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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..




Please guys I need your advise. I am 34yrs, been ttc for over 5yrs now. For almost 2years now, I noticed my BP has been high, could this be one of the reason I have not taken in?. 

Please is there any home remedy I can use to bring the BP down. Spoke to my doctor last week, so she said she won't put me straight on medication as I'm quite young that she will do some investigations like kidney checks and all that. So I waiting for letter from NHS UK. I am checking if there is some home remedies I can use before the letter arrives. Thank you.

Home remedy for high blood pressure.....   ? who knows?




Pls I need advice...these days I feel so horny and lonely, I'm a single lady with a good job, I've tried distracting myself all to no avail...

I'm also a Virgin and want to wait till marriage. 

Please what do I do ? I'm not in any relationship currently. How do I make friends and start a relationship? I just need someone.

Horny? How on earth did you get here?? have you been watching anything? Something in your immediate environment must be triggering this feeling.

Which one is you are using virginity to wait for Marriage? keep it because it is what you want but know that virginity does not guarantee a successful Marriage....

If you want to make friends for dating, go to the Church, movies ,weddings, events etc


  1. I think you should have enough rest, stop thinking and wait for the result. Don't do self medication. I wish you well.

    It's a great thing to keep your virginity till you get married! It's the best thing to do. Don't let anyone discourage you with this talk of "being a virgin does not guarantee you a happy marriage".
    One thing I know for sure is, it gives self esteem and confidence before your spouse. It's normal to feel that way once in a while, the best thing to do is to focus on your goal.

    1. 1. Reduce your salt intake or totally remove it, 2. Zobo drink - Hibiscus flower, 3.. Bitter leaf water, 4. chamomile tea, 5, Garlic (eaten or in water form as tea) very good, just stand the smell. 6. Diet and reduce weight if on the biggy side, 7. Exercise, 8. Be happy, the baby will come but you must be alive and well to nurse him/her, so this should give you the sense to free yourself and believe all will be well in the end. You need your good health and happy disposition for this to happen, if possible adopt until your own comes. 9, remove alcohol completely from your drinks, stop carbonated water drinks (Coke, Pepsi, etc), blend and take smoothies instead, 10 learn to take in deep breaths and breath out through your mouth. 11. Above all, learn to be God's friend and child, no matter how long, keep staying in His presences with songs of praises, listen to gospels songs and sing yourself, change the atmosphere at home, make it lively. Expect people to stop disturbing you on the child issue (never) so learn to adapt and smile always, goodluck to your result, hey dont fear no matter the negative report, LIVE!!!

    2. poster two, you better go and enjoy yourself responsibly.

    3. Busybee don't abeg

      She wants to preserve it while managing her hormones

      That is the balance required not hoing it away

  2. Poster 1: exercising is a way to keep your BP in check. Secondly, I believe you need a proper health check considering your age. I hope it's not work related issues though

    Poster 2: You need to check your thoughts. What have you been feeding your mind with lately? Check that

    1. Poster 1: garlic, ginger, whole lemon (with the peel), and alovera. All in equal parts after dicing. E.g, if you decide to use a mudu as measurement, the it will be 1 mudu of garlic, 1 mudu of chopped alovera, 1 mudu of chopped lemon, then 1 mudu of ginger. Grind them with as minimal water as possible. Leave it for at least 2 to 3 days to release it's enzymes, the sieve. Drink a glass morning and night. The longer you leave it out of the fridge the more potent. Be sure to regularly test your BP and Sugar level to keep it in check. If any is getting too low, you reduce the quantity. At some point you may need to leave days in-between intakes. You will feel the difference in your system. Don't go for any remedy that includes alcohol since your kidneys function is in question. The 4 ingredients here are safe and good for your internal organs.

      For ttc, bury yourself in Instagram videos of babies and pregnancies. It won't be long and you will catch that baby dust. It works ALL the time.

      Poster 2. You are horney because you are a healthy full grown woman. Why don't you have friends? You said you have a good job, how about friends at work? Workplace is where I found friends that has become soul sisters that even years after we've moved to other organisations, we are still going strong. It's the easiest place to make friends because that's where you spend the better part of your day. Good luck in your virginity career. Just make sure you are doing it strictly for yourself, not for religious reasons and definitely not for your future husband. Make sure you are not being a slave to it like I used to be.

  3. Make friends,hangout a lot and go to the cinema to watch movies too

    1. BP doesn't prevent pregnancy. Take note, if your kidney checks come back normal, your doctor will place you on meds

  4. First poster, the only home ready I know of is rest. Rest well.

    I used to be placed on 2 drugs when mine goes high at times (mine started during childbirth). It relaxes my body and makes me sleep well. The drugs drop my bp to normal after like 2 doses. You may need such drugs too...but your Dr knows better.

    1. You are lucky,mine started with child birth and it refused to go back to normal,it is just is well

    2. HairsbyK, after the 2 doses does your bp remain permanently down, I bet it doesnt

  5. Poster 1: I heard bitter leaf juice works for HBP but please I will advise you wait after the doctor's investigations

    Poster 2: Are you looking for a relationship because you are a virgin..See there is a huge difference between virginity and purity...What books, movies, music have you exposed yourself to lately...Are you friends always talking about sex around you? Feeling horny is a natural thing especially during your ovulation period but don't pre-occupy your mind on sex...You can find hobbies, look for real friends around and live your life whilst you are waiting for the right man to come your way...All the best..

  6. Poster 2, konji is a baskard o, you will not rest until you shake n break bed.

  7. Poster 1,try and calm down too much thinking is making your Bp high.......God will meet you at the point of your need. Amen.
    poster 2,🥱🥱🥱🥱 are you ready to loss your virginity now??????

  8. Poster 1 please quit worrying your self.God is in control.if u can get fresh morninga boil it and u shld be drinking d water.Or doum fruit (goruba in hausa).soak it and b taking d water

  9. Poster 2 kindly buy a clitoris sucker and thank me later

  10. Poster 1 - I am in same situation as you. But I am a male. 37. and have similar high blood pressure. I notice you live in the UK too:

    Here's what I suggest (based on what is working for me):

    1. Get yourself a blood pressure machine - You can buy from Asda, Tesco or even Amazon. A cheap one between £20 - £30 should be fine. Use it to measure your blood pressure 2-3 times weekly and write down the measurements (Go on youtube to learn how to measure it).

    2. Go to Holland & Barret - look for Vitamin C (1,500 mg) + Odourless Garlic tablet and use it 1 tablet each daily. Note - They are supplements and not medication.

    3. Do the usual reduction of salt. Cut down on salt in your food. Cut down any alcohol (if you drink) and cut down on junk food. Start doing light exercise as well.

    4. And of course - do all the test your doctor recommends to you. very important. But 1,2,3 will help you normalise it without medication (if your case is not as worse).

    Do this for 2 - 3 months and you should notice a normalised blood pressure. Wishing you best of luck


    1. Yes poster your points are rigt. Was about to type these things to her but saw yours and thought to add to it.
      Reducing salt intake is key. In addition to the garlic if you can get zobo leaf where you are it helps alot. If you can't and there is a way for me to send to you guys you can let me know.Get dark cocoa powder and drink daily. Try to exercise daily also. Take foods rich magnisium and anti-oxidant.
      Another key thing here, please relax. Its hard considering you are TTC but please dear understand that a good health is needed to care for your babies that would soon come. Make a habit of praise rather than worry. I pray that the Lord keep you both in good health, Amen. Sending you bear hugs!

    2. @ Oma, poster please don't take zobo juice, it's not good for one TTC, it thins out your endometrial lining!!!! You need your endometrial lining to be as thick as possible for implantation to take place. So don't add zobo juice to the list.

  11. Home remedy for high bp

    You are probably having hypertension due to the emotional turmoil of TTC and you have my empathy for that.
    It is not an easy road to go.
    Medically, we were taught that counseling and meditation can help to reassure the patient and lower the BP
    So dear, keep your mind on God's Word; especially the teachings of Jesus. He alone can bring fulfilment to your life.
    If you can adopt in the meantime, that will help, if your husband won't mind. Seeing a child and playing with a Child that
    will call you "mother" will put your mind at rest. The process of adoption is not tough in the UK.
    May the Lord bless you and grant you peace.🙏

    1. Poster

      Google mindfulness
      YouTube mindfulness

      Relax and enjoy


  12. Focus on your work, focus on the Lord Jesus. Keep looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. If you have not made him your Lord,
    why not. Then you will be able to have the grace to discipline your body in fasting and reading the Word of God.
    Please do not watch indecent things or go to social media to indulge in any unwholesome gossip that will trigger lust.

  13. Eat right
    Think/worry less
    Prioritize your happiness
    Ginger and garlic I guess
    Less or no alcohol
    Stay away from bad women

  14. Poster 2 - It's normal to feel horny. As a woman - your ovulation makes you horny. Your attraction to the opposite sex makes you horny too. So no shame in that.

    If you want to keep your virginity - that's fine. Here's what to do:

    1. Distract yourself with activities/fun things you enjoy doing
    2. Reduce your viewing of anything that turns you on.
    3. If the top 2 fails - Get yourself a vibrator (no, not dildo), and use it to make yourself orgasm and relieve the stress. With this, no penetration, no loss of virginity. I highly recommend the Satisfyer Pro. I got my wife this one for the cold winter nights when I am unavailable due to work/travel.

    All the best. Smiles

    1. Making yourself orgasm is it not still sexual pleasure??

  15. Poster 1, Zobo without sugar or additives, a glass full everyday have been found to reduce blood pressure. I am a witness because i use it too. Poster 2, its possible you have been seeing sexually explicit contents of late or you have been mixing up with persons that may solicit or interested in sex, just do your best to keep away. stay well.

    1. I read that zobo leaves are bad for a ttc woman. It affects fertility. Saw it up here and had to go and Google search it

  16. I heard cucumber helps BP too. Eat a lot of it. Most pregnant women were advised to eat of cucumbers if they have HPB

  17. home remedy for hbp,,,just aviod salty food,exercise and pls rest well and worry less.It is well.;

  18. Poster 1,Avoid salty food, and canned goods,Relax and exercise.God is in control.You shall testify

  19. Poster 1,take coconut water everyday,its helps to normalize high HP

  20. wetin concern konji with virgin, hope your own no be secondary virgin

    1. Hormones or attraction can trigger "konji"

      Not only secondary na tertiary

  21. Poster 1
    1. Exercise at least one hour daily. If you have been exercising, your BP wouldn't have risen much.

    2. Water therapy. Drink 1.5 litres of water first thing in the morning. Give 1-2 hours gap before your first meal. This works very well.

    3. Eat dinner early. Dinner time shouldn't exceed 5pm. Give 4-5 hours gap between dinner and bedtime.

    4. Eat clean. Purely natural foods. No junk.

    These strategies work.

    Poster 2
    "I just need someone". To do what exactly? To smooch you or sleep with you or what? That is how you people get yourselves in trouble. You are horny and instead of looking for the triggers to put it off, you are looking for "someone". So you think that when you get someone, the horniness will stop. Lol. Please if you need a relationship, get one as a matter of growth not because you are horny. Jesus!

    Possible triggers:
    - Your cycle. Check your calendar and note your ovulation period. It's around that time women get horny the most. So find a passion(s) and delve into it.

    - Food. Certain foods can trigger wetness. Study your body and note the foods you ate around the time you experience wetness and see if they could be part of the culprits.

    -. What are you using to distract yourself? They could even be triggering. Books, movies, etc.

    -. Your mind (thought). This is the main thing that spurs many things in our lives. Watch your thoughts closely. If you are a Christian, when negative thoughts come, counter them with scriptures you've previously memorized.

    Like Stella said, go out and mingle. You'll meet people. But make sure you mingle in the circle of people you'll like to find a spouse.

    Stop seeing horniness as a thing that must be satisfied or a big deal. After all, if Buhari says you should stay one full year ignoring your horniness, and he'll give $1m, you'll tell him to extend it to two years sef. Lol.

  22. Avoid salt and make yourself happy.

    I pray God gives you a good man.

  23. Poster 1, take 4 cloves of garlic first thing in the morning for one month.

  24. Wait for the result honey

    May u find love soon

  25. Poster with BP, wash and boil lemon grass, that night u wil urinate up to 6 times and go check it in the morning. Thank me later.

    1. Those with ulcer cannot try this

  26. Poster 1 Please browse on DASH diet for hypertension. It will help you. Best of luck in your GTC journey.

  27. A virgin can be horny.
    Horny madam pick a hustle now o to be horny & remain a virgin or to have sex & satisfy ur desires
    Sorry madam that is ttc.
    My sister said boiled banana 🍌 peel & drink the water... reduces hbp, zobo drink too is good to cure hbp, but dont add plenty sugar or all those saccharine, use original honey or little cube sugar.

  28. Devil is a liar,how come I didn't open this post since,I need advice on the BP issue,poster if you can get Abamoda leave(I don't know the English name) it's very good that is what I'm substituting with my drugs for now.

    1. Pls which leaf is Abamoda leaf, I'd like to know too

  29. Poster with the high bp, be careful what you try so it doesn't affect your chances of carrying a baby since you are ttc.

    Pls include snail in your diet, snails re not harmful to the feminine system so you can try it.
    They are a good source of Omega-3s which have been shown to improve heart health and reduce the risk of dying of heart disease. They re also a good source of magnesium which our bodies need to maintain NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE and also keep the heartbeat regular. The slimy water of snails work like magic in controlling a high bp, but if you are easily irritated just stick to eating snail. May God come through for you.

  30. High blood pressure doesn’t affect fertility , u can only develop it while pregnant and u will be monitored,I live in d U.K. and I am good with fertility matters even if I am not a doctor and that’s because I suffered infertility before I had my baby, go to Holland and Barrett buy prenatal multivitamin, use evening primerose oil from day 1 of your period and stop at day14 for cervical mucus, buy royal jelly for your eggs.. as long as your husband is ok nd U are ok, u will take in .. hbd doesn’t affect conception, u will take in and be monitored, u might be given low dose aspirin to use because of your age which is over d counter cos of your age and if u have had a miscarriage before or suffer blood clot issues, I used it through out my pregnancy nd stopped a month to delivery.. may God see u through


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