Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Minister Of Justice Malami Explains Why President Buhari Wont Sign The Electoral Act Bill Into Law..


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Nigeria's Minister Of Justice Malami Explains Why President Buhari Wont Sign The Electoral Act Bill Into Law..

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Nigeria, AGF, Abubakar Malami, has given reasons President Muhammadu Buhari won’t assent to the Electoral Amendment Bill.
He explained that the bill did not capture the interest of Nigerians, hence Buhari will not sign it into law.

The AGF noted that the proposed bill has excessive cost implication, supports insecurity, and is discriminatory.

Featuring on Radio Kano, the country’s Chief law officer, stressed that the signing of the new bill would lead to court cases.

According to Malami: “This means that you will repeat the general elections 18 times. Today INEC requires N305 billion for the 2023 general elections. Now if the general election, which is not the newly proposed electoral system, will cost this much, how much will it cost to do the same election in the APC? It might cost at least N200 billion because it will involve everyone.

“Although the good side of the law is that INEC is required to monitor it.

“Therefore, if it is assumed that every political party will spend N200 billion, how much will then be spent in conducting the same primary election in 18 political parties just to produce a qualified candidate? Let’s assume there are about 60 million politicians in the country, what about the remaining over 160 million Nigerians who have nothing to do with politics? Are you fair to them?

“All the people want are good projects, good road from Abuja to Kano, portable drinking water, good education, school feeding program and the rest of them. Are you fair to the 160 million Nigerians using their wealth just to conduct primary election to produce a party candidate, despite other demands by the public?

“My answer to this is that, to spend this N305 billion that will be given to the INEC and the about N200 billion to be given to the political parties is not fair to the remaining 160 million Nigerians who have no business about politics and political appointments. Their business is just a better life in Nigeria. This is the issue of cost implications.”

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  1. Its like this man takes coke atimes.

  2. The institution that awarded certificate to this Malami of a man need some questions to answer. The Senate wanted to override Mr President on this but obviously, they may have been threatened with persecution and the coward rubber stamp senators bowed out from their initial plan.

    At a time like this, I have come to appreciate Bukola Saraki administration as a Senate president.

    Truth is that, the crooked Presidency and the cabals are afraid of direct primary election which the new bill is also seeking for. In direct primary, so many abnormally will be curtailed and thrown out. Infact, Godfathers won't single handedly manipulate successors in the system. The issue of parallel factions will be defeated as a result of two different primaries. They know all this will better the Nigerian system but Mr President won't sign it.

    Now, you know why prayers for Nigeria redemption seems difficult for a solution to come by.

    Seems each day Buhari and his gang especially Malami wake up from their bed, they ask themselves "what is the way backward?”

    Will Nigeria ever be redeemed?

    1. Hmmmm, Teejay uve said it all. Seems each day Buhari and his gang especially Malami wake up from their bed, they ask themselves "what is the way backward?”
      It's such a BIG shame, I will say this like I always do. If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, please do. Its not worth suffering or giving yourself headache over Nigeria. Let the owners keep playing games as they want, most of then can travel abroad anytime they wish too, most of their kids are dual citizens.

    2. Teejay, have you gone through the new electoral law? If not, can you refrain from talking ignorantly until you do? Don't allow your hatred to blind you, be informed, Nna.

    3. Ignorance is worrying you mazi ipob. It's like too much Kai Kai has addled your reasoning abilities.

      Fyi, nobodies never become SAN or AGF for that matter. You will be very lucky indeed to pass bar part 2 with this your jejune reasoning.

      If you must punch hole in an argument, you do so with superior reasoning & not bolekaja submission.

  3. Stella mama, abeg i follow you look them well with side eyes. Mtcheewwww


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