Stella Dimoko Nigeria Records 336 New Cases Of COVID 19 Infections..


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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Nigeria Records 336 New Cases Of COVID 19 Infections..

 Mask up...

Take the Vaccine shots....

336 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;

Akwa Ibom-13
201,630 confirmed
190,288 discharged
2,654 deaths


  1. Stella, I think people should apply caution in taking the vaccine. I was really advocating for the uptake of the vaccine and I've registered against next week but I'm not doing again. How can UK consider people vaccinated in Africa, UAE and co as unvaccinated despite having the full shots? Isn't the content of the vaccine what is important and not the the location?

    It boils down to politics, I would understand if Nigeria made their own vaccine and it was considered counterfeit by the uk. But pray tell, how can Nigeria spend billions of naira to acquire the UK'S AstraZeneca vaccine and the same country is saying they consider it as not even being vaccinated at all?

    This is a wake up call to Africa as a whole. Last year just after the travel ban was lifted that I travelled to the UK, the policy at the time didn't ask for covid test. Early this year when I travelled, the policy had changed to have a valid negative PCR test. After I left, they introduced Day 2 and Day 8 tests. So travelling to the uk now, you would be spending almost 400k on covid tests alone. Why even encourage anyone to take vaccine when you don't plan to recognize it simply because it's not from your country or your cronies? Now let me give my own conspiracy theory, are we sure of what they are giving in Naija and calling vaccine? What if they sent placebo to Africa, the UAE and co? Can anyone remember when that french dude said they should come and experiment the safety of the vaccine in Africa just like they did with HIV and AIDS. Fear this oyibo people, they are terribly wicked and they do it in such a clean way, you would think they are helping you. The first doses of the vaccine in Africa was even donated by them. This is highly disturbing.

  2. That vaccine is a joke!


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