Stella Dimoko Princess Mako Of Japan Set To Give Up Her Royal Status To Marry College Classmate


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Princess Mako Of Japan Set To Give Up Her Royal Status To Marry College Classmate

Japan's Princess Mako is set to forego a one-off million-dollar payment for giving up her royal status to wed a college classmate, clearing the way for a marriage delayed for years by controversy over her fiance.

The 29-year-old granddaughter of then-Emperor Akihito and her former college classmate, Kei Komuro, announced their engagement in 2017 but the following year the couple delayed their wedding, saying they had second thoughts about marrying so soon and needed more time to plan their future together.

Imperial Household sources told CNN at the time the postponement was due to "lack of preparation."
Under centuries-old Japanese law, the marriage between a royal and a commoner would require Princess Mako to give up her royal status.

Departing members are also entitled to a one-off payment. However, the government is set to agree that the princess forego the payment, worth up to 150 million yen ($1.35 million) for royals giving up their status to marry commoners, amid public criticism over her fiance, public broadcaster NHK and others said.

NHK said the wedding date may be announced in October.

Imperial law allows the throne to be passed only to male heirs. The other unmarried princesses of the family would also lose their royal status if they were to marry commoners -- a possibility that could leave the imperial family without enough members to carry out its public duties.

from CNN


  1. Waiting for our naija ladies to share their views on this πŸ₯΄

  2. I really hope it's worth it for her, if not.... hmmmmmmhhh πŸ€”

    1. She din tink am well now..🀣🀣🀣

  3. Talk about hustling backwards. Thought shit like this only happened in Disney and nollywood movies 🀣

    Redundant policy btw, thank goodness it was repealed.

  4. Toh... As long as it's true love.. I can only wish them well.

  5. Love is...SACRIFICE.
    Not "I love you" (but looking at your bank account and where
    you work
    and the kind of car you drive or who your dad or brother is?)

  6. We wish them well. This marriage will not hit the rocks. May the love that binds you both, keep you till the end.


  7. Love is a beautiful thing. I wish them well

  8. Replies
    1. U know the lady before?

      She has thought of it and she is good to go...even u can also forgo billions cuz of love now..

      Watch out

  9. For them to still wanna proceed since 2017, over 4 years after announcing engagement, it means their love is strong. I pray it carries them till the end of time. Love, really is a beautiful thingπŸ’•

    But I can never say NEVER sha...Let me fall IN LOVE first then I will come back later

  11. Eeeeyah lovi lovi. I might do same sha

  12. Love is a beautiful thing.

    Try that kind thing for Nigeria and find ursef at LUTH the next day and from there ur case will be transferred to UCH ibadan

  13. Let this love last till death do them part oooh, if not hmmmmmmmh
    Me I no fit do this kind love abeg

  14. I hope the sacrifice is worth it for her. A high status man rarely is ever affected by marrying down, but a woman of high status is ever rarely as lucky.

  15. Awwwww love is a beautiful thing especially if it mutual!
    I commend the Princess.

  16. Nigerian women never want to co-create as universe, they want to serve and worship because they have pussy and breast/yansh. Thank God I am not going to end my life with one.

  17. Why won't they allow these people marry and not take their royal power from them?

  18. Pls I agree with her decision. To me one of the advantages of having money is so you can freely choose love. Of course she can never be poor due to her background even if she loses inheritance.. just like Meghan and Harry, they may lose titles and inheritance but we all know they can never be poor. Cos sometimes poor people have to choose to marry wealth even when they don't love the person, enduring a life of sadness just to escape poverty. Why would someone who is already rich live in misery? Why choose wealth if you arr from wealth? Isnt that greed? Choose love jare. But be careful of leeches. Since she knows him from childhood I doubt he is a leech. Good luck Princess!


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