Stella Dimoko Weekend Arena - Nigerians Forget TOO Quickly


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Friday, October 29, 2021

Weekend Arena - Nigerians Forget TOO Quickly

Let me assume that you are a Nigerian reading this right now and you will either agree or disagree with this report...

If what was released recently, detailing the assets recovered from former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke, set for auctioning, which included brassieres, wedding gowns, waist trainers and shoes amongst others are anything to go by, then it could be called the Bra Report 2021, since it is official.

 Valued at millions of dollars, the investigating authorities in charge is trying, though unsuccessfully, to paint a picture of how people in the previous government lavished huge sums of money on frivolities, which has resulted in the present misery afflicting the citizens. This practice is not new. At the height of the political onslaught against President Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines, his wife Imelda was reported to have acquired 7200 pairs of shoes, later it came to 5000 in some reports until Time magazine, finally reported a definitive tally which came to 1060.

When the US government wanted the world to believe that Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi leader was the real demon, they did all they could, including accusing his sons of ‘dishonouring’ the US currency. In a report I read in Newsweek, I let out a wry smile of disbelief when the article narrated how one of his sons returned home at night and wanted to smoke a cigarette but could not find his lighter. He finally lit his cigarette with a hundred dollar bill from cooker. It would take a depraved mind to take that route to smoke a cigarette unless the person is on the set of a reality TV show, seeking ‘talkability’.

But sometimes, the people dishing out these mangled accounts of incidents actually think that the audience is the depraved bunch, who would buy whatever information that comes their way. That is why you see some narratives that are not water-tight and not well-thought-through. You will not blame them. It is only good creative writers that have the capacity to create facts out of fiction; when you lack that capacity, you begin to see stories about a woman with 11 invisible bras, and 30 brassieres without panties in her house. Or female ministers don’t do panties?

This is not different from what the Attorney General offered during his press briefing last week. He told Nigerians how Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho was being funded, detailing his accounts in some banks and most especially how he started receiving funds in 2013. I am sure the Attorney General would not like to pay for services or goods and wait for 7 years to get them. Whoever paid Igboho in 2013 would not wait until 2021 for him to work for him. In the case of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, the allegation that they were behind the arson and looting at the palace of the Oba of Lagos sounded comical after the authorities of the Nigeria Police Force had charged to court 13 persons: Eniafe Olawale, Gbenga Ajayi, Lamidi Rafiu, Oladunmoye Ayodeji, Soliu Tajudeen, Ahmed Olayinka, Samuel Damilola, Wasiu Grewa, Habib Salit, Nurudeen Yusuf, Safiu Quadri Lekan, Afolabi lukuman and Yusuf Babalola with theft and felony at a Magistrate Court in Lagos over the same issue.

One can also decrypt this from the recent comment made by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, chief spokesperson of the Federal Government of Nigeria, who admitted that bandits were collecting taxes in the north but denied that they were in control. Would someone impose taxes on a territory he is not in control of? He likened it to the activities of ‘agberos’ on our roads!

Such assertions are as a result of our culture of forgetfulness in Nigeria. When something happens, our reactionary population and of course the media beam, their searchlight on it, and a few days later, the tempo dies; and it is abandoned completely. People in authority know this and often come out to give us something to chew on every matter, in the hope that it would be lost with time. That is why after the indictment of former EFCC’s boss Magu, Nigerians are yet to be told what punishment was given to him. That is why millions of naira would be found at an airport and a few weeks later nobody will see the money or those who own it. That is also why murders of personalities like Bola Ige, Dele Giwa, Funso Williams and many others have remained unresolved till date. That is why the huge wads of dollars recovered at that Ikoyi flat vanished without consequences on those fingered in the malady.

In Anambra State, the police announced they had arrested those who attempted to assassinate APGA guber candidate, Charles Soludo, but 3 months after the arrest, nobody has spoken a word about it.

At the moment, we are almost forgetting the infractions allegedly committed by super cop, Abba Kyari; be assured to see him on a higher rung of the Police a few years from now in spite of this.


  1. Very true. Spot on. May you continue to remain a blessing just as your name implies.

  2. It's well, Nigeria will be great again one day.

  3. This is Nigeria .. The more you look, the less you see.
    Indeed, there are more questions than answers.

    However, why won't Nigerians forget too quickly when they are inundated with problems right, left and center. We are our own government, doing everything to provide for ourselves... we fix the roads on our streets, provide our own security, water, light etc. How do you expect us to remember the other bigger problems facing the country when we are already overwhelmed?

    This is the time to change the narrative. The youth must rise up and come together with one voice with our PVCs, which is our power

  4. I totally agree with this,the more reason why Nigerians will elected worst leaders come 2023. We are too forgetful.

    1. Until we get to where Haiti and Venezuela are today.

  5. Hmmmmmmm, our sad reality as a nation. Mat God help us, even when we remember like you have now about the unresolved murders what happens, a few well placed announcements are made and the matter is quickly shoved aside. Look at the case of Magu, what has happened- nothing and nothing is ever going to happen. Na God hand we dey

  6. I'm sorry to say but posts and mindsets like these are a huge part of the problem. Oh, so because Diezani is not a Northerner, she should be left to go scot free? Basically, everyone should protect their tribesmen thieves, issorait.

    1. Where did you read him say because she is from South people like you is the problem read to comprehend

    2. Adagulu, that is the whole premise of his argument. Why on earth would anyone defend a woman who looted the nation dry? What does Abba kyari have to do with this? Nigerians truly deserve the leaders they get. Continue to stylishly support your thieves based on tribe, inugo?

    3. Since we are talking about Diezani, I think this comment below on the bra post yest should be put here as it is relevant:

      I cannot believe some folks are low key defending her!!!! No wonder Nigeria is the way it is. You will always find people to defend you.

      The sad thing is that Del. Mom... of ova...was helping her launder her image that she had a disease when she thought APC was serious about fighting corruption.

      I do not like this government but there was massive scale looting under Jonathan, the closest to Abacha and Shagari in scale and level. Oil prices were very high and Jonathan and his friends looted the money and some folks want to recycle him?

  7. God please do not answer other peoples' prayers. You know that when you created the world, you created only Nigerians. You knew from the beginning that Nigerians are a special breed that your attention and support 24/7 to drink water, take a walk, eat egusi, gbegiri, amala, isi-ewu, and top it with kai-kai, champagne, and palmy.

    Please God, do not ignore Nigerians for a second whilst the politicians will be in exile in a minute. Keep giving them all the attention because this is a burden that you have signed up from the beginining.

    Finally, God i want you to know that I love Nigerians. Chop kiss Nigerians my well-beloved people!

    1. Sorry attempt at sarcasm...

  8. Isn't this what the fabric of the "true" Nigerian system made of?
    Media crucifixion with no real intention behind it. Or was it not that Maina was smuggled back to work under this government, only for someone to cry foul?
    Illusionists at work everywhere in this government. Of what need is ridiculing Diezani Alison-Madueke with bras and brassieres? That's too petty from a supposed responsible government.

  9. I was surprised this morning when I read about Lai Mohammed comparing bandits and area boys. The statement is much more than disappointing.

  10. Our politicians na the more you look the less you see

  11. This current Apc govt is a representation of everything wrong with Nigeria. When they were in opposition, they used to criticized everything that pdp govt was doing including the removal of the subsidy.. Now they are in charge and they are now defending all those bad things they used to criticize before. The looting that went on in Jonathan's administration is still ongoing in this present one, the only difference is that life was a bit better than it is now. Bad decisions upon bad decisions like closing of our borders, not diversifying the economy and many more has made life more difficult for the people.

  12. This is just so apt. Nigerians forget things quickly. Thanks to all the reality shows, they’ve distracted them with BBN, now, all of a sudden Gulder ultimate search that has been in comatose follows, even those that are very hungry will by all means find a way to watch it! There’s always something to distract them with. Make una no rise up and demand what rightfully belong to una, dey there dey defend mess and shit!


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