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Thursday, October 14, 2021


  Cold Day with lots of warm hailings....

BV GIFT #NobodyLikeWoman Challenge

Awww, you are so pretty!

They said all these things to you? Dont mind them, ignore and dont stop competing with yourself.

As long as you are on the right track and don't let anyone distract you, a better version of who you are is always available.

Hmmm maybe i should do mine? They said I would amount to nothing and their words turned me to strong pomo, the type you cook that never gets soft. lol

If you wanna tell us what they told you then do a meme......



The weather here i

s wet and cold...... what is the weather like where you are? Nah Chicken soup sure today.... when i say chicken soup, I dont mean the Nigerian chicken pepper soup....



Don't envy anyone, life is not in black and white.....
Don't steal from anyone because that may be all they have. 

In this life, I have been young and now old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken.

Don't fight for yourself, let God fight for you, He promised he will curse those who curse us and vice versa, also, remember, vengeance is the Lord.

Love everyone around you and your God, it is the greatest commandment and the easiest access to live a hypertension-free life.

Don't be paranoid, it causes anxiety, everybody cannot be your enemy if you follow the previous rule.

Eat moderate, the way of the Lord burnt fat, if you want to be upright, you must deny yourself of the flesh.

We are in a wicked world, so many traps that have been set to ensnare you, what will keep you from falling is the knowledge of God's word, mediate on it day and night and you will be like mount Zion that cannot be shaken.

Please the line i made darker, are you referring to meat of any sort from animals or human flesh as in s3x?



Please i want to ask briefly if i can get one or 2 replies. My mum is coming to the UK on Friday through Heathrow airport. The airport is 2hours drive from my house. My husband said she will take coach. But i am thinking is 2hrs drive to and fro too much to go pick your mother in-law?. 

I don't want us to have issues on this so i want to know if i will appeal to his conscience and insist. 

Note my mum is able to find her way to take coach if properly guided. Isn't he supposed to go pick her up despite the distance. I am not driving at the moment.

If your mum can take the coach, then let her take it...Living abroad eh, 4 hours is a waste of time if it is not spent working...If his excuse is genuine leave him... you take a train and meet up with your mum and stop trying to force son in law duties on your man.... Take the train and enjoy the ride!



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am a child of God; therefore, everything about me prospers. My health and finances prosper. The blessings of God are working in my life. His wisdom and prosperity are at work in me. His health and strength are at work in me. Glory to God!

    1. Bv Gift, you are pretty..

      The abroad woman, take Stella advice..

      Good afternoon beautiful people πŸ’•

    2. Amen oπŸ™!!!

      Greetings to you all...πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

    3. Yes oooo.. Sign out meme so cool. Abroad woman, pls stick to Stella's advice kkk. Allow your hubby have his peace please. Since Your mum can find her way to your location, that should be cool. Enjoy

    4. Madam abroad, She's ur Mother. Go and meet her at the airport then u take the coach together.u know how distabilizing it would be for her if there are any hitches.

  2. Don’t bear grudges. Don’t let your heart be troubled by anything that makes it lose its peace. Stay calm and let go of what you can’t change."

    ~ Mufti Ismail Menk


  3. Anon from SP - If you claim to be the Anon I was referring to then why say I'm not open to constructive criticism when you and I have had a go at this once and it was civil. I specifically asked for more of your input whenever I post but you have made it out to seem like I'm deliberately being incorrigible.

    You also said I asked someone to go online despite that I said to ask me first how I got my info BUT you told half-truth!
    I answered BV Varey B that asked me which verse I got my info from that I sourced it. It was the anon (or was that you) that said rather snippily that I got my source from blabla and she doesn't want to talk before being called a hater, that people should pick up their Bible.

    Pray tell, why won't I be defensive when someone comes for me like that?
    Hater that what happened?
    Were you a hater then when we had the first convo?
    Y'all act like people don't see the nitpicking but claim they are defending me blindly.

    I'm not fighting you either, I have gone to read up on all that you typed. And for the record, I never used rabbinic literature but they obviously culled from the same source, I guess. I used "Lost books of the Bible and Forgotten books of Eden" .
    I stand corrected and won't add anything again that's not from the Bible in my posts. Interpretations may vary so questions and/or corrections are welcomed. At the end of the day, God is not an author of confusion.
    Until next Wednesday..

    1. Dear Perxian, I am not the anon but I must say you clearly do not want to take correction. Hope you know God will hold you accountable for any person you lead astray from heretical teachings.

    2. False prophet ®14 October 2021 at 14:17

      I see baseless defence mechanism. @Perx, be open to correction, learn and move on.

    3. Just remember, this is NOT about you, but the Word of God and any true Christian will continue to speak out if it's being twisted.

    4. I was the anon you claimed spoke to you nicely once before Bv Perxian. I am not claiming I am. I actually am.

      I read your response replying another anon in yesterday's post about being thrown darts at. You may not admit it but your first reply to the anon just like they implied was condescending and maybe you did not mean for it to come across that way but it seemed that way when I read.

      For clarity purpose. Once again, I am that first anon who interacted with you when you made your very first post and I am also the one in the morning.

      The fact that you are trying to paint me to be the same anon yesterday though subtly even when I am not and trying to make it seem I am deceiving you about who I am still beats me because even this morning I felt I was gentle in my manner of approach enough to you.

      So because that anon mentioned rabbinical texts and I did means must be the same person?

      I told you I went online and the first thing that popped up was that. I think any other bv should do the same and see what pops up. When they do and mention the same source then does that automatically mean everyone is me?

      I saw you write "You must not know there are lost/forgotten books that didn’t make it to the Bible. They are not hidden, source for them and update your read"

      When you said there weren't hidden I felt you meant online since that is one of the easiest place to get information.
      I wasn't saying half-truths to put you in a bad light.
      I apologise if it seemed that way. But I still believe the Bible does not need extra support a from outside sources.

    5. Bv Phoenix this was what you wrote:

      St Elsewhere Phoenix 14 October 2021 at 11:21

      Anonymous 8.31 and 10.13 Go and check where you are getting your source from..Also note that Google does not always have the correct information. They are some books that were not blasphemous, you probably read DAN BROWNS books...You are not correct at all...That is why I said you guys should have an OPEN MIND...The bible was first written in Aramaic, Latin, Greek and other dead languages...When you had the King James, Vulgate and the rest...when the bible Interpretation was to be done in English some of the translation were lost and since they were written it was termed ''dead languages'' could not be interpreted whilst some were lost...It was the manuscript and scrolls they had which they could translate that was turned into the bible....The bible we read were written by HUMANS like you and I.
      Go and read the book of 1 and 2 Chronicles, Kings- you will see where they were references of some other books that are not included when you read your bible, also read the footnotes below your bible...Thank you...

    6. Bv Phoenix,

      Let me start by saying, I am not wrong and I say this respectfully.

      Yes! I know the Bible was written by human but don't ever forget it was Inspired by God and that is why is called the word of God and not of humans even though it was written by them.

      Now to the history of how the Bible came back.
      I doubt there is any Christian at this age and time who doesn't know about the backstory of the bible in terms of how it was firstly written in Aramaic, Latin, Greek and...
      Everybody knows this so I won't dwell much on it.

      Now you went further and wrote

      "when the bible Interpretation was to be done in English some of the translation were lost and since they were written it was termed ''dead languages'' could not be interpreted" and at this part bv Phoenix I beg to differ.

      Even though I agree some WORDS would have missing or harder to translate due to varying langauages but not to the point where a whole passage, sentences or a whole book chapter would go missing. Maybe a PHRASE, a word meaning.
      If you go back and check the same footnote you are referring me to, you would notice sometimes you do see a phrase like this *the meaning of the WORD is not clear* that should tell you it is just a WORD not a SENTENCE or a whole CHAPTER. which it seems you are trying to prove, I may be wrong but if that is what it you are doing then you may be over-reaching.

      I have read all the books you highlighted and you are right that they do make references to books not in the Bible. Still that does not actually mean what you think it is. If you studied the BOOK of Chronicles and the book of Kings you would definitely notice the repetitiveness except you chose to ignore it. All the references that weren't fully acknowledged were talking about the same thing but from a different angle or through someone else's eyes.

      Case in point, You would see some biblical prophets talking about a similar event in the Bible over again. Same similarities and with little or no inconsistencies at all. Now if one of those books were omitted for obvious reasons it still does not reduce the completeness of the Bible. At this point I just believe it is self-explanatory.

      Those books wouldn't have added any extra or profound significance else they would have been re-added rather than the Bible just making a reference to them while still choosing to exclude them.

      At this point we can't even call them lost or forgotten books else they would have never been acknowledged or referenced by the Bible in the first place. It is more like ignored books of some scholars who also witnessed similar events retelling the same tale maybe with a little digression but nothing profound worth leaving the uniqueness of the Bible for just to focus on something outside of it entirely.

      I also believe the fact that those books were referenced is to give a good backing to every word already written in the Bible and not to take away from it or diminish it completeness.

      Even though the focus of your comment was not the main point of my message to bv perxian this morning I hope I was explicit enough.

      The anons in the morning have tried enough to let you understand where I am coming from so I won't also delve into that again. I see perxian understands and that is what matters after all she is the one who writes.
      Anyways, thanks all the same, Phoenix

      I also saw a post yesterday where bv Perxian wasn't fully agreeing to the fact that Deborah was a married woman even though it was explicitly stated in the Bible she said she did not believe she was married but believed whatever sources she read from which said, Deborah was single.

      I was shocked!

      This and everything I read yesterday made me write to her today.

      I just do not think it is safe for her to continue to move her focus and belief away from the Bible to what may confuse her or others after all God is not an author of confusion and same with we his children.

    7. Kudos to you anon. You have taken time to explain in a clear manner. Anyone who chooses to misinterpret this has no excuse.

    8. 14:57 I never mean to come across as condescending, my bad.

      I didn’t say you were the same anon on that post yesterday, I asked if you were the same anon since you referenced my response to the person alone. It wasn’t subtle, I asked outrightly in brackets. Y’all are anon so it’s kinda hard. LOL

      I apologise also and I agree with your last sentence. My last paragraph up there is me taking correction. Thank you. πŸ’›

    9. There is not point arguing with Phoenix. All she does is copy and paste. You'll be wasting your time having any meaningful discussions with her. We know her on this blog as people pleaser.. Please save your energy...

      Also leave perxian alone.. She does not learn they have a WhatsApp group where the gossip. Save your energy..

    10. Anon πŸ‘πŸ‘please come take me on classes in patience and humility

    11. Wow! What an insightful explanation by Anon, well done Perxian. I pray God continue to give us wisdom to understand the mystery of his words.

    12. Until Christians have an open mind, then we all are on a long thing... Who sanctioned the Holy Bible we read today, God or King James Tudor of England?? Never forget... It doesn't matter how much a man claims to hear from God.. The message must be contaminated with fickle humanity and human opinions and doctrines... A message loses its authenticity and originality when in the mouth of several messengers...

    13. 18.09, the class has ended, don't start up wahala abeg. If you like, read both sanctioned and unsanctioned books, na u sabi.

    14. 18:09 aka phoenix it have do.
      15:58 😁😁😁😁

    15. 15:58 afi copy and paste 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 You know this!

  4. Dear Parents,
    Stop chasing your daughters to marry or live with anyhow men, because they got pregnant.

    No matter the mistake, it hurts but your child is your child.
    These girls are suffering.


    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’–

    1. Thanks for this piece. When I made mine both parents were their for me. That's one of the reasons I can't trade them for less. I love my mum n dad to pieces.

  5. Your mum is there with you an im sure he sponsored it so whats the issue again???????? carry train abi wetin una call am go meet your mum sure mama wont mind

    1. Stop being so rude, haba.

    2. She might have a baby that's why 🀷

  6. or sponsor my trip over make i carry your mama come meet you for house

    1. Bbjac is everything ok with you? Or is it naija that is frustrating you? You are beginning to be aggressive and rude. Calm down ok? It shall end in praise

  7. Nazarite's Ink. That was insightful

    Please someone should please get me straight on this before I follow to rejoice in vain.
    What exactly is this direct primaries all about?

    I do know that the former method was having delegates converge at a place to vote one candidate to represent the party from a list of other candidates. This method we've learnt could be marred by a richer candidate buying over the delegates to vote for him or her
    What exactly is this direct primaries and how does it suffer to the old one?
    Thank you

    1. Darajah so direct primaries is when we have to 2 candidates from one party..Candidate A and B...So party members will line up behind their preferred candidate, then a party official/delegate or INEC official will count all the people that lined up behind those candidate; this is a form of accreditation to know the numbers of persons and voting starts..So after voting, the number of persons behind each candidates corresponds with the number of those who voted i.e thumb printed ballot papers.

      Advantages: It prevents money bags or some powerful persons in the party from imposing their candidates on any one..Besides this method was adopted in the 1993 elections of MKO-Kinigbe which is still judged today as the FREEST AND FAIREST ELECTION
      Removes mago mago and rofo rofo...To avoid court cases when some people from political party A will say that the governorship flag bearer was not to be on the ballot paper; causing rancour ear and dear...Basically to reduce party litigation...It makes the process healthy...

      While Indirect primaries is when no election is done to bring about a flag bearer of the party..Money bags or richer politicians from no where will ensure the Party Chairman selects a candidate of his choice and then goes about paying money to delegates to support or vote the person he wants there which is IMPOSING him on the party...Then because they have been bribed, all of them will say yes Candidate SOGOLOGOGBAGOSHEY is our flag bearer..

      I hope you understand

    2. *how does it differ from the old one*

    3. Wow
      Thanks Phoenix.
      From your first paragraph,it's more like an open ballot system?
      For me, any method or person that will take us from this bondage that we're in,I'm all for it.

      I must vote this time around whether it will count or not

      As for this their electronic voting system,make we Sha no hear say there was no battery in the system etc

    4. You are welcome Darajah Yeah direct primaries are like OPEN SECRET election system...This is for political parties and its members..Also a way of ensuring party internal democracy but why the politicians are against it is because all parties have their own constitution that guides them which is their 'GRUNDNORM' so its like INEC is infringing on their own activities. PLUS they like the mago mago and rofo rofo politics

      Yes INEC want us to have healthy elections come 2023 instead of people imposing supreme court governors/senators/reps...

    5. Phoenix can you please explain the lone ***causing rancour ear and dear***

    6. The direct primary mode of picking candidates is where every member of a party participates by voting. This is in contrast to the indirect primary system where voters pick delegates who will then choose the candidate(s). Darajah this is the simplified answer to your question.

    7. 16:44 osheyy taink you mai dia. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  8. I don't think it shows proper regard if no one (either you or your husband) is there to meet her at the airport. For me, I don't like that drive to heathrow so I usually take the tube there, then take a taxi back with my Mum/Dad/sister when they visit.

    1. That's the word "regard". I am so big on that word. Someone should meet here there pls.meanwhile will oga have done same if it was his mom coming over?I doubt!

  9. Hiya my darlings. 😘😘😘😘😘. Stella, the weather is kool down here o..drizzled last night. BV Gift, you are pretty. You look like a calm lady. Thinking if I should send mine. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. Nazarite's ink, lovely write up. I enjoy reading your column. Blowing y'all 😘😘😘😘😘😘. Stay safe my darlings. Stay blessed. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Yeah on Today's Episode of THROW BACK THURSDAYS..Who remembers the theme songs of cooking shows then...

    I will sing two of them below

    🎢 My mama and papa they love each other 🎢
    🎢 And they went to the table to eat 🎢
    Papa said to mama ''This is food is tasty
    And My mama began to sing 🎢 Oh la la la la oh it's so nice On Family Menu you learn a lot (2ce)


    🎢 Maggi oh Oni Irawo Eja tutu Sokoyokoto 🎢

    When I Say ''Obe ti lo Oko'' (abeg forgive my yoruba o)

    You say ''Sokoyokoto''!!!

    1. My own version.

      My Mama and Papa they love each other and they sat on a table to eat..... Papa say to Mama, this food is lovely, Mama smiled and she lit up her face😁😁😁.

      Lalalalala oh it's so nice.... On family menu, we learn a lot 2ce πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Hope I tried?😁

    2. beautiful memories. Family menu with aunty fummi

  11. Another big thank you to Bv Exclusive and Bv Gem for patronizing me πŸ™πŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ€Έ. Am so grateful ma'am. May God bless you both.

    Thank you Jeweluchi for this golden opportunity. You are forever blessed without a doubt Amen πŸ™

  12. Pretty giftπŸ₯°

    can't wait for weekendπŸ’ƒ

  13. Pleasant afternoon😘

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  14. Just got back from a teaching hospital now, I went to run a general test including HIV. As I wait my results I died a million times. However when my name was called upon I went in collected my result & left without checking it,
    Out side the hospital I checked & saw RVS : NONREACTIVE. I was inside to ask & was told it's actually negative prrrraaaaaiiiiiiiissssssseeeeee God!!!!
    Despite all my kukere Waka Jesus still kept me save!!;; Really what God cannot do doesn't exist.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣 I know that feeling.
      Abeg no more kurukere Waka again o.God is faithful even in our unfaithfulness but let us not take it for granted.

    2. Haahahhahahhahaa I know that feeling.

    3. Will you give your life to this Jesus you are praising and honor him with your body?
      And have peace of mind and stop having heart attack and stop all these "kukere waka" aka sexual
      There is something greater than AIDS; hell fire and it is eternal.

    4. What about STDs, stis, spiritual transference?

  15. From yesterday's FAQ, someone asked how to get their money back from a scammer. So sorry I'm just posting it here as a I opened the post quite late.

    Here is what you should do when you've been scammed by an online vendor as I have experienced it myself.
    First, go to the bank the scammer uses (any branch) and ask for the anti scam unit.
    Tell them your complaints. Make sure you have the scammer's account details and the proof of transaction. The account officer of the account will be contacted, he/she will in turn contact the scammer. The scammer will be asked to call you and refund your money. If not the account will be blocked. Since all accounts are connected to a BVN, it will be on a red list. So the scammer has a lot to lose.

  16. @Sis Nazirite, MAY God bless you. Life is easy if you follow it carefully.

  17. Happy that I met in house news today.

    Madam free your husband from going to pick your mum, since your mum can find her way why are you stressing your husband ? Please go pick your mum or you allow her come with proper direction. Two hours is alot Please.

  18. You people should also do memos and tell
    Us what you told other ladies
    Let us not pretend like we all here
    Are saintsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’½

  19. Hello ihn 😘.
    Good afternoon everyone.

    The weather here is sunny as in very hot sun that can fry yamπŸ˜‚ it rained yesterday but it's as if we haven't seen rain for a yr..that is north for u.

    Bv Gift u are beautiful,keep ur head up cos u are a strong woman ❤️

    Nazirate's ink,God bless you for all u wrote up there,thank you.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day.

    E go surely be ✌️.

  20. "FLESH"
    As in the Nazarite ink is a reference of "the sinful nature of man" Galatians 5:19
    listed the "works of the flesh"; lust, sexual immorality, impurity, greed, witchcraft, heresy, slander etc.
    When you do not deny yourself "food and drinks" to seek the Lord, to discipline your flesh; that "eating moderately"
    she mentioned, you are bound to replicate all the works of the flesh in your life.
    But when you deny yourself and feed your spirit with God's Word, you produce the "fruits of the Spirit" which are;
    Love, Joy, peace, faithfulness, self control, kindness etc.

  21. Bv Gift you look beautiful...its a sunny day over here.The heat is back..

  22. I’m guessing you live in the Midlands as Heathrow is also about 2hrs away from me.

    Go and meet your mum at the airport so that una fit do all the low key gossip before you reach house.

  23. To the poster whose mum is travelling in, why don’t you take the train and come back with your mum? If she’s strong and fit no worries but if not, no be small beans to push trolley from arrival to where coach dey o. If your hubbby can’t bring her abeg, no press.

  24. Good day everyone.
    Nice inputs in today's IHN.

    Cute Gift. Keep your head up. It's part of the process. Actually, life without taunting should be strange. Its even non existent Even the taunters get taunted. Hehe.

    Nazarite ink πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Keep it up. Temperance is one of the pillars of success in life.

    Hey Mark, saw your comment on SP. I'm honoured and I appreciate. Thank you.

    Stella, how are you?

    Una doh.

  25. Poster whose mum is visiting UK,

    You really need to change your mindset. 2hrs drive is quite a distance, I live in the UK too and it’s an hour drive from my house but we’d rather take the train or coach preferably. Don’t start what doesn’t require a beginning, your mum can take the train or coach, it would even be an experience for her as they are both very comfortable.
    In Nigeria, the means of transportation are limited and not conducive as it is here.

    Your point would only be somewhat valid if he usually drives to heathrow to pick his own mum.

    Your mum is coming to visit, that should be exciting for you and focus on that would nullify any other bid to steal thy joy.

    1. 6hrs flight she did alone

      2 hrs shouldn't cause stress

      Coach or train
      You can go pick her

      Or if she can come by coach
      You plan a grand welcome at the coach station and mini party at home to welcome her

    2. Jet li - Flight is different from trying to find your way in a strange country. Someone should be there to meet her biko.

  26. Last meme is just me. God Im so sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.

  27. I no just understand this fried rice I bought from shoprite. Na ofada rice them use do fried rice abi wetin?
    This one no be short grain na midget grain.

    1. Midget rice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. Pleasant afternoon everyone. Nice one Nazarite

  29. Poster go n pick your mom yourself if u ain't occupied that day.

  30. Stella that last post got me thinking.
    There is this 'mumu group' that tried to bring me down .As in, they used my name to catch cruise and chased clout with all sorts of negativity attached to it.
    I was telling my colleague this morning, I thought that they will 'blow ' by now with their actions. .
    Not wishing them bad but at least they should have been on top for trying to bring someone down.
    Heee heeee Inside life.

    1. Office gossip abi. Na so e dey be. Keep your ears open.
      Your mouth shut.
      And your prayers up.
      Way up.

    2. Office gossip abi? Na so e dey be. Keep your ears open.
      Your mouth shut.
      And your prayers up.
      Way up.

  31. Poster, whose mom is visiting the UK... Don't make a big deal out of nothing. Take the train and go pick your mom if you think she won't be fine on her own. With the train the time is shorter.

  32. I guess we are all different. Whoever my Mom or In-laws are coming, we take the day off. We both go to the airport. We even take the kids. That posters husband should go to the airport and get his Mother in law. I just hope the woman can find her way around.

  33. lost a colleague today, office was Moody today, went home last week today heard she is dead. may her soul rest in peace


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