Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Angel Smith Rants About The True Nature Of Some Nigerians...


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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Reality TV Star Angel Smith Rants About The True Nature Of Some Nigerians...

 Big brother naija star Angel Smith is not happy and ranting. I dont know who she might be referring to though.....

As Chief Zebrudaya would say ''Are you are''


  1. If you are not 35 and above then she's not referring to you.

  2. I just love this Angel girl

  3. And what did you do with your "little amount of (woman) power" due to the little exposure power you had?
    You lifted up your skirt to bare your pubic hair and butt before men
    before the whole Africa on camera?
    You fornicated on camera.
    And you are here pointing at others; really?
    And you were never repentant of it.
    What a shame!

  4. This girl does not have sense! Everything is age-related in her world. I was less kind when I was younger, now I have experienced life more and I’m slower to reaction.
    Receive sense madam!


  5. Apt Angel, we have totally lost our conscience in this country it's just all about me myself and i, we have typical examples on this blog always in a hurry to castigate anyone who defends the truth about the state of this country since they are not affected in anyway. I can remember when I was in secondary school far away in the boarding house, I came back to hear about the sudden demise of my elder sister, I learnt she slumped at home and my cousin who was the only one at home with her ran to a neighbour of ours to help take my sister to the hospital this man refused saying that the car belongs to his wife, it was our next door neighbour that came to her rescue. It's well,Lagos is the worst, you prosper your landlord will increase your rent immediately, your neighbours are not left out too you will see it on their facial expressions.

  6. Attaching wickedness to age is just ridiculous. Angel you sef wicked, you have spirit of envy too. A look at yourself before you come online ranting.%SAO%

  7. Angel, ppl attract their kind.

    Change ur ways, if u haven't already.

  8. What has age got to do with wickedness. Her father is 38,she probably referring to her father

  9. E be like say some nuts don loose again for Angel head, make she go visit her doctor abeg


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