office skilled with taking care of gynecological issues.

  11. what were your periods like before June? regular, heavy, light? Are you on any longterm or short term contraceptives? did you take any contraceptives herbal or conventional between April and june? Have you recently had a change in weight or being through a stressful period of time?

    Either way, see a gynae

  12. Are you physically,emotionally or psychologically stressed. It also happens a lot with malnutrition and hormonal imbalance.Just if you have any of these. A gynaecologist will be able to tell you. I wish you the best.Do not be frail.Worring has never solved a problem.

  13. Hi. Just to encourage you. I see my period once a year.Reason is PCOS as stella said. But its not something u should worry your self so much about.

    When you get married , go to the Doctor and begin child bearing attempt on time and be consistentwith treatment. My sister has same issue. Yet I have 3 kids and she has 2 kids.
    Stay strong.

    1. Your write up just gave me hope because I also have pcos

  14. Nobody can give you an exact diagnosis of what could be the cause of your medical challenge here. Go to the hospital for a proper medical exam where a doctor will recommend the next point of action. If not you will be running helter-skelter for is a likely simple situation. And please stop being a pessimist, you are not dying😊

  15. It may be Hormonal imbalance,it happened to me and I was placed on dostinex and another drug,I was even enjoying the stuff sef as a way of family planning till my hubby dragged me to the hospital and I ran a test .

  16. It could be due to hormonal imbalance

  17. dying of what? you dont know what is wrong and you are confessing negative. the words we speak are spirit and life. stop talking negative and see a gynecologist. it could be anything and you cant get that answer on the blog..

  18. It's best for you to go see a doctor preferably a gynaecologist. you are not dying its just a medical condition that can be treated/ manage. Wishing you all the best.

  19. Please hurry now for a check up. The earlier the best.

  20. A bv once posted here on how to make ceased menstruation flow again. So here, give it a trial, it could work for you.

    How To Restore Ceased Menstruation

    Alligator Pepper
    Wash the ginger and scrape the skin, cut into pieces.
    Deshell the garlic as well and cut into two pieces.
    Get enough cloves and deshell a bunch of alligator Pepper so as to get the tiny seeds inside. Collect all and gather all together. You can soak or blend all the ingredients together and allow to ferment for 3 days.
    After the 3rd day drink a of glass it in the morning on an empty stomach and last thing in the night before going to bed.
    Do this on a daily basis till the preparation is exhausted.

  21. Please go to the is well with you poster.

  22. Poster do not let fear overwhelm you...

    Please visit a government hospital where you can consult a gynecologist for proper diagnosis and treatment

  23. May be hormonal imbalance. Go to the hospital and they will place you on some hormone like medications. There is one that can make the period come back immediately given for 10days, and there is another that corrects the cycle, which you may have to take for 3months. This is actually common among women. Also it could be malnutrition or low Iron - every menstruating woman is encouraged to take iron supplements or an increased diet in vegetables or iron containing foods to replace the iron we lose monthly via menses.

  24. See a gynaecologist and also take a covid test.

  25. How do you know you are not pregnant. I know someone like this. Never knew she was pregnant. After treating infection. Nothing happened. Go check yourself very well. You might be pregnant. When last did you have sex?

  26. This happened to me some years ago, I did all kinds of test but nothing was detected. A woman told me to deworm myself and I did. After some weeks my period came.

  27. Poster, if you can try this local way, a medical doctor once advise me on this and it worked for me when I had missed period.
    Pepper soup spice
    1. (uda and the long black thing use for pepper soup) I don't know the name
    2. Ginger and garlic.
    3. Lemon or lime
    4. Uzuza seed
    Cook together and drink, morning and night aleast for a month
    Please as you cook try and finish it within four to five days


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