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Saturday, October 09, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - For All Have Sinned

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

20 September 2021:

I woke up very early, got dressed and set out to argue my application in court.

I made it to court in good time, waited for the janitors/registrars to open the court and that eventually happened at about 8.50am.
The registrars broke the "bad" news at about 9.15am, "...the court will not be sitting, how come you did not get our text messages?"

Initially, I was angry, but an inner voice whispered in my left ear, (the more efficient one) why not cast your mind back to 1996 and give thanks to God, for saving your life.


It was my final year and unlike most of my contemporaries at the time, I was not excited about being on the last lap. Why? I had wanted to study Law, but UI, Unilag and OSUA (now EKSU) rejected me. However, Uniben, my 3rd Choice, out of its magnanimity offered me Linguistics on a silver platter and I jumped at it.

I attempted to transfer to Law in 200 Level but my then Head of Department refused to release me. In the column for "Reason For Refusal", he simply wrote "No Cogent Reason" and I wept uncontrollably for days. How could he have been that callous? I cleared my results and my GPA was above 4.0, but man proposes, God disposes.

By the time I got to 400 Level, even though I was still attending classes, but the last shred/iota of interest that was left in me had vanished completely, but that is not the meat of this write-up.

It was 1st Semester and everybody was approaching his/her Project Supervisor. I elected to share bottles with mine without informing him that I had been assigned to him. I had a friend -S who was managing the Staff Club at the time. S granted me and my bossom friend and brother -HS unhindered access to the Staff Club and we had access to our lecturer -Dr O, a proper "shakisman" like my good self at the time. 

Dr O did not even know that I was one of his students even though I was in my final year, but he knew that I could "down several bottles" at the staff club on a good day.

First Semester passed, I never approached Dr O.

Then came Second Semester. I had good and selfless friends. DO for instance financed the publishing of my project 3 (three) times. I "blew" the money 3 (three) times and he still paid the 4th time. May the good Lord bless his good soul.

Long and short, most of my friends were in 100 Level at the time and I was cool with that. Then came the suggestion from one of those "good boys", "...guys, the semester is still young, why can't we take a trip to Lagos and spend some time?"

 Before one could say Jack Robinson, about 4 of us had indicated interest and that was how we "hit the road". We got to Lagos at about 12.00midnight and found our way to Festac, from Mile 2 into the waiting hands of 2 brothers and 1 cousin and a sister that I didn't get to see in my first 2 weeks. Our hosts welcomed us and the fun started from that moment. L Close, Road "ABC" was our base.

We had enough of all that we ever needed (and wanted) in that house and we faffed around for 3 (three) weeks until that fateful evening when our hosts' sister got wind of my status. She found out that I was in my final year and I had spent 3 (three) weeks in Lagos faffing around. That angel in human skin called me into her room, asked me to sit down on the bed next to her. Initially, weird ideas started running through my mind and I remembered the story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife and I was ready to (flee) bolt out of "my master's room". 

She was able to change the wrong impression I had earlier formed under 2 (two) minutes.

She went down on her knees and gave me a brief history of her life. She was 29 at the time and she had just gained admission into LASU. She told me how she had wasted her early years doing the wrong things at the right time. She asked me how old I was and I told her. She implored me to go back to school and graduate. Unconsciously, I had chosen to deliberately earn an extra year with a view to "having more fun". 

She undertook to chase me out of her house first thing in the morning the following day. The following morning came and she made good her promise by financing my trip back to Benin. She took me to the motor park. That was the last time I ever set my eyes on this angel.

By the time I got back to Benin, it was like a month to my final exams. I had no project topic and Dr O had declared me AWOL. I plucked up courage to approach Dr O. Surprisingly, he was so pleased to see me, his good boy but the excitement was short-lived after I introduced myself to him as "OF", the one who had been declared wanted by him!

 His countenance changed. After a while, he was able to mutter something under his breath as he dropped his jaws on the mahogany table in his office, "...O'l boy, you fall my hand." I felt ashamed of myself but he encouraged me to come up with at least 3 (three) topics. I hit the library and returned with 3 (three) topics.

 My Dr O approved of one and asked me to come up with my abstract and chapter one. I returned to his office the following day, he made some corrections and gave me the go ahead to write chapters 1 and 2. In 2 (two) days, I was back again.

Dr O is another angel. He simply broke my Chapter 1 into 1 and 2 and broke Chapter 2 into 3 and 4. Dr O gave me the mandate to start typing and to go ahead with my conclusion without even showing him. That was how I concluded my Project under one week.

To God be the glory, I did well in Project. I wrote on the "Language of Politics: A Sociolinguistic Approach".

I eventually settled down to prepare for my final examination. I read and eschewed every appearance of evil for the rest of my days in that citadel of learning.

Take Away:

-︎ When I cast my mind back to the past, my past, I do not readily or naturally judge anyone.

-︎ We all need that "angel" who would set our feet on the right track at every stage in life.

-︎ Never give up on yourself.

-︎ Do not hesitate to make the business of your mentees your business. You might be saving a generation.

-︎ Let he who is without a sin be the first to cast a stone.

- Always aspire to be the best that you can be.

Stay safe,
Its Kunle.

'Ahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah now I understand some things!


  1. nice encouraging words for me.thanks

  2. This is so encouraging. Not giving up cos God hasn't given up on me

  3. Thank you Egbon...


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Interesting piece Mr Kunle... Thank you sir

  6. This was timely. Thank you for this egbon. I've also had the grace of persistent angels who just show up and push me to I take the next step when needed most. May good bless them all and grant more grace to those presently behind the car, helping me to push forward. A tree cannot a forest make.

  7. A thousand likes.

    I was deeply touched in more ways than one.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece. I will bookmark this particular writeup..


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