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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Doctor Freaks Journal - My Omicron Experience

Recently, news filtered in that there was another variant of COVID-19 and typical of an "African Christian" like yours faithfully, I simply "confessed, it's not my portion."

Nigerians and the friends of Nigeria wailed, the UN Secretary-General lent his voice to the protestations. Other well-meaning nations and most importantly, the Conservatives spoke for Nigeria. The Aviation Minister fought back and our former colonial masters back pedaled. The ignoble policy was reversed and hope was rekindled. I quickly called my agent and directed him to put me on the next available flight and pronto, I was good to go.

The bad news came at about 12.00midnight just the night before my rescheduled flight when I received my PCR test result. Behold I tested POSITIVE! How did I take it? You really don't want to know. What came to my mind wasn't the flight that I was going to miss, it was whether I was going to live or not. What a feeling! I called my wife first. She was scared but she was able to pull herself together and proffer a solution right there and then. Her words were as soothing as the balm of Gilead. She stood by me all through and I managed to sleep in snatches that night.

 I was afraid of sleeping because I "dreaded sleeping and not waking up" since I didn't know how severe it was, coupled with all the myths surrounding the virus and its effects. At the back of my mind I knew that I had taken the 2 shots (vaccine) and I was even in the process of getting boosted. In any event, the following morning as early as 8.00am I had driven to the nearest solution centre.

 I had to drive since I live alone in one of my two jurisdictions, but I wore 2 face masks so as to protect others. I approached the people on duty and they looked unruffled which got me scared. 

The feeling was like are these people not scared that something bad might happen to "my enemy?" They were like yours is another the tenth we are treating this week and that shored up my courage level. I became confident and I started my treatment immediately. I observed all the orthodox and conventional procedures simultaneously. I drank all the boiled lemon plus ginger plus garlic, etc in addition to my "oyinbo" medicine. By day 3 I did a lateral test and tested NEGATIVE. 

I followed it up by taking another test a day after, same result. It did not end there, I eventually took a PCR test yesterday and behold, it was NEGATIVE still and now I'm fit to travel.

Let somebody should hallelujah!

Interestingly, I never exhibited any of the known symptoms throughout. My ordeal. I even ate more during the period because I didn't lose my sense of taste. I could smell still. No headache. Maybe mild cough and sneezing. I have never doubted the existence of the virus though, but now I can authoritatively confirm that it is real and I can hazard a guess that my status (vaccinated) in a way made the virus inactive throughout.

COVID-19 virus is real. Please stay safe.

Its Kunle....


  1. Hi Kunle,
    Let me ask you one simple question as "a typical Nigerian Christian"
    When last did you break bread; Holy Communion (with unleavened bread and vine drink; see Luke 22, Acts 2:46, Psalms 91:5-6, 1 Cor. 11:22-30)?

    I have noticed that it is easier for "typical Nigerian Christians" to drink all the "lemon juice, garlic, ginger" and even "agbo" but they find it difficult to drink and eat the one Jesus prescribed.

    1. Why are you always so quick to judge others?

  2. Thank God for your healing.
    Covid 19 is sooooooo real. I'm a living testimony. Next month I will go for vaccine.
    Stay safe my people.

  3. More than 100,000 residents in the UK, caught the virus as of last week, according to government.statistics and Sage UK, so if you are planning on coming to the UK, make sure you are vaccinated at the most..stay safe and happy holidays..thank God it was mild for you, Kunle and thanks for the write-up.

  4. Corona virus is real. Protect yourself by wearing your face masks

  5. Thank God for quick recovery..


  6. No, your 'status' did not affect the virus I any way.

  7. hallelujah hallelujahhallelujahhallelujah

  8. I am double vaxxed, not eligible for booster yet cos my second dose is less than 6 months. I tested positive last week, i believe it's the omicron variant. I did not lose my sense of smell or taste though I lost my appetite and I have lost 5 pounds in 6 days. It started with intense muscle aches, body pain, fatigue, diarrhea, fever and feeling nauseous. Then next day, congestion, slight cough joined. The ache was so severe even the high mg of ibuprofen the doctor prescribed did not work. Thank God for prayers. I told my husband, please pray for me this pain is too much. It was while he was praying the aches ceased. Thank you Jesus. I'm still recovering but thankful I'm stronger now and the congestion has eased up. And also thankful to God my preschooler did not get infected because my husband also got infected but as we didn't have any help,we still had to care for him and could not do much with avoiding him. I never doubted the existence of covid but after my vaccination, I became lax and was at various gatherings where I eventually got infected. I even stopped wearing a mask in the grocery store. Infact I was still 'yimuing' to our medical director at work who was telling us how contagious Omicron is and how important it is to get the booster. Now that I've learned my lesson, no more afojudi, vaccination does not mean one should not take precautions. I will mask up, sanitize well and maintain a safe distance from others. If you get infected, take vitamin c with zinc, drink a cocktail of ginger, lemon and honey, boil water or say in a hot shower and inhale the steam (if you can handle it, add eucalyptus oil to the water), take pain relievers or cold medicines (theraflu, alka seltzer) as needed and get a lot of rest. Ofcourse pray, you'll be fine.


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