Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists - The Negative Effects Of A Love Covenant..


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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday In House Gists - The Negative Effects Of A Love Covenant..

 A love covenant happens when two people SWEAR to love each other forever and place curses on anyone who walks out of the relationship or marriage...

Short to say is that a love covenant binds two people together forever whether they like it or not... Some love covenants have ended fatally (like the one i just heard that the guy went crazy and died and the lady is currently a psychiatric case and is being carried from church to church looking for a solution).

I dont know the crazy reason or feeling why anyone would agree to a love covenant but it happens.

Did you do a love covenant with anyone and it backfired? or it was broken? or you know of any love covenant story and how it ended? 

Lets gist!


  1. That's actually a LUST covenant;
    People go into that to secure their lust interest, so they think. Satan, the deceiver tricks them into it.
    Love is a pure character built on trust and does not need "securing," what love needs is nurturing.🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. I did it with two different guys, secondary school days. Such a childish act. we all moved on n married other people, they have even relocated, i recently saw one invite for his daughter's wedding in NZ. I simply thinks it's a mindset thing, just like the myth about a woman dying if she steps outside her home, but we all know how some women from different tribes have stepped out. Kpokpo saga.

    1. Ever wondered if the stepping out has something to do with the miscarriage? Or could it br plain coincidence?

  3. Love Convenant: this is a term used by so called ALAKOWE but let's put it rightly in order to make it sensible the more. Let's call it *Majemu**IBuRA*.

    This is a bad thing to do and this comes in different ways in which parties involved might think they are both just been childish then but never knew it's binding on both parties. The following are ways at which love Convenant is done

    *A glass of water
    *A razor blade(by piercing the body for blood)
    *Use of cola(Obi alawe meta)
    *Use of bible(most especially some verses in Deuteronomy)
    *Use of iron(God of iron)
    *Use of radiator water
    *Placing of hands together facing each other
    *Use of Palam oil and knife

    To mention but are ur partner picks up a cup of water and tend to swear in it all cuz of love them you are finished if you mistakenly do otherwise.

    The use of some verses in Deuteronomy can take much years before it bounce back to you but once it's time to receive it, no one can help you out, even God will leave you to suffer for ur stupidity.

    If I start to dey explain the negative effect of all the above mentioned ways of Convenant..I swear, As a man, if your dick is up and you tend to fuck any lady then she gives u a bible or anything to swear that u won't leave her, I promise u, that ur dick go run go inside back

  4. A lady corp member serving in the north tasted and sampled until she got hooked on an alhaji all because of the huge amount of money the young alhaji was doling out (imagine giving a corps member 500k monthly as far back as early 90s). She was planning to marry him after the service year.
    With time, the lady had noted that this man always wore a glove in one hand (the left hand). On inquiry, the alhaji told her that his doctor in London told him to wear it so that he does not get a chronic wound infected. In the last month of their service, she visited the man's house for the first time (they've been meeting in a particular hotel all the time). Permit me to quote her verbatim from hence; ". . .He asked if I wanted to see his wound and I said yes. He slowly pulled the glove . . . and I let out a scream . . . I wondered how on earth such aggregation of maggots were in a man's hand and never crawled out. he asked if I loved him and I said yes . . . He told me that I should lick his wound to prove my love . . . and when I declined (I had already licked the blood from the other hand when we agreed we will get married), he sprayed a bottle of "perfume" on me and that's all I could remember . . ."
    Well she was met while having maggots coming out of her vagina once every month during her periods for 6 long hurtful years. She was so afraid of death that she couldn't believe she will no longer die even after prayers and fasting and she was healed (maggots stopped coming out). She understood from her then Alhaji boyfriend that her death after 7 years was to shore up his wealth for another girl to enjoy since another girl paid with her life for the one she enjoyed during her service year .

    Some years later, she learnt that the Alhaji died after 7 years.

    1. Copied. Heard this tale while I was in varsity.

    2. @Blackey
      So why don't you think that this lady that posted this is the originator of the tale?
      See how you jumped into conclusion?

    3. I stopped reading after the first few lines, as I know the story is hear say. Lamba

    4. @17:10
      There is no "hearsay" about this story. If you served in the North,, you will understand this story. The problem some of you have is that once you see where God overcame evil, you will begin to fret about your lifestyle. The solace usually is to dismiss such as "hearsay, non-existence." You know, the moment you accept that it happened, your conscience will awake to ask you questions about your way of life. This is basic psychology.

  5. The title of this post implies that there's a positive impact whereas, love covenants has none. Love fades only to be renewed by companionship and friendship.

    1. Love doesn’t fade my dear. Love is a strong and long lasting affection between people. It doesn’t fade, except both partners allows it to fizzle out due to constant wranglings and unforgiving attitudes

  6. Chimo.. I'm here to learn o
    Don't have or know anyone it happened

  7. This topic reminds me of when my older brother beat the heck out of the boyfriend of my teen years. πŸ˜‚

    We were standing as usual in our lil corner when my brother snuck up on us and descended on him, the boy got his hand scraped trying to fend him off and the idiot rushed to where I was standing, rubbed his bloodied hand all over my head like them Indian movies and told my brother that him and I are now joined together by blood. LMAO!

    Bruh! I shrieked and joined my brother in beating his ass. That was the end of our lil relationship.

    1. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  8. I remember I used to see an old woman who was bent in my mom's village in the east,she also had mental health issues, when I asked why she was like dat was told she did blood covenant with a man when she was younger, unfortunately they couldn't get married and went ahead to marry different people, the man became mad till he died, she became bent at the waist and ran mad for years till she died too

  9. Blood covenant is very deadly and no one should try it.

  10. So far blood or any object that have spiritual interpretation or significance is not involved, then it's not binding. Also swearing with any object or serious oath taking.

    Oath taking is deadly and not to be played with.

  11. Industrial strength bondage
    Only GOD delivers

  12. Don't let any deceive you into doing it, it's badt.
    One of my aunties did it, they can fight for Taliban n the guy can cheat for Africa. He even travelled out, came back, aunty refused to let go even as she's getting old. Don't know how they ended up will ask my big cousin.


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