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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Wordless Post..

 Nigerian women also take it nah.......


  1. Please speak for yourself madam,was there a national conference to that effect that had a unanimous agreement?
    Inasmuch as drug abuse is rampant,we can also look for a way to control its abuse because it can also generate income to the state

  2. Rubbish!
    Is to legalize Weed in the country instead of considering ways to Better this useless country.

    they just want to rubbish this country and the next generation to come

    1. Nigeria is not useless please. Stop using your situations to judge the country

    2. My situation is not useless... so please learn to poke your nose else where... the above was figurative

    3. Alexander that was a knockout😂

  3. Why does Nigeria always imitate the bad things from the western world?
    How about imitating;
    free and compulsory elementary to secondary education with all books supplied by the government?
    social security for retired workers?
    Good infrastructure and 24/7 power supply?
    911 Kind of emergency line? etc.

    Even in the USA it is not all states that have legalized it.
    What a shame!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    1. There is no bill to legalise it here. Only a few people like the governor of Ondo that's campaigning for its legalisation.

      We do have free education for primary and secondary schools. Books were supplied in the past by the UPN government in the west and in the then Bendel state. They even gave us Mathematical sets, biros , pencils and eraser. The military coup of December 31 1983 drove those guys out of power. The federal government hasn't said a word about legalising it. Calm down

    2. @Alexander
      Why are you talking about the past, we are talking about the present; now!
      have you ever gone to visit an elementary or high school in the US, UAE or some other
      parts of the world? You would have seen and appreciated how your generation of kids are
      so shortchanged.

  4. When the devil is driving priorities

  5. Never found the need to smoke, cigarette/weed. An ex smoked weed, I din't have problems with it at first, but before we broke up, I was in the living room one evening and he went for a smoke outside, when he got back, I heard him fall over in the room, that's when I knew it was a problem. I became more observant, and noted he staggers and walk funny after smoking, that was a huge turn off

  6. Weed affects the development of the brain in young people. Weed predisposes its users to heart attacks, please google these facts. Thank you.

  7. Wetin consan us,we have bigger issues to deal with


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