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Monday, December 06, 2021

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Yes I have, and I did. We're good friends now.πŸ™‚

  2. Ha! I can't type that here o, una go link me to my 'Chronicle of a BV'.

    1. Lol !
      We got your back, nobody go link you, with anything, oya talk am.....

  3. Nope. instead someone hurt me deeply and I hope he regrets it.

  4. Yes...

    I didn't defend him publicly when I could and he had helped me in the past.

    Oh well, I later made up with him.

    I learnt a big lesson

  5. I usually apologize when someone tells me of my wrongs. That's all I can remember.

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  7. She was my very close , I noticed she was so close to my bf while we were dating and after we broke up .... she was just too close to him . He called her while she was in my room , I passed the phone to her and saw the caller , she never told me he called her , she just went out to receive the call .....,,, the story too long but I really disgraced her that day . I had to apologise to her because I just could not believe I was capable of insulting someone like that to the extent she fell seriously sick and her write up on her status really got to me heart no too strong

    1. Awwww chai, just look at the chaos a penis bearer is causing. But she might not have actually been messing with your man although their closeness was sus.

      This story is very juicy come and give us full length gist, specifically the insults you heaped on her and what she wrote on her status afterwards.

    2. Side eyes @snarkerπŸ˜‚

    3. 🀣🀣🀣 u gave her hbp

  8. My best friend. She came all the way from Ibadan when I had my first child, but I couldn't attend her wedding cos I was pregnant with my second, and I didn't tell her why, I just didnt go,I gave birth the following month, and she asked why I'm hiding the pregnancy from her,maybe she's a witch, since almost 6 years now, she stopped picking my calls, I know I did bad,but she didnt give me another chance, there's 90 percent sure that she's a bv, babe if you're reading,I'm still sorry

    1. My friend did this to me but in another twist..

      I got married before her and she was my best lady. During my introduction we both did my market runs together, but she was out of town during my wedding shopping so I went with my elder sis.

      After the wedding I relocated to another state but we were in constant touch, sharing minds and et all even to my in-laws issue, it was time for her wedding I couldn't attend but my siblings and mum represented me well. Our friendship made our family friends.

      When I was pregnant for my second baby I told her and she jokingly said if it's a girl I will name her after her which I agreed turned out to be a boy, I even told her my birth month, we were that close or so I thought.

      On her second wedding anniversary, I was with her on phone and I asked her if she's pregnant, she laughed and told me my friend God will do it 😒😒😒it broke my heart and I prayed sincerely for her and even promised her that though I couldn't attend her wedding I will make it up whenever she puts to bed.

      A month later I got a call from her that she just put to bed now 😳😳😳I was so shocked, I congratulated her and I called her the next morning to say hello and that was it.

      Only for her to chat me up that I am a very terrible friend, that I didn't care for her and the baby plus plenty things, I couldn't take it I told her my mind and how disappointed I am in her, that I thought we are friends this lady went ahead to say so because I didn't tell you about my pregnancy, is it by force to share that part of her life with me?😲😲😲I reminded her how I carried her along during mine but she still didn't realise what she did so I just left her, it's been about 7months now and I have stopped communicating with her.

    2. My childhood friend also did this to me. This is someone that knew when I was pregnant, when I gave birth, we talked every week from the second day of my delivery back then. She gave birth to twins and she didn't tell me, I don't even mind if she did not tell me while pregnant, I know Nigerians but she gave birth and I saw her post on a facebook group that I belong to. I thought I was dreaming, I had to call her to be sure she was the one, she confirmed it and that was it.
      I did not call her again since that day, I would have unfriend her on Facebook but I want to take my revenge. I will also do something big without her knowing like giving birth or relocating to another country. She too will see it on social media and feel like I felt. So much for a childhood friendship. I have cut off from her abeg.

    3. It's very hurtful especially as you were close and I believe she had genuine love for you.. Also your apology should be heartfelt. Do not let it be about you but what your friendship meant and how much it hurt her. All the best.

    4. Ya'll reasons for being pissed is justifiable. But let's always remember people are different. People relate with each other on different levels. My day one niggy has three kids and apart from his first child, I only got to know about the arrival of his other kids whenever his wife put to bed(we only see few times in the year due to distance.) The thing is, I never felt bad and we are cool like that. Now to the irony; when my woman took in, he was one of the first few I shared the news with. Of course I should have equally returned the favour but I chose not to...let's not be in a hurry to lose great relationships easily. I later got to understand the reason he kept it personal was because they had fertility challenges after the first child and so they took the decision to keep their affairs private. It could hurt when our besties keep us second guessing and its fine. To avert such emotions, focus on the brighter shade πŸ™πŸ½

  9. One time during my IT, met this really cool girl. We became friends quickly. Almost everyday at work, she'll have menstrual stain behind her. Someone will quickly alert her and she'll go freshen up. It went on for some time. One day, I was like "this your period nor dey finish sef?!"... She just laughed it off. Later, she called me crying, and was like she's constantly on her flow and she's been on many treatments, all to no avail. Omo! I just wanted to die. But we are very good friends now. Her parents flew her out of the country for one treatment like that, and it worked. She's married now and a proud mom! Love you Shulz❤️

  10. Yep I have and I deeply regret it. I was very young and very stupid, not an excuse but I didn’t know the implications of what I was doing.

  11. I can't remember any for now, may be I actually haven't hurt anyone 🀷‍♀️

  12. I apologize once I realize that I’m wrong..

  13. I ghosted my best friend. We had a misunderstanding and I just cut her off. She tried to reach out to me once but I still ignored her. Few months later, I was looking at our pics together, remembered the good times and all that. I tried to reach out to her but I didn't get a response so I felt she was still mad at me. I had to contact one of our mutual friends and she told me my friend passed away but her family are trying to make it hush hush. I cried so much. Life is indeed too short for fights and quarrels.

    1. This is so sad. Lemme reach out to the friends I cut off for some flimsy reasons. I can be petty at times sha, it ain't worth it mehn

    2. @Shooter awwwwn God bless you for being sincere,

    3. Stella, this post is really deep...I won't dive in today

  14. Yes, yes, yes. And we made amends. Not just one person.

  15. I try to always apologise when I am wrong and make amends.

    #christmas# # harmattan# is in the air . I am excited, I love Christmas πŸŽ„ 😍.

  16. SDK Thanks for this post. ....Once I wrong anyone, whether young or old,I will look for a perfect time to seek redress and forgiveness.

  17. Yes,I can apologize if am wrong.

  18. I don't hold on grudge for long. I stsy mute or lock up

  19. Yes. When I was younger, I hurt my bestfriend, it has caused a strain between us up till now. I'm still regretting it, I wish I were wiser.

  20. when I hurt someone who is so dear to me, Omo peace of mind is always far from me onti6i apologize to the person. But if it's some else, I have that person attitude "I DON'T CARE"

  21. Nope! I am careful about that

  22. No. Except if it was done in ignorance. If you tell me. I will immediately beg for your forgiveness.

  23. Whenever I hurt someone, there is this guilty feeling that won't let me have peace until I apologise. If someone hurts me and refuses to apologise, I won't be at peace, I would keep reporting the person till he or she apologizes and my mind would be free.

    There is an aunt who hurt me so bad and still keeping malice with me on top, I would call and she would not pick, I reported to other relatives buy she is adamant, I have let her be but sometimes I think, what if one of us dies, what would be our fate?.

  24. Never hurt anyone and will never hurt anyone, I was deeply hurt by someone, I was the one that apologized for peace to reign, I hate malice with everything in me. I'm always apologizing because I love peace and my sanity

  25. If o wrong you, I apologise at once. My heart is too soft to carry any grudge.

  26. Sometimes, all you may need to be happy and fulfilled in life, could just be to make peace with your very past, the very ones you hurt.

    Years back, I stepped on some toes and I think I made some wrong acts that hurt some persons. Though not all were intentional, yet it still doesn't exonerate me from them all.

    In retrospect, I really feel and wish I had done better. There are some I reached out to but the ones I couldn't, I still wish to see them and make peace with them. I still feel the guilt each time I remember them.

    I desire true peace and fulfilment in life.

  27. I always apologies and make amends

  28. No,i haven't hurt anyone. I don't hold grudges,i apologise if i am wrong.

  29. I got into a fight with hubby
    Mistakenly pushed him he got badly injured....
    Seeing the scar daily makes me feel very bad after 10years

    1. Whenever you share a kiss with your husband, kiss his scar...don't beat yourself up

  30. I have wronged a lady many years ago and I wish I could see her to make amends, though I have sought forgiveness from God. It's been 21years but my heart really wish to see her.

  31. Na dem dey hurt me oo. I had a bestie then who i could do anything for cos she helped me out when i needed it most. My younger sister was very sick, there was nobody at home just me and her and this my friend came along and gave me some money to take my sister to the hospital. I was so grateful for all she did and felt indebted to her. Fast forward to some years later and life was kind to me, i had a good job and money wasn't a problem and I made sure I helped her out anytime she needed my help, it now became a routine like say I be her boyfriend. I wanted to get married and this friend of mine was demanding for her house rent from me. I told her I had expenses to run this time and I won't be able to give her, na there wahala start, she didn't come for my wedding, when i confronted her, she said she doesn't know the road to my house anymore. I just had to cut her off when she called me to ask of my baby and I told her I lost her, she laughed so heartily and said 'i just know' and chuckled. I felt chills all over my body. I ended the friendship that minute.

    1. That was a terrible person! I also realise that some people feel so entitled! They always ask and cannot even be thoughtful for once. I also had to cut some people off and relate with them from a distance. I can't stand jealous people. I had a cleaner that bought a crate of eggs for me to thank me for what I do for her. I was touched! She did not say to herself, "this woman can afford it". It was like a million naira in my eyes. I cherished the gift because of the thoughtfulness and sincerity. I realise that a good person is a good person from the heart.

    2. Jesus Christ!!! That lady is evil personified.

  32. Yes I have and I made amends.

  33. I have hurt my mum before and i apoogized when i realised my mistakes.. I thank God we are best of friends now.
    Also my former boss, i wasn't there for her when she needed me, i thank God thats it all settled now and we are on good terms.. Thank you Lord for a humbling heartπŸ™

  34. My blood really hurt me and it is so heartbreaking despite the way I love him😞😞,can't still wrap my head around the fact that he and the wife hid their pregnancy from me despite the running around I did during the first one,so painful can't say muchπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  35. Yes I never got the chance to apologize coz he died on the 5th of January 2017, worst day of my life. I still regret it till tomorrow.

  36. None that I can remember. But that doesn't mean someone somewhere didn't feel I hurt them. But consciously, I am very apologetic for every wrong.

  37. I wronged one of my cousins in those years when I was still young(15yrs old), we had one of our many fights while holidaying in our family house one December, after beating me like I was a kidnapper, in order to get back at her, I cussed her out with a secret that they kept away from her in the family, she became sober at once and said no wonder, then burst into tears. I regretted my actions immediately and wished I could take back the words. She wept. That issue caused a friction between her mum and mine, I later knelt down and begged her and her mum in the presence of the elders but the deed had been done. She now lives in one African country. She cut off from me and my siblings and my mum. we now say only 'hi' to each other if we meet at any family celebration. It hurts me till tomorrow, I feel so sorry for what I said, I wish I never said it to her.

    1. That was a terrible thing to do. If you are truly repentan and have sincerely asked for forgiveness, please move on and live your life in a better way.
      What you did was hurtful but you cannot live in guilt. Pray for her still. She can decide to stay away from you which is out of your control.

  38. Yes I did but everything is fine now.

  39. Yes,
    I have hurt a family,
    No, I didn't not make physical amend.

    This happened over 14 years ago,
    and it has become one very huge guilt on my mind,
    I was young and foolish ,
    In my Dad's Church those days ,
    Four of us ( Teenagers) was assigned to go honour another church invite for their Anniversary,
    Our Church was invited for many Church program that day,
    So, they had to appoint members available to different Churches,
    I was the oldest on my team,
    I was given #1500 ,
    #1000 for the envelope used in inviting our Church ( the envelope was addressed to our Church) ,
    the remaining #500 was meant for our transportation,
    I had about #200 on me too,
    I did not know the way to the church we were sent to,
    But one of the teenage on my team who has been to the other church said She know how to get there,
    Unfortunately, She got us lost,
    We suffered so much,
    We were just going around in circle, Bike riders did not even help the matter,
    We took different bike just to locate the Church yet,
    We kept getting lost.
    We wasted almost all the money trying to locate the place,
    I was left with #400 ,
    After all the frustration, I decided that we should go back home,
    On our way trekking back to the bus stop to board a bus home,
    We saw the Church,
    I was relieved ,
    and I did something very very stupid,
    I removed #300 from the remaining #400 and put #100 into the envelope,
    I gave the envelope used in inviting our church to a young usher ( about my age , about 15/16 years ) who we saw outside the Church and went back home,
    even the #300 naira wasn't enough to take the four of us back home,
    We took bike to where it can get and trekked the remaining distance home.
    I didn't report what happened to anyone and life went on.

    The next Sunday to my Surprise,

    The elder who gave me the money,
    with all anger reported the Usher to me,
    He was like
    " See that Usher you gave the envelope to in that Church I sent you to IS A BIG THEIFπŸ˜”,
    Can you imagine when He dropped the envelope it was just #100 that was inside"

    " The boy removed #900 and dropped #100"

    "I saw the Church Treasurer who told me that that as big as our church is, it was just #100 that our church could put in the envelope they used in inviting us, that He was shocked when the usher from their church dropped the envelope "

    My Church elder didn't even considered that the error might had been from me,
    (He trusted me too much, my Father is the head of the Church,so I was expected to have the best behaviour)
    He asked the other church treasurer who was his friend to take him to the young Usher's house,
    and the young Usher and His Mum was embarrassed,
    He was called a thief πŸ˜”!
    and almost all the members of his church got to know what happened,
    Because my Church elder was all fire in calling the innocent boy a thief πŸ˜”!

    When the elder in my church told me the height he had gone,
    I was ashamed ( still am ) and I couldn't even explained what really happened and I acted shocked ( GOD FORGIVE ME PLEASE).

    This incident has been living in my head since then,
    I have asked for forgiveness from GOD many times.
    that my Church elder is late now,
    I no longer live around where it happened,
    I pray
    May the young Usher and His Mum find Comfort, Peace, Wealth and lot of love wherever they may be,
    I pray them divine Fulfilments in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.
    I am deeply,truly Sorry.
    I am at fault.


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