Stella Dimoko Nigerian Reps Consider Bill To Fund Unemployed Youths In Nigeria..


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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Nigerian Reps Consider Bill To Fund Unemployed Youths In Nigeria..

The House of Representatives in Nigeria on Wednesday December 8,2021, passed through second reading, a Bill seeking to create funds that will be used to provide financial support for Nigerian youths to tackle the worrisome unemployment and under-employment in the country.

Titled: “a Bill for an Act to make Provision for the Establishment of Youth Entrepreneurship Development Trust Fund and a Management Team to Administer the Funds; and for Related Matters (HB. 1448),” the proposed legislation is sponsored by Rep. Farah Dagogo from Rivers State.

In his lead debate, Dagogo said when passed into law, the legislation would not only stem the ugly trend of unemployment and under-employment being currently experienced by youths in the country but also serve as financial succour for them and bolster the country’s dwindling economy.

The lawmaker explained that the Bill considers the relevance of the youths in the society as paramount as it is hoped that the proposed Youth Fund law would provide a vehicle for assured socioeconomic security for them.

”Ensure reduced unemployment, diminish social vices and produce a confident and global worthy citizen in the average Nigerian youth”.

“This Bill to me is one of the catalysts that would stem the tide of some of the hostilities, we are currently experiencing in this nation, especially from the youths of our great country, who represent about half of our entire population and over 40% of whom are currently unemployed or under-employed, but are no doubt referred to as the emerging leaders of the nation.

“This bill seeks to create a fund which shall be used to provide financial support for Nigerian youths with entrepreneurship skills, and provide a vehicle for assured socio-economic security as well as galvanise them to become self-reliant, employers of labour and captains of industry. The ‘Youth Fund’ will not only diminish unemployment and the social vices that characterize the Nigerian society today but would also serve as a strong indicator that the country is very particular about its youths and has them in its plan.

“The Nigerian state needs to protect its own, the youth, who arguably constitutes more than half of the country’s population and are the future leaders.

“There is no gainsaying that the youth have been obliterated; we have a colony of them suffering from unemployment or underemployment and the state is aware and not oblivious of this fact. Year in and out, thousands of Nigerian youths are churned out of tertiary institutions but the state does not have enough carrying capacity to empty them into.

“This is indeed a big challenge because the idle mind would always be the devil’s workshop. This fact has led to the pendency of crimes and criminality in the society. This bill intends to cure those ills,” Dagogo said.

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  1. Good one. We have so many potentials wasting because of lack of finance, it is a right step in right direction.

  2. Let it be done without one man gulping half of the alloted amount into his bottomless pit stomach.

    Nigerian politicians are opportunist

    1. 🀣🀣🀣 @ bottomless pit stomach. Never a dull moment on sdk blog sha.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol @ bottomless pit stomach

  3. A welcome development. I hope it comes through though. Good morning Stella mama

  4. I sincerely hope they do as they say

  5. I actually dont like this. The funds will still go to them and their family members. They should just make Nigeria work again. Ensure dollars is made available for business men and women, reduce clearing stress and cost, improve electricity, improve security and you'll see unemployment rate drop like magic. I'm sure they know all this though. They'll still do what they want

    1. you just typed what I had in mind. lol.
      They only initiated a bill to create an avenue to loot more money

    2. Thank you @Anon Dee

      These people and their wayo. I wonder why they can't just make things work.
      Look at the issue of subsidy removal being proposed for next year. Initially, they said there's nothing like subsidy o... Let's leave that one for now

      How will they determine the 40m poor Nigerians that will benefit from the 5k? Is it not business as usual to keep money aside to fund 2023 elections? APC and their wayo

  6. One good thing to read in a long while.
    I hope it will see the daylight and not just on paper.

  7. Is it that these people do not have sense at all? My pass bill to distribute money to youth when we all know this will enter voicemail. Why not tackle the root cause of unemployment in this country. The all filded their arms and watched the country economy nose dive. If electricity problem alone is tackled and security issue too, most companies that left Nigeria for other neighbouring countries will return here because we actually have a large market for these companies. Can these people use their God given brain for once! Good electricity and an enabling environment is enough to solve the unemployment problem in the country.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Story! Only a third of the allocated amount will be disbursed at the end of the day. Fix the damn country first!

  10. A welcome development! I pray they execute it

  11. The funds/money will be used to marry or add more wives. After that, they will borrow again and again. As they borrow, Senators, HOReps, VP will remove their shares while the remaining loan will be shared to dem - dem.

    Its a circle thing... But at the end na toilet go hear'am.


  12. Another way of looting the country's resources.

  13. lol them don start..another means to loot money, I just pray this money reaches the youths as proposed.


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