Stella Dimoko Judge Blocks Controversial Texas Abortion Law


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Thursday, October 07, 2021

Judge Blocks Controversial Texas Abortion Law

 The women in Texas say they have a right to decide if they want to keep the baby or not but the law wants to implement otherwise.....


  1. Please go to Youtube and type; "woman goes to hell during abortion procedure"
    That was what the chronicle writer referred to a few days ago.
    I think it will help us to appraise this news.

  2. what of the rights of the unborn child?
    Who protects the baby?

    1. Why don’t you feed the ones that are on earth with no one to cater for them first? Why will you force a woman to give birth to a child she does not want. When they ask for diaper money now, you will be ridiculing her ancestors.

    2. 19.27 why don't you keep your legs closed and not put an innocent destiny through pain and destruction?

    3. @19:27
      God hates hands that shed innocent blood Prov. 6:16-17. If you do not want a child do not have sex.

    4. You can't help God. He is not handicapped. If He saw abortion through your eyes, He wouldn't let doctors know how to do it.
      You can start by adopting some motherless children first and shove your preaching up it a$$.

    5. You had better not blaspheme with God's Name to justify your evil.

  3. Really, Sapphire, 'If He saw abortion through your eyes, He wouldn't let doctors know how to do it.' So all the evil(rape, murder, slavery, idolatry)that people commit are good because God 'let them know how to do it.'
    Be careful lest you annoy God.


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