Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists - Pregnancy Journey(s).


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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday In House Gists - Pregnancy Journey(s).

 Being pregnant is one of the most life changing things a woman will ever experience.. In fact nothing else compares to this experience!

How was/is your pregnancy journeys? easy? or really bad? were you in bed all time or on your feet and rocked/rocking?

Some women look beautiful when they are pregnant and some look 'different'.

What are the things you learnt/ are learning with pregnancy?

When i was pregnant, i was as black as charcoal -- black and no one who knew me before could recognize me.

When I was pregnant, i learnt that it is possible for spit to fill up a bucket... gosh!

My pregnancy journey scared and changed me and i wondered why no one tells anyone how difficult it really is, I mean that would prepare ones mind.... Pregnancy knocked me off my feet and was one of the most frightening things that ever happened to me but one look at these growing young men around me and hey i will do it again...

Please note that every journey is not the same!

What's your story? Lets gist!!!


  1. WE BUY DEAD INVERTER BATTERY.0814139511321 November 2021 at 14:01

    Can’t wait to be married and start having my own kids from my wife.

    1. From your wife bawo? Whose wife do you want to have kids with before? My uncle's wife?.

    2. He specified the word "wife" because there are camps of incorrigible Baby mamas lousy there.

    3. My first pregnancy was easy and smooth till when I was due and the inactive labour led to emergency CS, but you see the second one, it was different, it was from one thing to another till I had to do elective CS after baby refused to come out weeks after the EDD.

      Pregnancy is not as easy as I thought. I learnt my lessons in the second one.

  2. This is one journey I pray never to experience again.
    I saw pepper 🌢️🌢️🌢️🌢️🌢️ in pregnancy and I am still suffering the effects.
    I hated my body and couldn't wait for the stage to be over.
    Whenever I see babies πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ό, I just aaawww and Ooohhh from afar, I don't carry them before they'll send their brethren my way again.

    1. Your last lineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Lmaoooo. 1 more baby and I am done. 🀣🀣

    3. I confirmed my pregnancy in August and I was excited. Happy that I didn't have to wait long after marriage to be a mother. However, just few weeks into it I discovered I was losing so much weight like I was literally drying up. Then came the Hyperemesis gravidarum...oh I suffered it! Was going in and out of the hospital. Always on admission and would be away from work for weeks.
      At 15 weeks 3 days, I got to work and wanted to use the toilet and discovered my underwear was soiled with blood. I freaked out and quickly alerted my colleague and we called a Doctor who told me to go to the hospital at once that the pregnancy was threatened. I called my husband and that was how we got to the hospital, a scan was carried out and I was given drugs and told to take bed rest for a few days, oh, if only I knew maybe I would have insisted on being closely monitored at the hospital.
      We got home and I observed the bed rest with my husband tending to me. I called the office and asked that they give me the week based on Doctor's advice.
      At 15 weeks 6 days, I was in bed and I wasn't really asleep then I saw someone in form of my husband came to me and laid on my tummy as if trying to play with me. I then noticed he was pressing my tummy and I told him "Babe, you are pressing my tummy" but instead i realised it was on purpose because he wouldn't stop. I started fighting him in an attempt to get him off me, I threw punches physically and I woke. I woke my husband and told him. He prayed and said nothing would happen to myself or the baby. The next day at exactly 16 weeks, I had a very terrible cramp but couldn't understand what it was. I endured the pain thinking it would pass till I tried to use the toilet in the afternoon and something(a blood clot) came out of me and we became alarmed.
      We rushed back to the hospital and the scan showed inevitable miscarriage as my cervix was already open. In all this I was in serious pains, when i found out my condition I cried and hoped for a miracle. Few hours later, my baby passed, I couldn't look at him, he was a boy, he didn't get to live, he didn't get to answer his name, he didn't get to fulfil his destiny, he didn't get to meet us and I couldn't carry him in my hands...
      It was a very painful experience, couldn't sleep at night, I would sit up and just cry my eyes out but God knows best

    4. @Dainty T,we had our babies almost the same time last two years. I'm already on my second missionary journey. Im grateful to God for choosing me as a vessel of honor to nurture this beautiful lives inside of me... but mehn... the nausea and lost of appetite is not here. i only drink hot water since i took in, anything not hot i will be soo nauseous that i will feel like vomiting everything I've eaten. i dont eat my own food except buka amala and goat meat. Today nowhere to get buka food i ate plain white rice in the morning and that's it i won't take anything again till i sleep. my tongue feels like its covered by oil or cement. anything i eat is always tasteless. The tiredness nko, dizziness and constant headaches is another thing I'm battling with. May Jesus see me through in Jesus name. it will end in praise. multiple uterine fibriod and multiple gestation,it can only be God.

    5. Anon 16.40
      God will give you double soonest

    6. Chai,so sorry anon16:40. May God replenish all that has been lost and give you a stress free pregnancy.

    7. Anon 16:40 I feel so sad for what you went through. God Will send you the one that will stay. May such affliction never rise again a second time. May He give you a speedy miracle a make you a mother that your joy be full.
      That was an attack. Be a bit more prayerful if you can

    8. Anon 16.40, your experience is similar to mine though I didn't lose the pregnancy. My husband went for a party in the afternoon, I dozed off and next thing my husband came to the side of the bed and was pressing my stomach with all his strength. I woke up immediately and started praying.

      So sorry about what you went through. The Lord will make you a mum soon and give you double for your loss, amen.

  3. Almost 39 weeks and still spitting. It's not funny at all

  4. My first pregnancy journey was amazing…No early morning sickness and all…I ate like a glutton…After 4years I had another belle,lost it at 4weeks 4days I noticed I was pregnant when I started having serious heartburn but I thank God for life…I hope I get pregnant again

  5. My first pregnancy: I experienced everything; spitting, bloated face, darkened tummy, vomiting, big baby tough labor, etc. I drank coke and co, ate like an elephant etc.

    My second pregnancy and the rest: (cut off refined sugar, tea bags/coffee and all caffeine substances, all soda drinks, ate mostly fruits and veg. and
    a balanced meal at nights -had learned to fast before it -1 month of morning till evening) I experienced
    absolutely nothing but peace. I was glowing, beautiful, labor was relatively uneventful, no drama. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I was totally healthy until I delivered
    a bouncing πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά
    I learned that pregnancy and labor can
    be beautiful and indeed women will be delivered through childbirth if they continue in love, faith and holiness with self control" 1 tim. 2:15.
    I longed for more pregnancies and still longing. My husband says I am more beautiful when pregnant and I know it is true.
    They will all be accommodated in my coaster bus. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. ANG, still longing after five kids?

    3. ANG so you don drink coke before. I was shocked to see you were taking coke in your first pregnancy because with you everything na fasting and water. More babies fall on you, the world needs more people to bring up children in the way of the Lord.

    4. @16:59
      Before Jesus saved me, I was even consuming alcohol; yes. Imagine a 17 or 18 year old girl consuming alcohol and misbehaving.
      Only God knows why I still married a virgin. After salvation, I kept on loading my systems with refined sugar until that first
      pregnancy taught me a lesson. "We are saved everyday. "😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    5. I learned that pregnancy and labor can
      be beautiful and indeed women will be delivered through childbirth if they continue in love, faith and holiness with self control" 1 tim. 2:15.........ehn?

      So in your first pregnancy that you experienced all the natural things that come with pregnancy,it was because you were not continuing in love and faith.
      O ga o

    6. @Darajah
      You are not ready to learn on this blog.
      Did you also read that she "ate like an elephant...?' Is that self control. How is that "natural?"
      And is having a big baby natural?
      She said she did not experience all those again, why not learn the good lessons instead of
      attacking someone for fun?

  6. OK. I think I've shared a bit of mine here before. In a nutshell, first trimester was smooth.

    2nd trimester came with the spitting, food selection (whatever I ate must contain pepper), I couldn't stand some food flavours.

    I took mostly ice cold water cause water at room temp would make me throw up. I experienced weakness too but not severe. I loved palmwine that time ehπŸ˜‚. Something I don't drink on a good day.

    3rd trimester, I was always restless. Sleeping position was war. I'd pile up 3 pillows behind to lift up my head so I can breathe well. It was like when I lay down to sleep, I'd choke. I couldn't eat much like during the second trimester.

    My complexion went from fair to BLACK. See my neck that time eh! I had different reactions on my skin pimples, white patches here and there. I had wrist pain on both wrists. I googled taya. The wrist pain continued till my baby was about 6months or so.

    To crown it all, I had eclempsia at 39 weeks. BP was shooting up on a daily and you know what that means... #proudCSmum. It was a sweet experience sha, forget all those things that happened.

    That's my story "in a nutshell"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Had pre-eclampsia at 22 weeks.
      Was advised to do medical termination. Just got discharged from the hospital on Friday.
      Such a painful experience..
      I know that God will wipe my tears.

    2. @ Duchess sorry for your loss dear, God will wipe away your tears soon.

    3. Amen Duchess,so sorry for what you went through

    4. Hugs to you Duchess, Stay strong and comforted.

      I don hang boots.

      First pregnancy was a breeze

      Second preg, placenta previa, lost the child at 8 months after lots of bleeding and hospital stay plus emergency CS that left a long scar from my navel to my abdomen

      3rd was okay, had a C-section

      4th, okay till 6th month, developed terrible ulcer that made me sooooo Ill till 8months plus when Jesus healed me, had a C-section.

    5. So sorry Duchess. The Lord will make you smile again. It is well. Amen.

  7. My pregnancy was a very hard one. I threw up everyday,I had hemorrhoids, breastpain,multiple surgeries, Pica(I was only eating Ice cubes and sniffing on Sand). I lost almost 15kg in pregnancy. Thank God my baby is well and alive. Women are heros.

  8. Mine was so smooth. No changes. I was just my normal self. 5months done but my tommy wasn't even getting bigger. Just my hips and breast added a bit. Six month gan gan! My village people stricked. To worst of it all, nothing was detected medically. The hospital told me that nothing is wrong with me nor the baby but mehn. I saw hell. Shaa. I thank God that I'm alive and the baby too.

  9. My 2 pregbancies were so smooth. Just that I became so ugly and fat because I ate like a hoodlum. But losing pregnancy fat is a walk in the park for me because I understand my body perfectly. I see babies now and do awwwnn from afar. I no do again biko. Pregnancy is not a problem for me but, labour room and nursing na the koko. I'm back to sweet 70kg from 96kg when I put to bed last year. God bless every mother

    1. 87kg me looking at you like πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜’

    2. Anon14:45 please what did you do?

  10. Children are gift from the Lord whether born in or out of wedlock.

  11. Okay, my first pregnancy was smooth.. didn’t even change much except for the protruding tummy. Was never sick or on bed rest and the snap back was amazeballs too.

    Second pregnancy: Everything was smooth too until it wasn’t. I miscarried.

    Third Pregnancy: I felt everything from discomfort to breach to fear..I shared every bit of my journey here and I have my stupendously gorgeous princess. CS both times plus Evacuation. πŸ’ͺ🏼
    God is too good.

    1. God is good indeed, I hardly even remember my first pregnancy again (ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks).
      May God grant every single person earnestly wishing to carry their child(ren) their heart desire.

  12. My first was easy though with a bit of morning sicknesses here and there but I was able to get by each day. I was able to go to work till a week to my EDD. God is so amazing.

    I pray my next will be easier than the first. Amen.

  13. Oh mine was really bad. Black like charcoal, nose like venza, swollen hands and feet, severe preeclampsia and PIH... I shudder at the thought of pregnancy now. I wish I had twins then. I for don close chapter. Knowing I'll do it again is so frightening. I hope and pray it's different 😴

    1. The nose! Seriously wished I had twins then too.

  14. Mine was smooth. I only vommitted once when I took hospital drugs in the day time, after that, I o ly took the hospital supplements at night and I take my pregnacare in the morning. I think the folic acid and that other reddish supplement given at antenatal clinic contributes to vomiting

  15. My pregnancy journey has been amazing.
    I am trying to enjoy the process.
    From not being able to eat anything in my first trimester to swallowing almost everything now.I was so sick in my first trimester but got better in the second.
    Presently,My face is so fat,my nose sooo big,I pray I will go back to my normal size after childbirth.I am now also sooo dark especially my neck.Having trouble sleeping well due to big tummy.I guess babies become more active when you're resting πŸ€”.
    I pray for safe delivery for all pregnant women and baby dust to all ttc.

  16. 6 months gone but he no easy ooh.
    I'm so dark now with big nose and bloating face. I even add weight.
    But I thank God for his love towards me.

  17. Mine has always been smooth except the normal first trimester nausea and weakness. Also the bloating. I thank God.

  18. I was sick all through my first trimester. I hated sex like shit, I hated sleeping on the same bed with my husband.
    But my second and third trimester was better cos I was strong and healthy till my labour day. ...

  19. Here to learn and get myself prepared. My time is near Amen πŸ™

  20. First and Second pregnancy was so easy.
    Third was difficult from the beginning to the end. I thank God for keeping me and my baby alive. I am through with childbirth. God pls bless those looking for children.

  21. My 2 pregnancies eh ,different stories.brb

  22. Oh how i love to be pregnantπŸ₯°
    My two pregnancies were smooth and interesting. I always radiant when pregnant.

    I get twice fairer than my normal complexion. I always wear makeup when pregnant and make my hair every two weeks.

    People admire alot during that period. And, i have very very small baby bump.

    Best part is our sex life, which is always bomb at such period.

    I wish it can be yearlyπŸ™ˆ. It's been 3years and i sincerely want to be preggy😌

    1. Na wa. Sex during pregnancy always comes off to me as disgusting, really disgusting. It just make me think they are creepy people who would also have sex with their kids sleeping in the same room.

      No way I'll let my husband do that when I'm pregnant.

      Haba! Na wa!

    2. No wonder anon is still bitter single lady, no worry,by the time you marry, you'll come back and tell us if you still have such mindset

    3. Na wa for you.... It's obvious you aren't married and preggy yet.

      Disgusting my foot, as if you have any expertise knowledge to advice against. When you use a reputable hospital and a renowned Doctor and he advices you in that direction, please remember to tell him it's disgusting.

      Every government hospital encourages couples to make while pregnant becos "it is safe" except where the pregnancy is a high risk one.

      Do you even know the sexual urge some women have while pregnant?
      Wait till you are pregnant!!!

    4. Sex during pregnancy is far from disgusting. In fact, a lot of women enjoy it more then and no doctor in the world has ever condemned the act except you have some issues.
      You can choose to not have sex when you're pregnant but don't let others feel bad for doing it.

    5. 17 38 When you marry do as you like. If you say you won't have sex with your husband for almost 10+ na you sabi πŸ‘Œ

  23. My first trimester was annoying, morning sickness and all, vomited till around the 18th week. I was always scared of brushing my teeth, the though alone used to trigger vomiting.
    I had bleeding gums too (my dentist said it was part of the journey so couldn't do much).
    Metallic taste lasted till the day I gave birth, and the speed with which it disappeared immediately after I gave birth is amazing. I always carried a flask filled with iced water around, so I could take sips every few minutes, it really helped minimize having to carry spit or spit around.
    From second trimester till the end, migraine headache and constipation showed me shege.
    All in all, I survived, gave birth to a healthy and thriving child, I'm grateful.
    And oh, the unsightly stretch marks people don't really talk about, wheeww. Mine caught me unaware, didn't know it was already spreading all around my lower belly till my hubby showed me around the 28th week, I wan cry ohh.
    But you see that slaying? Omo I slayedddd till the day I gave birth. My skin glowed throughout pregnancy, no breakouts whatsoever.

  24. Oh gosh! My first was terrible coupled with having a terrible and unsupportive partner. My torture started at exactly 6wks and that’s when I found out for the first time. I was sick as a dog and went to the hospital and boom pregnancy. I couldn’t stand the smell of anything, I throw up and spit like no mans business. I was losing about 10lbs every week. I vomited so much bile that my gall bladder had stones and had to be removed. Anything that goes in must go out. I hated sex, I never had it again throughout my whole pregnancy. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. At 6months the doctors said if I lose 10lbs weekly again I should about because I’m putting my self in danger losing that much weight weekly. I was on 100% bed rest through tour my journey. I had to go in to the hospital every three days for iv fluids. One time I was admitted to the ICU for 2months straight. I looked like a ghost. I was used as a case study. At 7months during nighttime my palms will itch like I drank chloroquine, lab results stated I had cholestasis. So my salt level was so high it was resting on my skin. Doctors said I need to be induced in 24hrs if not baby might not make it due to toxic salt levels. 8pm that day I was induced, that experience is something I can never forget. I labored without epidural because this obgyn lady kept telling me to wait till I’m around 6cm if not the effects would wear off when I need it the most. Every time she checked she’d say it’s 4cm the next thing I was in labor. My people I was pushing and asking for bottles to spit 😒 finally baby came. I was still vomiting and spitting 2weeks after I had baby. They had to put me on some aggressive medication to end it. I forgot to add that during the pregnancy they gave me every medicine in the book to curb the nausea and vomiting but who sigh nothing worked. The patch behind the ears, zofran, then the suppository you put in your booty hole nothing worked.
    I went through all this alone, my husband asked me to leave the house and go stay with my friend because I was irritating him. He was gallivanting town with different girls while I went through the worst phase of my life. The day I was induced he couldn’t come because tuface had a show and he said he has never seen tuface perform. The day I came back home with baby I met him and one of his numerous girls having sex on our bed. My people please endeavor to marry a kind person, when things change they’ll always be kind to you. I didn’t say rich o, I said kind hearted. I left him after 3months cos he wouldn’t stop and never helped with baby anything. My baby never sleep for anything just short naps here and there and always crying. When I manage to fall asleep he’ll wake me up that baby is crying. I left at exactly 3months postpartum from beating me up because I was quarreling him for having time to be going on dates without helping me and my baby.

    1. Phew😴
      Thank God for your life and your baby's ❤️

    2. So sorry for your experience with pregnancy and hubby. It wasn't pleasant for you.

      Sending you e-hugsπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    3. 😳😳😳You really went through a lot! Thank God you are okay and your baby too.

    4. I am so sorry for this...

    5. Jesu Kristi. may we not marry our enemies life partner. poster thank God you came out of it alive. He's a hunch back not husband. He's a 😈 devil incarnate.

    6. So sorry

      You married a wrong person

    7. Wow!! What an unfortunate useless man.
      Thank God you left the foil.

    8. Anon 16.24 I'm deeply sorry for the way your husband treated you & what you went through during pregnancy.

      Please can you write your Chronicle about your marriage so that we can learn from it. Thank you

    9. You really did go through a lot. This your ex is probably from same WhatsApp group with mine

    10. I had the best smooth pregnancy. No morning sickness and vomiting. Sometimes I will even push my brush inside just to experience the vomiting and it will come out small. I was literally doing everything in the house as my husband didn't help. And very fit too as I can trek miles away.....but labour was painful ooooooo. In all I give glory to God and may God bless each and everyone that's looking for fruit of womb. Amen!

    11. 16:24, did he just change and start womanising and being uncaring after you got pregnant?
      There are always signs during courtship but you women stubbornly remain with a useless man. Maybe you thought marriage would change him or a baby would change him.
      If he cheats on you when you are dating, it will multiply after marriage. If he is uncaring while dating, it will get worse after marriage , if he beats you while dating, marry him and prepare to die from beating anytime.
      Some women read your story and their boyfriends do the things you described up there, will they leave him? No. They will him and still come here to tell their own stories. We are always here to read.

    12. My Lord!!!

      I'm so sorry for all you went through.

    13. OMG thank God you at least loved yourself enough to leave the BEAST. May God dry your tears. Women really go through so much. It is disheartening

  25. My first was eventful, but second change hand for me.

  26. My 1st pregnancy wasn't easy for the first 3 months plus. I had hyper something something where i couldn't eat just constantly vomiting.
    I went from a 75kg to a 58kg it wasn't easy o, i thank God cos delivery time i didn't stress at all baby girl came out sharply.

  27. From week one I had fever at nights that comes with serious body temperature

    1st trimester anything that enters the mouth must be vomited else I will be restless until I force my self to trow up, my mum will always advice I eat, that no matter how I trow up that something must be left in the stomach, I always craved fresh fish soup which must be made with much pepper and while eating a bucket must be beside me because last last e go vomit am

    Spiting was for first trimester which was controlled with bitter cola

    My face was like where thunder fire banana tree ( pimples resident)..pimples formed necklace ,πŸ˜‚ my back was not left out

    First trimester I would sleep from morning till evening without putting anything in my mouth

    Brushing was nightmare cos the the vomiting that comes after

    My system was selective anything it rejects will lead to purging

    Me and water were besties

    2nd baby was stress-free

  28. Pregnancy was easy for me. Was at the gym even on my due date. Nothing changed I was up and doing. Went to work till I delivered

  29. My first pregnancy was smooth except the first trimester,the second pregnancy was smooth too even delivery was divine,my third pregnancy was the best,I hardly spit,the only problem I usually have is eczema,cold,and nagging headache especially when the light is on, sometimes back pain when I approaching last trimester,people hardly know iam pregnant till iam up to 5months cause I have a flat tummy,the only thing I hate about last trimester is Braxton Hicks,I thank God labour was very fair and divine in all my deliveries,both 2nd and last,I gave birth 10minutes after getting to hospital,my first labour was 2hours and in deliveries,my water didn't break,but it was very fast,I pray alot while pregnant,I used to intercede alot for pregnant women before I got married,I guess that was while my deliveries were fast

  30. My first 2 pregnancy was easy and smooth.but the 3rd was something else. Vomiting, heartburn.After birth,came external pile.Heartburn is still disturbing me now,my baby is a year and 6months now.I have used all manner of Antacid,it stops for like 1week and continues,now dietians have modified my diet.I am keeping to their rules,but is n't easy at all.I don't want to go through that road again.3kids don do me 4 this economy.
    I am wishing all TTC, supernatural conception, smooth pregnancy ride and a safe delivery.
    All pregnancy mother ,safe delivery.

  31. Please at what stage of pregnancy do you inform your mother?
    It's my first pregnancy, and am 5weeks gone.
    Out of excitement I told my only sister and she told me to shut up that I don't have sense
    Am not suppose to inform anybody till 4months and she ended the call
    Now I haven't told my mum
    Am confused and rely on Google
    I got folic acid yellow tablet thanks to online search
    I can't bend or sleep due to cramps
    I don't know who to guide or tell me what is safe except goggle
    Cause am waiting for four months.
    I hear am to register for antenatal at 3months

    Please when is it right to inform family of pregnancy.
    Am I wrong?

    1. You better tell your mother and husband quick quick. And better go to hospital for antenatal. Dont believe in that 4 months theory to the point of not telling your own mother! Abi is there a problem in your relationship with your mother?

    2. I don't know the nature of relationship you share with your Mum but for me, i told my Mum the very first day we found out we were pregnant.

  32. Am 2months gone
    No sign
    I still do everything I did before I discovered.
    If I didn't do a blood test I won't have believed am pregnant

    Hope it continues till due date

    1. I pray so for you. That'd how mine do,no sign except the my big tommy till delivery

  33. @16:40 that may have been a spiritual attack o.

  34. I had threatened miscarriage during my first pregnancy at 12 weeks,clumps of blood but the doctor was able to stabilised it,placenta privea came in next and I had already zeroed my mind on CS but fortunately for me the baby turned by 5months and it was a smooth journey all thru,I slayed like mad,always on heels to work and I went to work till I gave birth. My delivery was a smooth ride as I gave birth immediately I entered the delivery room,the nurses on duty even sent me back when they saw me with a bag and asked who I was looking for😁😁😁,I told them my mum said I should come and deliver that it is timeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€so naive and I was in my 30's. My second and third and fourth led to miscarriages at 22 weeks since then,now in my forties and still praying to go thru the journey successfully by God's GraceπŸ™

    1. @Wealthy God has had your petitions & it's settled

    2. @ wealthy methuselah. I am sorry about your losses. It seems like you have what’s known as an incompetent cervix (miscarriages usually occur in the second trimester with an already dilated cervix). Please is worth checking out if you are not aware about it yet. There are support groups on it on Facebook

  35. When you say your first, does it mean you went back to him after you left for a second one ?
    I’m curious.

    And ladies, I will forever stand by this : THERE ARE ALWAYS SIGNS , ALWAYS! We just tend to ignore it Money didn’t change him, it brought out his real character.

  36. First pregnancy was uneventful except for the fact that my hair turned red and was falling. The dreadful part was the labour. The pain was out of this world. I slept off in between it and the wicked nurse( I can't forget her) was beating me to not die on her and mar her record. 12 hours of excruciating pain. After birth,i had mastitis ( I'm not sure about the spelling) when she wants to suckle,chai😭😭😭 the pain was out of this world.

    Fast forward to second pregnancy,I had so much emotional turture,i was suicidal. Only positive was that I was dressing chick.
    I was so depressed then. Even at that,I never forgot to talk to my baby everyday, prophesying into her life etc.
    Labor and delivery lasted not more than two hours at most. It came so quick

    Truth be told,I'm not sure I love being pregnant probably from my past two experiences. If I happen to get married,I would rather prefer a man that has a child or two already or wants just one child only( I no get strength to do that long ritual of staying awake cause of a child that will so cry and refuse to sleep, teaching him/her how to sit,crawl,walk etc for many children ahead. That is where the real work is and not just the belle.

  37. Mine was uneventful. No spitting and the likes. I was very dark and robust. labour was very long. After 12 hours, only 4cm dilated, 24hrs, 6cm. I almost had CS but she came out as they were preparing the theater.

  38. My pregnancy journey was smooth. I ate healthily and exercised a lot, walking especially. Took plenty fruits too. I remember one ante natal day we were asked to pee in a bottle for tests. When I brought mine, the doctor told me to go back and bring urine, not water... Lol. I told him that was my urine. It was almost as clear as water.
    My baby came out on my EDD without giving me much stress.
    Baby dust to all TTC and smooth pregnancy and delivery to all expectant moms.

  39. Me keh I’m never having a baby again! My first was okay, my second was traumatic, my village people sent me a doctor from hell who kept shouting at me not to disturb other patient with my cries of labour ha I suffered , my only respite was that labour was quick with just 4 hours. But I suffered oh lord , after labour nko she sewed me up without packing out all the clots finish , I almost bled to death, my stitches were removed again and clots were removed thank God for another doctor who sedated me so I couldn’t feel the pain. Lai lai no more kids eseun

  40. First pregnancy was relatively smooth, I was very active and my bump didn't show till 6 months plus
    Issues - throwing up, itchy skin, hiccups then 3rd trimester a little proteinin the urine plus bp started to rise. I had a csection @ 39 weeks plus 2 days.

    2nd pregnancy- miscarriage @ 9 weeks.I was going for walks every evening for 20 mins. I got home one day and started bleeding.

    3rd pregnancy- started showing @ 9 weeks. Turned out it was a twin pregnancy. Every thing was double double. I had serious nausea, diarrhoea, gestational diabetes, stomach was huge though I wasn't fat. My nose was huge, my mouth nko? Breast and stomach was dark. Hmm, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't walk properly at some point. Csection @ 36 + 2 days.

    In all I thank God, that chapter of my life is closed. May the Lord bless those trusting God for the fruit of the womb and make the journey smooth for those already pregnant, amen.

  41. Pregnancy was smooth, only symptom was fatigue, didn't have early morning sickness. Also had reflux, myths said cause baby will have did show up with a head full of hair. No space all hair.
    I drank 3l of water daily...walked 10k steps 5 times a week...worked till the weekend baby came.
    Had swollen feet last month though.

    Labour was smooth, had contractions early morning, got to the hospital and was 2cm...asked for epidural and pain no be friends.
    With epidural...felt no pain. From 1st contraction to baby out was tear, no bruise, wawu...I give God thanks o.
    My princess is growing beautifully in God's presence.


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