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Monday, October 25, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....




Dear Stella

I need genuine advice not insults or judginas looking for who to troll, if you like troll me na you sabi.

I meet my partner last year June via a female cousin of his, I didn't want any relationship so we talked and got to know ourselves for 3 months, I got to know him and his family members although we hadn't meet physically, finally met him in November when he came to my base to bury his mother, though I had never meet his mom, I always encouraged him to visit and take care of her, at a point she was sick and I literally begged him to transfer his mom to his base for better medical supervision.

Unfortunately we lost mummy in October last year, so we had to prepare for the burial, whenever he comes for burial runs, I would tag along and keep him company as it was done in the village.

During the burial activities I had to skip work for a day to help, he is the first son but has an elder and younger sister who never showed up till few days to the burial, on preparation it was this guy all the way, spending consulting with different family members and even checking up on the mom in the mortuary.

The sisters were no where to be found till it was one week to the burial, their excuse was they didn't have money to run around.

After the burial he proposed and I accepted, he is and still is a good man, we were to have our wedding that December, but because of his mother's death and expenses incurred I encouraged him to bury his mother first and suspend the marital rites till November or December this year, he refused that it was too far, that June was more suitable before snatchers, snatched me from him.

 Stella and dear b.vees he was the best man a woman would dream of except for his work schedule and his mourning for his mother which made him moody and he would just want to drown himself with tears or alcohol, he was very good to me and we always laughed at each other when he starts his mummy why did you leave me moments.

I took in and he encouraged me not to abort, he would fuss around me and a times back me to the bathroom, to pee or have my bath, I was his and he was mine, all the cravings I had he tried to meet up, at a point when my health was taking a downturn because of pregnancy wahala, he was scared and told me he rather loose the baby than loose me totally, if the doctor advise I abort he will stand by me than watch me drain out of life daily, I persisted to keep the pregnancy, he came for introduction when I was 3 months gone, without his sisters, only his younger brother who was my best pal in the family among his siblings came for my introduction.

Unfortunately we lost his younger brother 10(ten) days after my introduction, he was 32 years, caring to a fault, loveable, the best brother in law any woman would wish for, my world was shattered, I was the last person to see him when he went out that day, only for me to be informed by my hubby to be that he is dead, I was the first to receive the dead body as it was deposited at home, Stella the pain was too much for me, the next day a prophetess came to the house and accused the younger sister of not alerting the family of her brother's death, that there was an arrow of death in his village that would strike him if he came for his elder brother's introduction, and I would soon miscarry my pregnancy:

when I asked my sister in law to be if such prophecy ever occurred, she replied it was true but she did not understand the prophecy, later on she said she forgot the prophecy, the prophetess, got angry and told her how can you forget the prophecy of your brother but you went around town telling people that your brother fiancee is pregnant.

I was shocked and kept quiet, I started having shock spasm and was rushed to the hospital by his cousin, the same cousin that introduced us in the beginning, the doctor diagnosed I was having early symptoms of threatened miscarriage and prescribed some drugs which I purchased, I spent the Saturday in his cousins house but I couldn't eat or drink, I was vomiting through out, I quickly rushed to my base on Sunday.

 On Monday evening I managed to eat a bit, on Tuesday I rushed to church for prayers, immediately I entered the church, the pastor called me aside and told me in confidence that my baby blood trail is following me, that I should rush out to buy bottled water and bring it to church for prayers, I rushed to buy bottled water, the Pastor prayed without touching the bottle, told me to drink the water to the last drop which I did and I felt relieved.

I got home slept like a baby and was totally healed, the pains and restlessness was gone I didn't even bother taking any anti miscarriage drugs and focused on my normal routine drugs.

Few days after my encounter in church I called hubby to be and asked about his welfare, I was shocked by his response that I was living a fake life, I didn't go to church I never prayed and that I was possessed with spirit husband.
I was shocked called him in the evening and he accused me of being the cause of his brother's death, I called him the following day and the same insults and accusations was levelled against me, I called the last born a guy, to find out who was in the house with him and he told me the same sister that went to see prophecy against me and the brother that died had been in the house since I left.

Since that day my man stopped being my man; I was accused of being the witch that wants to separate him from his darling younger sister, the enemy that wants to prevent his younger sister from staying with him, that his younger sister has been staying with him for the past 11 years and will continue to stay with him till she dies, that the daughter of the younger sister will live in his house till she grows old and dies and I should look for who impregnated me that he never impregnated me talkless of wanting to marry me.

The younger sister in question is not the friendly type although she is more than 5 years advanced than me in age, but has this dirty attitude of wanting to be the boss without working in the house, she would use the toilet without flushing even with water in the house, she will expect me to cook and clean while she piles up dirty dishes without helping me in cooking, at a point she leaves her dirty stained menstrual panties with pad in the living room till roaches start coming out to lick the blood.

I will complain to the brother and he will tell me to endure that shortly after the marital rites is done he will look for an alternative accommodation for his younger sister and brother, I wasn't happy about the accusations and ill treatment and told his inlaw who was the marriage spokesman for the introduction he said he was joking, but his actions and utterances read negatively, he went on to accuse me of taking his name and pics to places, which I never did, went ahead to accuse my mother of putting things in a cake I gave him last year December, I was shocked, I told his people and they all covered up that it was a joke:

The cousin that introduced us called me one day and said my child will never have a father, that my child will be born outside the father house, that I will suffer for exposing the death of my brother in law, that what have I gained by telling people the sister goes to receive prophecy on the brother's death, that I have shamed the family, I asked her what her gain was and she couldn't reply, I intensified in my prayers one day and she called me urgently I refused to pickup her calls, and called back 3 days later since then she has refused to pick my calls, or call back.

The man I fell in love with is now happily living with his younger sister who he was never close to, he treats her like a wife, gives her pocket money and follows her advise to the core, the sister in question is 37 years old, unmarried, no skill too lazy to get educated but super active in going to prayer houses and gossiping, she still boast to me that no woman can make her leave her brother house, that she and her daughter will stay in her brother house till death do them apart, my once loving and caring hubby to be is now a stranger to me, he idolizes his sister and worships her like a queen.

The elder sister and last born all kept a distance from me, since the brother died I have been abandoned and left to fend for myself, even when I complained to the marriage spokesman that I am hungry and don't have money to take care of myself he quickly shouted on me to go and work and take care of myself and my baby that what is wrong with my hands don't I have job that provides for me?

The good news, I cried my heart out one day and told God to help me, I swallowed my pride, quit my job because I was advanced in pregnancy went home to stay with my parents who supported me all through the pregnancy, I gave birth successfully, got a good job with a six figure salary, totally ignored by baby father and his people, became happy with my baby, more open doors and opportunity came I grabbed them.

Now after going through such pains the father of my child pop's up like yahoo messenger and starts crying blood that it was all the work of his sisters and female cousins to ruin him and make sure he never gets married or have a settled life, that the sister was caught trying to Put something in his food, I mean biological sister same father same mother, and all the orishirishi stories, me am sipping on gin and juice, watching the drama unfold, please this is not super story or your normal Nollywood script, advise me on how to forgive, because I have enrolled for Forgiveness class101 and none of the lessons on forgiveness is sinking in.

Hmmmm na wah!!!!

Please forgive everyone that needs forgiving and move on.... The family is toxic and diabolical so please for your own good stay away from them eeeeh..... firget but stay away!!!


  1. forgive them but be careful before they use you for Jazz. please pray about the family God will open your eyes

    1. If you go back, there is no guarantee you'll come back alive.

      You're not married to this man, stop calling him hubby, na "small thing" them do for your head, they never marry you. There is no traditional implications to that, it was just like having anyone visit your house saying they want to marry you.

      Your only attachment to this man is the child you guys have, plan on having a coparenting arrangements and let it end there.

      If you go back, it might cost you your life.

    2. Forgive but don't forget what happened so that it won't repeat itself but most importantly don't marry into that family for your own good

    3. Don't marry that man, don't let your child go see him under the fathers roof. It must be in your domain at your supervision before the witchcraft family will shoot an arrow at your child. Stay far from them.

  2. Hmm poster what a sad story!! It is well and I am sorry about what you went through...Please forgive them cause that is the most selfish thing you can do for your sanity and moving on!

    Oh please don't rush forgiving him; it is going to hurt a lot but I pray for strength upon your life...Hmm please move with your life and focus on your child and forget about him...

    I know some people will say his sister did juju on him; I just believe the sister is a compulsive manipulator...Just cut all of them off and move on...

    Continue praying and believing in God and also do some spiritual cleansing..A lot is going on in that family...I see a lot of ancestral/family affiliations but It is well..All the best...

    1. If you go ahead n marry him, you might lose that job. They are diabolic and the guy should repent. "A Prayer warrior he shld be. "

    2. 'Sipping on gin and juice'....LOL!

      Babe...forgive but never forget and moveeeee...let this be a lesson to you that not all that glitters is gold.

      I'm happy you're doing well...I pray the right man finds you.

      Cheers 🥃

  3. It is well with you. God Almighty has been kind to you. Find it in your heart to forgive him but don't have any business of marrying him or stay with the family.

    Too many unpleasant stories about them.

    RUN from them. I hate families who love doing jujus

  4. Forgive him even if you can't forget which is understandable

  5. keep sipping on your gin and juice ,nothing do you. You were a shadow of yourself when you were still with him but now you are shining bright and they are coming back to dim your light .u can forgive but still keep them at a distance.

  6. Are you sure his repentance is genuine? are you sure he is ready to be controlled his sisters? are you sure he has broken out of the family shackles? are you sure he is ready to be with you again and be responsible? Do you still love him? is he still interested in completing the marriage rites?

  7. Yes forgive but don't forget.

    They have seen that u are doing well without them and want to come in to eat what they didn't sow.

    Pls run from them like ur life depends on it. I'm not one to ask a mother to keep the child away from the father but he has acted like someone that doesn't deserve to be a father since he abandoned u with ur pregnancy. Asides that, the family seems to be diabolical and I'm not so sure how safe ur child will be in such environment even if u allow them hang.

    But as per relationship with that man, totally, totally cancel it oh. Don't let him sweet talk u back into a life of prophets and prophetesses.

  8. So emotional. Just forgive so you can have a free spirit and look after your baby.

  9. Before I read to d end, I was already screaming abort mission!! abort mission!!

    Glad u didnt even bother fighting them over their brother. Even if you won't marry him, let him atleast have a relationship with his child. Abi his eyes don clear.

  10. forgive him ,don't marry him. keep praying

  11. You can allow him have a relationship with the child, but I would not pursue anything romantic with him.

    A lot happened within the short space of time you two were together, far too much really. Please let him stay in his corner and you in yours. It's easy how his spell suddenly broke that you are prospering and not sitting on a street corner begging. Prosperity is really something else. Face God your rescuer and sustainer when you were in the dark pits of life and the so called love of your like tossed you aside like yesterday's garbage. Face God

  12. Follow Stella's advice. You should be happy you dodged a bullet. As I was reading even before getting to the spirit husband part, I just knew you'd be accused of something like that.

    Forgive him, allow him access to his child through your parents if you can, but stay very far away from him.

  13. Stay away from this family. The story is long. That you have a child for him does not mean you have to marry him. You have not seen suffering. Going back to him you will see shege.

  14. Forgive, but it may take time, but never go back to him, find a way for him to be in touch with his child though, BUT DO NOT GO BACK TO HIM.

  15. Forgive them but don't go back to him.. Don't marry him. Let him search for another woman that will fight his family.

    Thank God for your miracle. You didn't end up th way se planned it.

  16. Run🏃🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏃🏼‍♀️
    Don't look back, forgive but don't go back to him

  17. You have to allow forgiveness sink into your head cos even God will not be happy with you if yiu do not forgive that family.

    Forgive your baby father,for give his sister and all his relatives but do not marry that guy cos his sister will never allow you to breath.

    Please tell them to come collect their bride price if he paid anyone, do not listen to all his cry cry cos tomorrow he will do more.

  18. "I didn't want any relationship but I spoke with him for 3 months..." Really?
    You wanted a prayer partner for 3 months, right?
    Please cut out this pretense. You can tell your story without any pretense.

  19. Oh much to unpack here.

    Your baby daddy is not as innocent as he’s portraying himself but sure, his family is evil. If you ain’t ready to forgive then don’t.. Forgiveness comes deep within and at your own pace.

    You still have feeling for him, that’s why the forgiveness is difficult for you. Protect your heart and your child and ask God for discernment.

  20. Poster, ask God to help you forgive all that you need to forgive. But do not go back to the relationship. It's too toxic... too complicated. I wish well

  21. Poster heed Stella's advice. Forgive but don't go back to him ooh if you love yourself.

  22. My question is, if poster did not make it, would the run away husband to be have come back?

    Try to forgive if you may and run very far from that family. If you go close to that family, the diabolical sister might earmark you for elimination.

    Best wishes.

  23. Let me start with the fact that I rolled my eyes when you got pregnant. Leave that family alone cos that kind of family, drama never ends. I have dated someone like this your man, any family you see that jumps from prophet to prophet better run cos their wayala no be here. The prophecy must one day land on u as the witch tormenting them.

  24. Don’t be in a rush to forgive them, do so whenever you feel you are ready. Do not let any of them come close to you or your baby.
    This your story is painful. My neigbour is going through similar thing minus the death of a sibling and pregnancy.
    Her fiancé’s brother doesn’t want his brother to marry my neighbor or any other woman. They want to keep milking him. Imagine being abroad for over 10 years and you have nothing to show for yourself. Guy is over 45.
    If you are evil, your reward will be served to you.

  25. Wonderful!
    These "pastors and prophetesses" are telling you about your baby's blood, deaths and miscarriage, but they are not telling you
    about those who fornicate (sleeping with a man that has not paid your bride price) will go to the Lake of Fire? Rev. 21:8
    Nne, those "pastors" giving you water to drink, should give you the Word of God, the Truth for that will save your from eternal fire
    and secure you a place in heaven.

    1. I don't like your judgmental approach in most posts but do agree with you on this particular point. A true pastor will first of all point you towards repentance. Building a relationship on a wrong foundation gives the enemy access into our lives.

    2. Create a judgement throne for yourself, you deserve it, you have worked hard enough for it.
      Please sit on it, dispense judgement, without mercy. The only thing you see in that story is fornication.

    3. No human sympathy, judgement, judgement all through.
      She committed "fornication", therefore she must die.
      Check through your Bible his/her lordship, have you seen a phrase like 'bride price'? Or anything that connotes it?
      Dear saint Assistant Christ.

    4. I was patiently waiting for your comment, b4 you start shaking your waist and dancing, I will never regret having my baby either in or out of wedlock,my baby's name is God's perfect gift and that is what she has been to me and my family, I prayed and fasted for open doors, prior to that I had hormonal imbalance and was constantly raped in the dream by strange shadows, which made me have very painful bleeding periods,b4 I got pregnant I killed those creatures in my dream and I took in without even being aware as I was on heavy anti malaria drugs and antibiotics for close to 3 weeks. My baby is indeed my answers to my open door prayers, all the prayer points that took years to come to reality all came in speedily with this pregnancy,my brothers lost fortunes were all restored a seven fold because of this pregnancy,my brother who was gone for over 21 years, finally located me during my pregnancy,my helpers that had forgotten me remembered my numbers overnight, this is my answer to my open door prayers I cried to God every night before I became pregnant, so whether it was gotten in or out of wedlock, na God use this baby clear all the road blocks of my destiny.This is my parents first grandchild and they are super proud of her.

    5. @16:28
      So what is marriage to you; when will you know that you are married?
      Tell me where "white wedding" was done in the church or synagogue in both New and Old TEstaments?
      Where did Jesus give the church the mandate to wed or did you see it in the model church in Acts of the Apostles?

    6. @20:26
      You seem to get the point,the answer is NONE.
      you don't use Bible to pass judgement on things that are basically human tradition and culture.
      Help her if you can but if you can't then leave her alone, she's already been through alot.
      If she sinned, she did not sin against you, allow God (her father) judge her case.

  26. POSTER listen to me...... I don't comment on Chronicles but I'll do it for you today. STAY AWAY FROM THAT FAMILY, yes I'm shouting. They are too toxic, all of them. Starting from your ex to his siblings and even to their extended family.
    They will do you more harm than the one they've already done. How can you allow a fellow human to go through such pains??? Someone who's innocent??. Just woow. Please forgive and move on, I repeat forgive okay? After forgiving, move on!! He's not worth having you as a partner, he's too gullible and selfish. He isn't mature yet to handle issues.
    Nne biko gbayalu ma dobe fa ebe di oti, inugo?? They want to come and kill your vibes...

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Poster I couldn't finish reading this,as I don't need to read all before I tell you to leave this family alone, except you're ready to fight both physical and spiritual battle for the rest of your days. Please leave them with their wahala, no wife will stay unless she turn herself to their toy, they see you as a threat and they will do anything to bring u down,that us if they don't end up taking your life, God forbid. Please poster

  29. Forgive whenever you're ready but don't be married into such family except you're strong to face them all round

  30. Forgive them. But please keep him and his family at arms length. The God of the innocent has vindicated you. Be very prayerful.

  31. I was cold reading through your narrative,and like a movie it dawned Abit soon.
    First, thank God for delivering you from a diabolical home, the story could have been worse had they delayed in displaying their true colors. Thank God you have a parent, a child and a job. There is nothing more wonderful than that.
    Second, forgive! God used them to prevent you from entering a 'deep pit'. not have anything to do with any of them, starting from the man, detach your baby from them...they claimed your baby don't have a father in them, be it...if it's necessary create a world elsewhere for your baby, you can get your family adopt the baby officially. It stands.
    Most importantly,let each and every member of that diabolical family know that there is nothing linking both of you. Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect from them completely,don't snoop, don't wish to know how they are faring... whether good or bad. Forget them...your future is ahead of you not behind you.

  32. You took the very first wrong step getting pregnant without being sure he was God ordained hubby for you. That family doesn't mean well for you,any family that relies heavily on prophets/prophecies,mission houses...they are a ticking time bomb. Everyone is an enemy. So for the sakes of your life and that of your child,stay away from your ex and his family. You were lucky this time,u might not be the next time around. You can forgive them for the sakes of God but any other dealings with them,be guided by God.

    1. Even for a God ordained hubby, it's not the best step to take. The commandments God gives us are for our own interests.

  33. Any family that visits spiritualist to make enquiry is a no no. Please forgive them and move on. Thank God you have a job. Train your child and move forward.

  34. Please take care of your child and yourself but don't go back to that man.the family will fight u since they already perceive u as an enemy, but when u pray remember him in your prayers, he is still the father of your child at least u saw the good in him when u started.Just always ask God to protect him from evil,family battles ain't childs play. Stay far from them.

  35. Pls poster forgive them and move on with your life, except you want to come back with the part two of this complicated family drama.

  36. If you dare go back...hmmmmm

  37. Sis I know how you feel and what you are going through. My child is 7 and I am in the same position as you. Forgiveness is hard but I can never ever go back to that man not after the pain he caused me. Sis I suffered but now God has blessed me

  38. God's masterpiece25 October 2021 at 18:11

    God just saved your from diabolical family,don't drag your self back.
    At times when God is at work in our life ehen we think the whole world is against us.


  39. The first thing that came to mind while reading this was yesterday's remarks in that chronicle of a married man, that "there's no bad in-laws"

    Well poster, don't bring I'll luck to yourself by not forgiving this man and by agreeing to continue the already aborted "marred-riage".
    So gladly forgice him, after all he is the father of your child and please STAY away from that family. Including the cousin that connected the two of you.
    You see, I don't doubt that he might have been spiritually blinded but what I doubt is that his turnaround is genuine. Did you not say doors have been opening up for you? That might just be the motivation or incentive. What do I even know? NOTHING!

  40. I believe he was not jazzed but chose to believe his sister all along.
    Note that this is not a case of him "repenting", worst if the people going spiritual did not repent, hence they'd not relent in their evil ways.
    Hence, should you go back, you'd not only put yourself in danger spiritually, but also your child. Please save your child from the hurdle of wasting years fighting demonic battles.

  41. Your future in God is better than your past.Forgive yourself,your ex and his family and RUN.

  42. Forgiveness. A word with such easy pronunciation but difficult to navigate. I'd implore you to find it in your heart, if you have to dig deeper dig breeds t please forgive this man for your own good. The thing with an unforgiven spirit is it heaviness on you. And since your baby arrived with Akanchawa, look for any foolish excuse to forgive this man. Something is tying you two together - your child. But severe ties with any form of friendship with every member of this family, for your own good. Something about them doesn't add up.
    Please forgive, it's difficult and not for the faint hearted but it's your best choice considering where you are in life now.

  43. Forgive but don't marry into that family. There are battles that are unnecessary abeg

  44. This Matter heavy ooo,I don't even know where to start giving an advice from on whether or not to get back with him. But as for the forgiveness issue,it it something you have to do... not necessarily for him, but for yourself 👈

  45. Stella has said it all. Real toxic and diabolical. God has shown u so just forgive and leave them alone. Let him marry someone else I beg.

  46. Just forgive and move on with your life but let there be good communication between him and your son(his son too).

  47. Just forgive and move on with your life but let there be good communication between him and your son(his son too)..


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