Stella Dimoko Singer Akuapem Poloo Kneels Down To Thank American Rapper Cardi B For Supporting Her New Album


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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Singer Akuapem Poloo Kneels Down To Thank American Rapper Cardi B For Supporting Her New Album

 Ghanaian Singer Akuapem Poloo (Real name Roseline Alade Brown) went down on her knees to thank American Rapper Cardi B after Cardi posted her on her Instagram story to show show support for the new album she released....

Akuapem says people are planning evil for her but Cardi saw her worthy to celebrate her .....

she said

**Who am i? I was asleep and someone called and screamed wake up wake up, Cardi B your twin sister has posted you on her story.. I said me? I didnt think of it oh, kaiiii.....

Who am I? Me that people are planning evil for me? Cardi? Cardo God bless you on anything you do.

Cardi B , God bless anything you do, I am on my knees, I am really grateful...''


  1. Replies
    1. WE BUY DEAD SOLAR BATTERY:0814139511310 October 2021 at 14:29

      I just like that lady

  2. I feel embarrassed sometimes at the way we take foreigners compared to how they view us ..all the best to her

    1. Haha I found it annoying at first but if you really think of it. Cardi is an internationally acclaimed celeb. A single IG post or story for people like Cardi and Kim costs at least 100k dollars. That's what using their page for PR is worth. That's what Cardi is giving this lady for free. Most US celebs would never do such. I only wish the lady had something she was selling like a book or business.. so this PR would be useful. I no send Cardi sef but that's kind of her. She knows people laugh at this lady and still sticks by her.

    2. So I like that the lady is not taking it for granted. She is showing the gratitude that is worth that level of PR. That's humility. She is viewing Cardi same way Cardi views her. She is repaying kindness. Let's not call it embarrassing pls.

  3. Very annoying irritant.

    1. Annoying irritant for showing her appreciation? Kaba kai you are a bitter soul cause I'm quite sure she hasn't done anything to irritate your existence. Y'all be so bitter, I pity the humans staying with most of you here.

    2. Na wah for some of Una, bad belle kee you there.

  4. Inferiority complex.. They see these celebs as gods so disheartening.

    1. How is this inferiority complex? It's you that has low self-esteem.
      Some of your are evil, what's wrong in her thanking Cardi B?


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