Stella Dimoko Man Sentenced To Life In Jail After He Used A Cobra And Viper To Kill Rich Wife To Inherit Her Properties


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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Man Sentenced To Life In Jail After He Used A Cobra And Viper To Kill Rich Wife To Inherit Her Properties

Oh dear!!!!


An Indian man who used a cobra and a viper to murder his wife has been sentenced to life in jail in what prosecutors called the "rarest of rare" cases.

Sooraj Kumar set loose a highly venomous Russell's viper snake on his wife Uthra that left her in hospital for almost two months, prosecutors said. While she recovered at her parents' house, the 28-year-old husband obtained a cobra from a snake handler and threw it at his sleeping wife.

Its poisonous bite killed the 25-year-old woman. Police take Sooraj Kumar (2nd form left) into custody after been sentenced to life in jail for murdering his wife with a viper snake, at Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala on October 13,  

Sooraj pleaded not guilty but police said his phone records showed he was in touch with snake handlers and had watched snake videos on the internet before the killing in March last year in Kollam in the southern state of Kerala. He was sentenced and taken into custody on Wednesday.

Sooraj stayed in the room with Uthra after the cobra bit her and went about his morning routine the next day when alerted by the woman's mother, said prosecutors.

"The mode of execution and the diabolic plan of the accused to murder Uthra, his wife who was bedridden, makes it (the case) fall into the category of rarest of rare," said the public prosecutor, who had sought the death penalty.

Snake handler Vava Suresh said it was possible that Sooraj had "inflicted pain on the reptile to provoke it to bite", the Hindustan Times newspaper quoted him as saying.

Uthra was from an affluent family but her husband, a bank worker, was not well off.

The dead woman's parents became suspicious after Sooraj tried to take control of her property after the death.

Their marriage involved a big dowry including a new car and 500,000 rupees (around $20,000).

According to media reports, Sooraj's family was charged with conspiracy after some of Uthra's gold was found buried near Sooraj's home days after the murder.



  1. Replies
    1. Honestly, no be small oochimohh!!!
      The heart of man is DESPERATELY WICKED, WHO CAN THINK OF IT???
      This is a very good example of it.

    2. Bollywood and Zeeworld Swith annoying love themes....every scene na wedding dem dey do yet love no dey . Arranger and wealth conscious pipu with alternate life in movie.

    3. @anon 15:24, that land is one of total contradiction. On one hand they have such deep spirituality and on the other they have a disgusting caste system, and their fixation on wealth and status is unmeasured and the fixation shows up in the most toxic way, especially how they think of and treat people. Yet, everywhere there are temples upon temples.

    4. Before I even read the story, I knew it was either India or Kenya. Strange strange strange place.

    5. Women stop marrying down in wealth, mentality, reasoning

  2. Na why I dey single be dis! I can't remember when last I interacted with a guy who didn't ask, "what do you do for work" in the first 2 minutes. Abroad, it's the men that are gold diggers, not the women, for the most part.

    1. Have you seen social media lately? Everything is about wealth, getting rich and getting money. There will be generations of people whose only focus in life will be money and the things of money. And it is all for selfish means and earthly glory, not to make a difference or to help others who are down to rise up.

      You are being asked that question to determine your value, worth and whether you should be invested in.

    2. Invested in?

      Or leached off of

      Never let desperation take hold of you before you start to consider managing the devil as a companion

  3. A 44years old man that is always trashing ladies anyhow.

  4. Evil man chai l, na why i no fit marry below my level at all.

  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this man nawa oo

  6. Dis one simple na. Set the snake to bite and kill him. Twice, that is. No need to drag the matter tey.

  7. Man see money and came for it. This reminds me of the one who set up for his wife to be murdered in South Africa on their honeymoon. Same way he wanted her money.

    1. The woman isn't seen as a person but as an obstruction in the way to getting the wealth

      Women beware charismatic, emotionally dead, viper, slick men who make you a project & assignment

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  9. In India the dowry goes to the man. So even with the new car and 500, 000 rupees it wasnt enough. It wasnt enough? E still kill am? Ekwensu.

  10. In India the dowry goes to the man. So even with the new car and 500, 000 rupees it wasnt enough. It wasnt enough? E still kill am? Ekwensu.

  11. Let the snake be released on him too...mehn the man is wickedly wicked.

  12. This is actually the rarest of rares...what a world


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