Stella Dimoko Unknown Gunmen Kill Policemen And Civilians In Anambra State


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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Unknown Gunmen Kill Policemen And Civilians In Anambra State

Policemen and civilians have been murdered in Anambra State, 48 hours after the assassination of Dr Chike Akunyili and others.

Eyewitnesses say the attack was carried out by the so-called “unknown gunmen”.

The assailants stormed Ajalli Police Station in multiple vehicles Thursday afternoon and opened fire.

Ajalli is the headquarters of Orumba North Local Government Area.

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  1. These people are no different from the fulani herdsmen they have been blaming all this while.

  2. Anambra should Institute vigilante group. This nonsense must stop.

  3. Nawaoooooo

    The malaria wey dem refuse to treat don dey turn to typhoid.

    It is well

  4. Hmmmm
    This is getting crazy 😧😧

  5. For una mind, this is unknown gunmen. If you are living in Anambra State, you will understand that it comes with election period.
    Stella try and post about the 38 souls that were killed in Kaduna state.

    After this election, bet me! If this repeats like this, l will apologize to everyone in this blog for one month.

    1. Will Ur apology resurrect the dead

    2. Is there an election in imo. Was there an election when they tried it in Rivers before Wike curbed them?

    3. By the way, what does Kaduna have to do with this? Is Kaduna now in Anambra state or what? That is how they keep deflecting rather than addressing the issue.

    4. 35 out of the 38 been buried at a mass burial. The remaining 3 were burnt beyond recognition.

    5. What are you even saying?
      So we are now competing on number of people killed between Anambra and Kaduna states?

      I say this everyday, every Igbo person who has supported or continued to support the IPOB should hide their heads in shame.

      Yes I'm Igbo.
      Yes I believe in Biafra struggle
      But I do not believe in the IPOB movement.

      We have gradually turned the south east to sambisa and north east.

      When they finish collecting guns from policemen, remember they will turn and use it on the people.

    6. 21.08 does she have any shame? Not to talk of hanging her head. Imagine her comment, just imagine it. Smh

    7. What is this one yapping about?

      Some people somewhere have sworn that November slated to hold in Anambra state is not going to hold.

      The same set of people have been encouraging for a very long time to kill, main, and collect guns and ammunition from the Armed Forces.

      The same set of people have been brainwashed to disobey any sort of authority, be it Local government, State and certainly not from a cloned Fulani man from Sudan AKA Jubiri, leading the Federal.

      The same set of people have been saying it in all there forums that they violence, you dare not come out in the streets when they proclaim 'sit at home' hence 'their' heads will be out off from their bodies.

      The same set of people have been saying it everywhere that they have cach of ammunitions stockpile somewhere, that soon that they will match violence with extreme violence.

      Not forgetting the politicians, and government officials who they hated with so much passion, they don't hide it.

      The sets of people who their supreme leader, now called onye ndu gaa been held in the Custody of the DSS, his group is IPOB, and his boys who are worshipping h are the ones killing and maiming their own brothers and sisters, and Believe me they DON'T GIVE A DAMN!

      Give guns and ammunition to miscreants, and misguided elements and you will see mayhem unfold. This is exactly what is playing out in Anambra state now.

      We know about the political drama going on, but you see this killing, amarachi with the c, na una Gang.

      So amarachi with the c, keep making excuses for your people.
      Come to think of it, which killing and maiming or violence have you guys owned up to be behind?????
      Keep supporting EVIL and always being the first to point accusing fingers to the Armed Forces, DSS, politicians, na una way.

      The beautiful thing in life is that Nature has a way of repaying, and when the time comes, believe me, na bountiful harvest una go reap.
      Use your teeth to count your tongue, or use your tongue to count your teeth.


    8. This Amarachi’s comment is not it. Haba! IPOB is a stupid movement. Any supporter of it is even more stupid. So we can no longer move around freely in our own state? BS

    9. Continue ! All ye supporters of evil will soon chop from the breakfast.

    10. In your mind, you have made sense.

  6. This is so unfortunate and pathetic. So cruel to take away a life you didn't create. Whoever is behind these all will surely meet their end. No one deserve to die this way. So terrible, the nation is bleeding heavily and it seems no hope at sight.

    1. No hope for Biafraud either

    2. Oga park well! Isn't this what you guys clamoured for? If truly ipob is not behind the killings , why hasn't ESN been able to fish out the unknown guy men? Abi it's only Fulani men they know how to chase. For those of you supporting them , your own breakfast will soon be served.

    3. Ahhhh! No be juju be that! This Tee whatever guy have been advocating for violence on this blog since, it is a lie, them don thief this guy phone

  7. This coming election go strong in Anambra state. Hmmmmmmm.

  8. If you live in Anambra you will understand what Amarachi is saying but I won't blame anybody pinning this on IPOB because their stupid statements is enough to implicate them!
    The situation is unfortunate, the spate of insecurity in Anambra and the nation is alarming and no remedy seems in sight!
    The worst is that Obiano lacks the ability to curtail what is happening.
    Judging from the torrents of court cases from all quarters after the primaries,some of these killings have traces of politics around it,mind you I am not exonerating anybody!
    Stella please,ask questions ,put calls through to some of your friends that are residents of Anambra, you will be alarmed!
    I pray that the people unleashing mayhem in Anambra taste the pudding they are cooking!

  9. I don’t get this senseless violence. Dr Akunyili fought in the Biafra war and had a bullet lodged in his body till he died. Those mouthing Biafra, have you sacrificed as this man did? Shedding of blood is an abomination to the Lord, remember. His driver, security detail, all were human beings like MNK. Killings will not solve Nigeria’s problems. Let the senseless killings stop. May God comfort all the families that have lost a loved innocent life in Jesus Name, Amen

  10. Whether politically motivated or IPOB,this has to stop.Trust clueless Obiano to sit and do nothing.Pray for Anambra


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