Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Anambra State Election : To Hold Or Not?


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Friday, October 15, 2021

Couch Convo - Anambra State Election : To Hold Or Not?

 Do you think the Anambra election will hold on November 6,2021 or not?.. With what IPOB is doing in the East, I dont know who will want to come out on that day...... Or what do you think?

Who lives in Anambra state here that will come out to vote?


  1. It’s sad that an election that will hold in Anambra, the candidates are campaigning in Lagos. Should such election hold?

    1. Oh my God..this country is finished 不不不不不

    2. Who are the candidates campaigning in Lagos?

  2. Lol@ Who lives in Anambra state here that will come out to vote?

    I don't think it will hold.
    Nobody want to die.
    Talking about the election in Anambra state is a taboo.

  3. Its is well with them cuz as for me, I don't think it will hold cuz those guys can do and undo..

    Make them no go kill person pikin like fowl

  4. The current administration has failed woefully in its main responsibilities to the nation...The injustice, partiality and bad policies heightened insecurity and emboldened perpetrators!
    If the government were to be serious and genuine about tackling insecurity in the north,I tell you, nobody will dare try nonsense in the East but their dilly dallying with bandits and terrorist in the north makes the criminals in the East to see the govt as a lover of everything negative!
    Then for the election in the East, the people out of fear has taken a decision not to come out on that day of see what happens on Mondays in the south east is what you will see on that day.Looking at the no of policemen the government has filed out for the election,one will naturally rescind from election but not because of what IPOB are saying.
    Our security personnels are Brutish and lacks the needed skills to work at such time

  5. Vote or not they already know the winner. Because if people don't come out to vote then who did and how was the masses results being accounted for? God help us in this Nigeria election

  6. November 10th they will announce Soludo as Anambra State Governor, Biafra Ipob or not.
    Na Nigeria we dey. Na film we dey watch, when the movie end we go off TV. If you know, you know.

  7. I live in Anambra,after hearing the no of policemen deployed for this election,I don't see myself or anybody related to me engaging in the election!

  8. Those IPOB are just so myopic and lack sense. This is just a now way ticket for APC to clinch the seat. Me I won't come outside that day.

  9. But of course, election must hold.
    Andy Uba has already clich矇d it.


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