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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Movie Spoiler Alerts....

Please come inside this post if you love movie spoiler alerts like I do...LOL

I saw the new James bond film at the movies and at the end it made me really sad..
I don't like the way Daniel Craig stepped aside, he didn't even have time to die at the end...

He could have saved himself before it was too late but he could not because he was given a poison that would kill his girlfriend and his daughter if he ever goes near them....... He chose to die but he didn't have enough time to prepare since he knew he was in a factory that was to be blown up .

There was a black lady who played the new 007 in the movie and she was so good but i dont knw if she is the new 007...

''No time to die'' has lots of dialogue and you have to listen not miss it.... It is very interesting with lots of shootings and running.... My eyes turned me at first but i got used to the News and the hot popcorn did me a lot of good.

At the end of the movie it is written that 007 is coming back but it is obvious it will not be Daniel Craig cos that was his last role as bond as his co actors mourned him already with glasses of whiskey.. lol

What movie have you seen recently? share your spoiler alerts and spoil it well....


  1. Replies
    1. I'll watch it tonight. I love all of Gabriel Afolayan's movies

    2. Bimbo Ademoye also is a bae.

  2. Blog visitors please recommend good Thriller/horror movies for me. I have watched IT up to 5 times now because I can’t find interesting new ones. Pls I don’t want asian horror movies abeg, American or European horror movies .

    1. Binge watch "Fear street" and it's made up of 3 parts

    2. Try these series
      The haunting of hill house
      The haunting of bly manor

    3. Thanks a lot @ Genius

    4. Thanks anon 15.21

    5. Malevolent.
      I still see you.
      The turning.
      Get out.
      Doctor sleep.

      All Hollywood horror movies. Enjoy!

  3. Maybe I'm d only person that didnt watch GOT till it ended. Now they its squid whatever, I have not watched it too, sounds boring already.

  4. Free guy is fun and hilarious
    I don't know if I want to watch the bond movie
    The squid game everyone is raving about, not my thing, I appreciate the effort and all, but the killings at the beginning put me off, I only watched one episode.
    Currently watching never have I ever, never knew it was this good and funny, I love funny

  5. "See", tv series tho... Make sense gan!
    I looooove Jason Momoa😭😭
    Vagabond, kdrama

    I think Squid game is overrated sha😑

    1. I watched the first two episodes of squid and haven't been motivated enough to continue

    2. That’s the thing about watching a movie because of its hype. You then watch to feel among and not to enjoy.

      Nothing overrated about Squid Game.

    3. "SEE" is good mehn, very interesting series, i just finished the season 2 episode 8, which is the season final. I love it.

  6. Selina tested .a ghetto movie

  7. Queen of the south is so good and empire on Amazon

  8. Watch swarm, it's a French movie.

  9. 'please, cum inside this post'.... Double entendre. LoL

  10. Pls watch SWALLOW on Netflix, it took me back to 1980s ,when Nigeria was a Country.

  11. Please someone should just kindly show me where I can watch movies online apart from Netflix.

  12. Checkout my moviesvibe on iG I drop movies tip to watch

  13. The limited series, Maid, was very insightful of the raw reality of trying to get on your feet as a victim of domestic violence. It is on Netflix. Very well made series.

  14. If u like action movis/series watch Godfather of Harlem
    Ganglands - action packed series
    If u like horror/slasher thriller movies watch
    Halloween kills
    Black as night

  15. "THE VEIL" a korea series, very interested, and "THE GANGLANDS" a french series very interested too.

  16. I enjoyed watching Squid games, another series I enjoyed watching was Sex Life because it a series you can actually relate with.

  17. journal to Jordan
    red notice
    23 walks

  18. I loved free guy.. though i love everything with Ryan Reynolds in it


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