Stella Dimoko University Of Benin Undergraduates Protest 20K Hike In School Fees


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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

University Of Benin Undergraduates Protest 20K Hike In School Fees

There is on going protest at university of Benin due to increase (20k) in school fees for late payment.

The University says Students who don't pay before this week ends will automatically be expelled from the school ..


  1. Very bad move by the VC and co.
    But nne with the last poster, if you
    go into prostitution, you sent yourself.
    You decided to do so and face the consequences.

    1. People are just plain wicked in this country, with no single room for conscience. How can you keep increasing school fees with the way things are in the country. Eno go better for una sha.

  2. How can school just resume and you already increased school fees to 41k for returning student! Hostel no dey. U hv to bribe to get where to stay. School resume just 4weeks ago nd u want every student to pay their fees. Forgetting dat most or some finance themselves to school. In uniben some student hv to sell inside the hostel before dey cn pay fee or eat.

    When women are in power dey start to behave like LION. STATING If dey dnt pay is automatic withdrawal. Wen SALAMI (VC) dey go school was it like dat. How much does govt pay parents as salary??? This is wickedness. Diluted education.

  3. I couldnt go out this morning because of the protest. Most of these universities administrators dont think with their head. Because its easy for them doesnt mean its easy for others or they dont have kinds or know the situation of things in Nigeria?

  4. Compared to how much students spend on cigarettes and alcohol per session, 41,000 should easily to accessible to them. The money spent on chasing female students and maintenance money once you start having sex with the girls is more than 41,000 per session for each guy.

    We never appreciate the little the federal government does for us. There is free and universal education covering primary and secondary education. The university education is heavily subsidised by federal and state governments. In my days in uniben, we paid 5 naira as school fees ,we didn't appreciate it either. In the state of California citizens pay 9,000-15,000 dollars while foreign students pay 34,000 dollars and above. California alone have 112 higher institutions. I am not in way supporting the increase , I am wondering why students spend so much money on womanising, cigarettes, alcohol and parties but never have to pay school fees on time. What I honestly hate about their protest is the blocking of the ever busy Lagos express,why make people suffer anytime you are protesting. In my days in the same school locking the school gates was more effective than imposing unnecessary stress on people who weren't part of the school management. just lock the gates, play football, dance on different roads and stop giving Edo people unnecessary stress.

    1. Pray make hand no touch you…

    2. Compared to how much students spend on cigarettes and alcohol per session, 41,000 should easily to accessible to them. The money spent on chasing female students and maintenance money once you start having sex with the girls is more than 41,000 per session for each guy.

      Listen to yourself, is it every students that smokes and chases women?
      How much is even 1 stick of cigarette sef that you're comparing the plight of the students at this critical times with Cigarette and women?
      Have you thought about those who are solely responsible for their studies and other expenses?
      We should stop justifying shit because we want to Stan wickedness.

    3. Alex so do u think everyone der cn afford it. Nd u are comparing foreign country. Did u also compare the standard of living der. Minimum wage der. Unemployment rate der??

    4. foolishly block Lagos express. Ubth shares boundary with uniben. Do you how the sick find it extremely difficult to access health care anytime they block the express. People going to work, students going to school suffered because of some brainless students who blocked a very busy express

    5. *deep sigh* y are we so heartless in this country.

  5. These people don't have sympathy
    That was how UoA hike theirs immediately after Covid-19 and after all the protest, nothing came out of it.
    The VC kuku cancel SUG so that students won't have anyone that can speak for them.
    If you can't pay you defer and when you come back to resume, you'll still pay for the last session you deferred.
    It is well with them

  6. School fees dey increase, Quality of Education dey Steady Decrease.

    What a Country.
    As hard as country dey, them still dey hike everything.
    No conscience. Nothing is regulated at all.

  7. 41k is less than $100..however to avoid trouble they can keep it low but quality of education will be very low with half baked graduates everywhere..I dont think uni education should be compulsory ...they should allow people work and maybe after 5 years attend uni

  8. VC Salami you are a woman, a mother for Christ sake, consider the fact that all fingers re not equal in whatever you do.
    Later we will start blasting Buhari, small power Madam VC don dey do like Idi amin

  9. Ha.. thought salami will be different o.. please o this is all shades of wrong o

  10. You see Nigerians.. tired of you people. You want everything to be free for you yet you won't mind running abroad to do gofund me to pay 8 million fees. Good education can never and will never be free. So if 20k is too much, withdraw and learn a skill. Stop making noise and disturbing the peace and tranquility of your state.

    1. Stop sounding dumb. Is govt uni not supposed to be free?? As at 2010 uniben school fee was 8k. Wen I graduated 2014, I paid 12k. Science dept 14k. Now is over 40k! With Decayed hostels.

      My sister paid the very first day portal opened for school fee. This was becos wen u pay u get hostel. But wat happened?? Upon paying first day, still no hostel. They hoarded it until u pay 30k to bribe people in charge before u cn get hostel dat is meant to be free and clear with 18k. A decayed hostel dat is not even clean.

      Most of u just open mouth waaaah on this blog nd yarn dust. Do u think everyone cn afford it even if it is 20k school fee. Go to most of the stores facing uniben! Students are the ones working der just to send themselves to school. I know alot dat hawk food items illegally around the hostel just to survive nd make sure they are educated. Cnt she give them time atleast till mid term before acting like a m*d dog.

      Most of u compare education abroad! Yes to school in UK is over 8m to 10m but u cn also work nd school to be able to help urself. Standard of living is good! U are being paid per hour. U all should stop comparing advance country to this shithole Nigeria. How many of these big politicians even this Mrs salami paid school fee during her time. If not free education?? By next 5 yes uniben fee will be 200k. While their parent minimum wages remain 30k. Wat a do*med country. Rubbish.

  11. Price of everything in this country have increase,nobody is happy with the situation of things in this country,we are just enduring


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