Stella Dimoko The Dark Diary - 4


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Monday, October 25, 2021

The Dark Diary - 4

My father started coming home often because he was preparing to retire.

The crowd reduced because the police kept coming to arrest them for smoking and fighting. I was relieved.

At least, I could sit in the living room and watch tv and be comfortable. Not when one is bathing or doing number 2 one drunk will open the door without knocking and still press your breast.

My ‘’customer’ got posted out of the state and I started lacking again.

I would go to my father but he had nothing to give. My father’s second son would assist anytime he could. He was more responsible by then and asked how I was but it was too late because I already became a hard child. To me he was another man trying to take advantage of me.

My elder sister was already married. Did I care? She was never around so I didn’t notice her absence.

My brothers out of joblessness will see fault that they didn’t see before and start beating my sisters and I like prisoners. they had free time now since my father was around and they couldn’t party and misbehave.

So, we became their piñata , they call and you don’t respond they beat you like you stole something.

Then they start comparing me with my mates and in my mind I am like ‘’where are your mates too?.

We got stripped naked and beaten in public , young girls with growing breast and pubic hair.

I will later learn that my immediate elder sister went through same thing I went through with another abuser.

Where my brothers on drugs? Because the humiliation was too much and my father will not say a thing. In his mind he will say they are correcting us [he later apologized when we were older].

There was always this carnival every year on the 24th of December and we went as usual even though we didn’t have ‘’banga’ to throw like other kids. We came back and all hell was let loose. My brother beat us like we were fellow boxers in a ring. Then my sister the very quiet one brought out a knife I didn’t know she had.

We stood side by side and faced all of them ,my father too.

That night was the beginning of the end. We were bruised and beaten and disgraced publicly.

People in the neighborhood tried their best especially the older women who knew our mother.

My brothers will tell people what we did and did not do. Even when we were old and married they still told our husbands' things that will never make a man marry a woman.


  1. Hmm, you really went through a lot. God will heal you. Amen.

  2. Brothers from hell

  3. Hmmmmm how and where are your brothers? Hope they are living a fab life? It’s just funny how they will end up. This is the reason why some people believe that not all family is blood, you will need to look twice or thrice to be sure of the person because you are left with so much doubts and questions.

  4. Let me go grab some tissue paper before I start to read.

  5. Brothers from hell. May God heal everyone that has been broken one way or the other. May the good Lord give us the grace to forgive and love our enemies. This is hard. Reminds me of some awful things I passed through.

  6. I shiver when I open this post and it makes me remember a friend of mine who had it tough too...

    Imagine having brothers that spoil their sisters reputation in front of their husbands. As if the neglect in childhood wasn't enough. That's sad.

  7. Your brother came from hell, how cam a brother be so wicked to his sisters in the name of what. I pray God heal you.

  8. You suffered even from family thsts supposed to protect you. May God help you heal completely.

  9. Hmmm,I can't even wish such brothers for anyone

  10. Your stories are heartbreaking 💔💔 I pray you find healing 🙏

  11. Replies
    1. Family from hell , this is heart breaking 🦋

  12. May you be healed and made whole in the mighty name of Jesus. I am broken by reading your story

  13. May you be healed poster
    This is so heartbreaking..

  14. Dark diaries, the pathetic story of the average female child in most African countries.. And to think the abuse is continued in marriage.. Words fail me!

  15. God heal this your daughter pls and heal all wounded hearts. I don't think they still beat children naked in public like that anymore. It was brutal in those days

  16. Blood of GOD.....Brothers from HELL

  17. Can someone help with the link to the other parts please?

    1. Hello;Dark diary from 1 to 3 respectively..


  18. I don't even know what to say 😥

  19. I had to summon courage to open this post after going through other post and acting like I didn't see it. May God heal your soul and give you divine peace🙏

  20. Poster, hope this is helping you heal? Love and light to you dear. Dear SDK BVs, please, learn from this and educate those around you. No be to born pikin, na to train, financially, emotionally and in other aspects and it’s a whole lot of work.

    Trust me, some parents become harsh and mean cos they are overwhelmed, have the number you can comfortably train and if you have excess resources, assist in school fees and maintenance of indigent children around you. Poverty is the major contributing factor to child abuse in this part of the world.

  21. God's masterpiece25 October 2021 at 18:20

    Wow!! This is really dark!!!

    God please heal this writer

  22. Poster, your stories make my bones shiver. Here are loads of hugs and kisses from me. You will be fine okay. Just open your heart to healing and breathe in love and healing. Xx

  23. Mehhhn....this one is family from hell oh

    And some fathers can be so mean, why allow the elder boys beat their sister like prisoners and in your presence for that matter.

    I remember being small, the only time we can offend our elder ones and get away with it us when dad is around, you dare not lay a hand on your younger one when he's around. Fathers are supposed to protect their children especially the female

  24. May God heal the poster


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