Stella Dimoko Actor Alexx Ekubo Tells Men What To Do With Their Money..


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Sunday, January 09, 2022

Actor Alexx Ekubo Tells Men What To Do With Their Money..



  1. Yes o. Take care of your parents. It's very important.

    Malee, God bless and keep you for us.

  2. Very important taking care of ur family. I don’t joke with that at all

  3. This is the best advice so far, they won't be around for long.

  4. This guy is making sense. Your parents first. No woman or man will ever love you the way they do. No one. They should be your priority. Any man or woman who doesn't accept it can do as they wish. Don't compromise your standards. Make that transfer to your parents right now if you haven't already done that. No one like them. The only SEED that will germinate 100% is the one you invest in your parents. It works. I don't know how it happens, but it does.
    I was a bit bored on an afternoon in December and I just picked my phone and transferred money to my mum. Just like that. Less than 30minutes after, I got a call from someone who hadn't called in about a year. He said someone was going to call me shortly. It was a business deal. I didn't even need to do much. The deal was completed early this week and I got my own cut- a couple of millions. Believe me, I didn't need to do much. I still don't know how it relates to my mum, but I know it happened just after I made that transfer, and that wasn't the first. Forget pastors and focus on your parents. You won't regret it. Whatever you give to a pastor is a waste.
    Even if they are comfortable, make that transfer. It's a sign of love and appreciation. Call them if you haven't. The guy or chic you're wasting your time and energy on will drop you like hot coal if you slight them the least. Your parents ain't ever going to do that. Show them as much love as you can.

    1. While reading through your comment
      Something just drop in my mind like
      One day this guy will meet a lady that will love him and change all these mindset about woman (I still believe that not all wives/girlfriends are bad) that he has
      He will love the person so much that he won't believe it

    2. Mummy PP, this one doesn't deserved to be loved. Stop wasting your thoughts on shim.

  5. Wow congrats ceaser, parents love is ultimate. Good bless you with a good wife soon,

  6. Bitter truth bro, love my mum soo much. And thank God for been among the lucky one's that still have them around, i don't have much for now, but i most share the small amount i have with her for now. Wished her long life and good health.

  7. I was like this too. Always eager to bless my mum and I derived so much joy and satisfaction from it.
    Sadly,I can't give her my money any longer, as in I dare not and this makes me sad all the time that I shed tears.
    God has blessed me immensely; always has but I mustn't give...not any longer.
    I just can't wrap my head around the latest events in my family; like how did we get here?
    So many things I don't understand.
    Father, please intervene so that this heartache will go away.

    1. So u cant help your mom again? Hmmmm Hope no be ritual money?

    2. Hian! You do rituals?πŸ€”πŸ™„

    3. Ritual money ke Anon 16:19? It's an accusation of witchcraft against her from several sources o. I didn't know my siblings knew for years but didn't know how to tell me because I would never have believed; I still have my doubts but coming from several quarters who don't know each other ?
      Pampering her has always given me deep satisfaction because our Dad died early so it's like her enjoying a double portion.
      It is well in Jesus mighty name.

    4. Anonymous please continue to take care of your mum ooo.forget the report about her..Good will always overpower evil.

    5. @ anon 17:25; those time you're given her money did anything bad happened to your business, is your business or work not going on fine, are you experiencing some challenges in your business or work?, if your answer is NO I see no reason why should stop giving your mother money πŸ’°

    6. Anon 17;25 who told you your mother is a witcv? where did you people go to and what were you all busy looking for up and down that you were eventually sold a big lie. She is a witcb but did not donate you all at the coven when you were small till old age. Or her own which do not do donation? She is a witch but you are successful enough to spoil her.

      Let me tell you the truth. Someone is behind it all. Use your sense. Try and connect the dots well and reason deep. All the places or several quarters the allegations are coming from are simply haters who do not want her to reap the fruit of her labour. They probably see your mom as an hindrance so they want to disconnect you all from her to get you all where they want you. Your mom is a which but their own mom is an angel. She wasn't a witch when your father died and she single handedly took care of you all. If you take the police to arrest those fake prophets they will all confess one by one.

      This is why I don't like people who do jump from one place to another looking for what is not missing. You better go and give your mom all the love and care she deserves and apologise to her on your knees.
      That was how one false prophet told my friend who is always jumping from one prayer house to another that his mother was a witch he abandoned her till she died only for the truth to come out. His life was even better when she was alive than the way his life is now.

      You don't know parents are like covering for their children. When they create a rift between you both the work is done. Better retrace your steps before it is too late.

    7. No need to comment further BeeJay and 20:55, thank you both.

  8. My parents and my siblings are the best thing that has ever happened to me. They don't put unnecessary pressure on anyone.
    I they give my parents if I get and I still collect from them, if them get.

  9. This is one of the type of messages most Nigerian young women (single or married) and girls do not like to hear until they become older and mothers of sons that have started chasing girls/women or are married.

    The irony of it all is that most single and married women appreciate and more regularly give money and provisions to their parents very well.

  10. Alright go and take care of your own ,we don hear.


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