Stella Dimoko Nigerian Police Graduate From Searching Phones To Searching Sealed Envelopes..


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Monday, December 13, 2021

Nigerian Police Graduate From Searching Phones To Searching Sealed Envelopes..

Who tore this envelope? Just continue reading!


A document was sent to me in a sealed envelope by a client from Enugu. He sent it through a popular transport company. While collecting the document, I saw that it was torn open as shown in the picture. I queried the driver as why he opened an envelope that was sealed. He told me that he was not the one that opened it, he showed to me other documents in sealed envelopes that were torn open. I became interested to know who opened them.

He said that the policemen along Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway on stop and search took all the envelopes containing mails dispatched through him, tore them open and checked contents of the envelope. He said they specifically requested for any envelope containing any parcel from drivers and opened it to check the contents

The Nigeria Police Force are really losing it.

This is one crude and annoyingly stupid method of policing. The police have now graduated from searching people's phone to tearing open envelope containing documents and mail. If truly there is need for such, can't there be scanners to use to know whether a sealed envelope contains anything of interest than tearing and searching documents.

 Just like NDLEA has undercover agents in all courier companies, the Nigeria police can dispatch undercover agents to bus stations where in conjunction with management of these transport companies that provide courier services, the police can discreetly check items before they are packaged and dispatched.

To stay on the road, collect envelopes, containing documents and tear those envelopes open just to see if it contains 'contraband' is worrisome and offends all sense of decent and civil policing anywhere in civilized nations of democracy. Recently, a policeman on the road demanded my medical report with which I obtained my tinted permit. I told him such document is not to be carried as part of car particulars and that he should check with their department to see it.

The Inspector General of Police must issue strong directives to this effect. It is time we reviewed the kind of training some of these police men are given at the police academy to tone it with internationally accepted practice. It is conceded that policing in developing countries cannot be the same with those of developed countries, but there are minimum civilized conducts expected of policemen all over the world. 

Tearing private envelopes open on the highway is too crude and rude.

 This is totally unacceptable.

Written by Stanley Chukwu.

They are looking for money in the Envelopes....


  1. Nigeria my country. The more we look. The less we see. Lord please give us a good and educated leader

  2. This is not new to me anymore

    They stop me each time I pass through that ikolaba school at Ibadan when ever am going to sango area.

    They stopped me sometimes ago, checked my bag and demanded for my phone but I didn't give the idiot my phone oo...he threatened me but for where, I told him, I only gave you the opportunity to search my bag because I needed to behave well but this time, do whatever you like, you won't gain access to my phone.

    We were on this for a very long time before I called someone who is a senior office on the NPF before the idiot let go of me

  3. Replies
    1. Imagine. Useless people.
      Absolutely useless.
      I don't even know which one I detest more: Demons or nigerian police.
      Useless people.

    2. Ahh demons ni oo. Na demons dey use some people like Nigerian Police. Lord help us

  4. So unprofessional..they would have seized the envelope if it was money it contained.

    1. That's what they were looking for na, useless people, but who sends money with Chisco Motors when there are bank accounts????

  5. This is all shades of wrong! I pray they are stopped and we get better sooner than later

  6. The driver is actually correct. I have seen it happen as well. Sealed parcels were opened, envelopes were torn as well. It was a very popular transport line. The driver immediately placed a call to the office to inform them about what happened.

  7. Very rude and annoying people.
    Nigeria Police are too annoying, that's how my brother in law had to lie to them that he was carrying something that could make them go blind if they open one small parcel that he helped his cousin carry to Sokoto.
    He said that they allowed him keep it immediately he said it. I was surprised that they could be afraid of something.

  8. Oh my God!, it has gotten to this, hmmm 🇳🇬 my country

  9. Same thing happened to me last week
    I took photos and sent them to the sender.
    I'm grateful my documents didn't fall out and get lost.
    What a country!

  10. Nigeria police are the worst set of people to encounter or have issues with.. why open a sealied envelope in the absence of the owner. God help us in this country o
    Don't even know what else to say. Nothing is safe anymore

  11. Lots of things are happening in this country .

    God Save us

  12. And I even want to send a parcel like docs to Abuja using gig or any good company. With this now sef I confuse.

  13. If you can please go for DHL or FedEx avoid stories that touch

  14. These people never fail to disapoint us!

  15. The Nigerian police force is a big joke! Very useless set of people who do not even know their core duty.

  16. Let's continue to speak up one day Nigeria will be great again.

  17. The state of things in this country is really worrisome 😢.

  18. Nigeria my country
    It's well with thou

  19. I can confirm this is so so true! The bus I travelled in few weeks back experienced same!

  20. Nigerian police are not human beings


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