Stella Dimoko Wicked Husband On The Run After Cutting Off Wife's Two Hands..


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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Wicked Husband On The Run After Cutting Off Wife's Two Hands..

What a brutal attack!!!

Police in Kenya are currently pursuing a man who allegedly attacked his 22-year-old wife following a quarrel, and chopped off her hands after a quarrel, before escaping on a waiting motorcycle.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in a statement on Monday, November 1, said the appalling incident happened in Busia’s Butula sub-county on Sunday evening. As detectives search for the cruel husband identified as Benard Ouma, the victim, Janet Auma is being treated at the Busia County Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Auma’s mother Modesta Awino said the two had not known peace since her daughter moved in with Ouma two years ago. She was just 20 at the time.

The couple share a one-year-old baby. Ms Auma and Mr Ouma dated just for a few months before they started living together. Auma’s parents were against their relationship because they felt their daughter was too young for marriage. “Their marriage flew into headwinds just months after they started living together. We have tried telling her to quit the relationship but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” Ms Owino told The Standard at the county hospital where her daughter is admitted in critical condition.

“Theirs has been a tough relationship. Not once, not twice, not thrice has her husband beaten her senselessly. In fact, we have lost count of the times they have fought and she has always ended up sustaining serious injuries. She would come home after being beaten but interestingly, she would always go back to her husband after recovering

“In the latest incident, on Monday, Ouma and Auma fought 10 days ago. My daughter packed her bags and left. I told her there was no way I was going to allow her to return to her violent husband. I feared for her life,” said Owino.

It is alleged that Ouma followed his wife to her parents’ home and attacked her before fleeing using a motorcycle. He is also said to have slashed her on the thighs and head with a machete he was armed with.

On the fateful day, Ms Owino said, she had sent her daughter to collect firewood behind the house so they could make breakfast when Ouma, reportedly pounced on her. “I heard Auma screaming. I rushed to where she was picking firewood and found her lying in a pool of blood, unconscious. Her hands had been chopped off and she was bleeding profusely. The left hand lay beside her and the other one had been chopped into pieces. I saw her husband escape on a motorcycle. I saw him. He was still holding the machete he used to attack my daughter. He wanted to kill her,” Owino claimed.

They took Auma to the county hospital that is 15 kilometres away from their home in Burinda village in Butula Constituency.

Auma’s grandmother Margaret Atieno said: “My grandchild had a promising future. She wanted to become a teacher. The attack has shattered her dreams.”

She said boda boda riders arrived, after hearing the screams, ready to lynch the attacker but he had already left.

“It would be a different story had the riders caught up with him. They would have killed him,” said Atieno.

“She may have gotten married at a young age but she was hardworking and we all knew she would continue to pursue her dreams, even from her husband’s house. But will that be possible now that she is without hands?

“This is sad and may Auma’s attacker never know peace. We are calling on the police to speed up investigations and make the author of this heinous act face the full force of the law.”

Joseph Oduor said he has always intervened whenever his cousin and the husband were in a quarrel.

“It never occurred to me that their differences would get this serious. We fear the suspect could launch another attack if he is not arrested swiftly,” Oduor said.

Bumala sub-county police commander Jacob Chelimo said they have already launched investigations into the incident. Chelimo said they are following some crucial leads and he was positive they would soon catch up with the suspect.

The officer called on the public to volunteer information that will lead to the arrest of the suspected attacker.

“We are doing everything possible to have him arrested and be prosecuted,” said Mr Chelimo.

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  1. This is so heartbreakingπŸ’”,the guy must be jailed.

  2. Kenya just dey overtake the rest of Africa in everything, followed by Zimbabwe.

    It is well in that country

  3. Obara Jesus Christ 😳😳😳. That man is heartless. Let justice prevail.

  4. What is wrong what some people???😭😭😭

  5. That Kenya sef! I hope they are ok in that place?

  6. Lord have mercy!!!

    Two hands gone like that. Na wa o

    **Unapologetic Babe**

  7. It is crystal clear that the man in question is a psychiatric patient who was left to be roaming the street. It is high time government started doing psychiatric test as requirement for wedding, this will help to curb such incidents.

    1. You think it's the first time they fought? Well, marriage means everything for African women.

    2. It means everything oo my dear. I feel so sad for African women honestly it’s quite pathetic.

    3. That feral human had no business getting married

      Marriage doesn't cure craziness

  8. Its no longer South Africa, now its Kenya these days. Women has become endangered species more than ever before

  9. This is so sad, i pray for quick recovery.

  10. This is pure HATRED....
    Im speechless sef.

  11. Oh my God.. This is heartless..

  12. How can a woman not love herself like this??,a Man she calls her partner is beating her like a goat, and she manages to run away for a few days,before u know it she has gone back to stay with that same man that almost killed her.most times neighbors will even stop interfering in their fights cos they will settle and make the ones who advised her to run away from the man their enemies.Women value urselves please.Marriage is not a do or die affair.imagine if the man had killed her,she will have died for sad.

  13. Jesus Christ...this is quite scary, many really are mad. I've always advised ladies to run from violence in marriage. Chai, so painful.

  14. OMG!!! new day new levels of wickedness. Is that man not mad like this. Hmmmmm women be on the look putooo, some wickedness is not ordinary, if ur enduring endure with sense. May we not marry men that will kill is in any way

  15. @09:39, thank you jare, they will say Christianity hate divorce, I laugh πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ In Spanish. I should die in marriage bcos of religion, look now she is deformed and her gal will also feel the pain.

    1. You won't see all those 'puritans' in this post!
      They would rather the lady be killed in 'the marriage to go to heaven'.
      Rubbish and Gumi.

  16. This is the second time I have read of something like this out of Kenya. First story I saw was a woman who didn't give birth and it was the man who was infertile and he knew it and still maimed the wife and took off like a coward same way.

    Beyond evil. And she has a baby, his baby. Honestly, the same should be returned to him. Time in prison is nothing for a crime like that.

  17. The maΓ± no normal. His aim was to kill her.

  18. The only wey to settle this score is to cut off his dick medically so he survives but dickless then he can be tortured


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