Stella Dimoko OAP Nedu Denies Using The Police To Seize His 2 Kids From EX Wife Uzo


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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

OAP Nedu Denies Using The Police To Seize His 2 Kids From EX Wife Uzo

On air personality and comedian Nedu and his ex wife Uzor are in the news again over custody battle of their two kids.
Reports went viral on Tuesday that he had forcefully taken the kids from her 

According to Punch, 

Policemen attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, have seized two children from Uzoamaka Ohiri, the ex-wife of comedian Chinedu Ani, a.k.a Nedu, and handed them over to the comedian..

Nedu went on Instagram to explain what happened ...

''I am sad that once again, I need to clear the air on what I consider a private matter. But for the sake of all the parties involved, it is pertinent that I do so.
Please let the following be clear to all journalists, blogs, news platforms, etc;

1. Contrary to the rumours being peddled around, I do take care of my children and will continue to as it is my duty.

2. Neither I nor the police forcefully took my kids away from my ex-wife. It was a unanimous agreement. Please feel free to read her handwritten statement and also see the bag with which she brought their clothes.

3. The children in question were taken to Owerri to live for over a month without my consent or permission. My ex-wife took that decision without consulting me... I paid for the flight for her to go and bring them back to Lagos after it was agreed by all parties that it was better they were returned to Lagos especially as they school in Lagos.

4. I am a person who believes in doing things the right way and so far on this matter, I have stayed within the provisions of the law. A case was filed against my ex-wife for cyber-bullying and other grievances. She was invited to respond and the matter is ongoing alongside custody resolution.

I am tired of the sensational manner in which this news is being dispersed.
I do not grant interviews or speak on the matter to the press.

I would advise my ex-wife and her cousins/sister to follow suit.

We are not dealing with inanimate objects here but living and breathing beings who will one day deal with the consequences of this fall-out.

I truly want to continue to focus on my career, my family and my life as I am not the first or the last man to have a failed marriage''.

He also posted someone she allegedly wrote that was not clear to read.


  1. Tiny Nedu married an akpuda woman like this, sorry about all the merciless beatings.

    The Law will sort this out justly.

    1. Merciless beatings ? You mean nedu beat her or she beat nedu?

    2. Anon@10:34 she beats Nedu blue black, drag him on the floor and pour some liquids on him.

      This marriage was cursed from the beginning by her sharp tongued controlling mummy.

      She disagreed & married Nedu despite all the dragging by her cousins and family.

      Her hard mummy forced her to bring the young girls to Owerri in july, enrolled them in a new school for a new session Nedu didn't know.

      This Uzo her shakara is effing high, just took a look at her handwriting and busted out in a laughter.

      Then in occupation column, it was blank. Uzo didn't have any job in that Lagos though she spends money anyhow.

      Las last, she lives in Badore, her friends in Aladimma estate were deceived she lives someplace in Lekki 1.

      Uzo ihukwala otu uwa ri.
      From tush to gutter.

    3. She beats Nedu to stupor @ 10:34
      Her handwriting is pupil like @ 10:54 hehehe
      You are a bad Owerri girl,mind your bizness

      Slay queen, handwriting no slay hehehehe

    4. Yes Uzor is crazy but inside gist be say Nedu use influence to take those kids , believe nedu on this particular issue at ur own peril. I advised against her bringing this online because people will bash her because it’s “ popular nedu” their favorite, forgetting that mother’s hardly let go of their kids. Nedu took this route so he wouldn’t be dragged for spousal support.
      I wanted to reply the person on the other post who said anty landa or whatever she is called is a straight forward woman. My prayer for u is that u clash with her person then u’ll know the devil u r praising.
      At the end of the day, Nedu is ffk junior ask around about Nedu, ask those he works with especially the cleaners, junior workers etc and u will know Nedu is small but mightily wicked

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,na wa..o Is he trying to pull FFK staunt

    1. Stunt*
      Hian! Is it by force to speak big grammar?

    2. I dont know why someone with court and police case who still needs her ex husband funds will not chose a more civil way to deal with the matters at hand

  3. Nedu has released a statement with receipt that his wife willingly handed over d kids to him & I don’t think it’s permanent. D wife took d children to spend some time with a family at Owerri without Nedu’s consent & I don’t blame Nedu bcoz these are young girls ,not with d atrocities that men are committing towards young girls these days , no matter their ages.

  4. Nedu go and take care of your kids and stop using social media clout. she called you out despite knowing the issue of paternity was already common knowledge between you two out but trust Nigerians never to face the crux of the matter....the kids that are yours take care of them period.. you have no excuse to be dead beat..


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