Stella Dimoko Comedian Bovi's Wife Kris Reveals She Had An Ectopic Pregnancy And Ruptured One Of Her Tubes...


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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Comedian Bovi's Wife Kris Reveals She Had An Ectopic Pregnancy And Ruptured One Of Her Tubes...

Oh Dear!!!.....
God saved her...

In her words;

"Friday the 14th of January 2022

I had packed up my luggage preparing for my flight back to Lagos the next day being Saturday.

But then I woke up with an excruciating pain. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even turn, I had to stay still to control the pain.
I typically have a high threshold for pain. A very, very, very high threshold for pain, but this was even beyond labour pain.

I couldn’t control it, I reluctantly called my husband. He had asked me to go to the hospital several times in the days leading up to this moment.
30 minutes later, this pain still wouldn’t go away. My husband again, asked me to go to the hospital but I said no.

“I’ll be fine don’t worry, tomorrow I’m back home”. I have a 10 O’clock at David’s school, I can’t miss it.”
I took some pain killers, and it seemed like the pain was finally beginning to go down. I could stand upright at this point.

About an hour later, I started to feel like I was going to pass out.
I called 999 but I couldn’t speak, then I passed out. Somehow, I miraculously woke up to numerous missed calls from the emergency service.
I got up, put on my wig and found myself heading to see my son in school whilst in pain. I had genuinely assumed the pain had subsided.

I promised I’d see my son by 10am and I wasn’t going to disappoint him, so I pushed my pain aside, ordered a taxi and found myself limping to his school.

The minute David’s school nurse saw me, she could tell that I wasn’t okay. God used this lady to force me into a car and she specifically asked the driver to take me straight to the hospital.

2 hours later, I passed out again while waiting to see the doctor and the nurses were not even aware of what was going on.

By the time I got back into the GP’s office, she was going to send me home. All the tests done for signs of infections came back negative and the last bit was to do a scan “There’s no opening for a scan for you today, they are fully booked, you’ll have to come back tomorrow”.

I responded with the little strength I had left; I can’t go home without seeing the doctor. I just fainted again, I had fainted twice today.

She placed a call to the gynecologist and the next thing I heard was; get her a wheel chair and take her to the gynecology and maternity ward.

God did it!! Suddenly, they said I could do a scan same day…..
The report;
“I’m sorry you have an ectopic pregnancy and it’s ruptured in one of your tubes. You are bleeding in your tummy.
You have to go into surgery immediately”

In a matter of minutes, they were prepping me for surgery. COVID test, setting up a line, just movements in and out of the room ….

I couldn’t process what was going on. I needed strength at that point, I couldn’t even pray. I couldn’t call anyone because the last thing I wanted was panic. So it was just Bovi, and 2 of my friends (Nwando & Kaine) who already knew what was going on.

For the first time in my life, I really craved for strength. And it was beyond physical strength.

I was physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Nwando and her mum had rushed down to the hospital the minute I told her, Bovi was in panic and I.. I just hoped in God.

Before I was wheeled into the theatre, all I could say was; “I am going to come out alive and stronger.”

I testify today of God’s faithfulness to me. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be well, and most of all, I am very grateful to have good people, a strong support system around me.
“This new year, I am alive and well and I’d be back home to my family and this party called life; soon  “

*Thank God for saving her... May she be restored to good health. I know someone whom this happened to and she has not been able to recover .....


  1. Oh my God. May your healings be permanent. Nawao What women go through. God help us

    1. I saw it yesterday I was beyond shocked! Thank God for her life...She is one lady I love on IG

  2. God really saved this woman.
    Ectopic pregnancy that ruptured is usually fatal.

    Thank God for you KrisπŸ™

    Twins Squared

    1. How many kids do they have now, 3 or 4?
      Sis just tie your tubes, stay alive to raise those already here.

    2. An ectopic pregnancy can still happen with a tied tube.

  3. God's permanent healing πŸ™ upon her now and beyond..

  4. I thank God for your life, may your healing remain permanent in Jesus name amen

  5. I thank God for your life, may your healing remain permanent in Jesus name amen

  6. Thank God for your life Ashimonye,some others that went through this weren't so lucky.A former colleague of mine actually died from it.It is well.

  7. Thanks God.
    May you remember God Almighty; Jesus who saved you from this. I have seen women die within minutes from this in the emergency unit where I worked.
    My advice to women always is; tell your doctor/fiance/Gynae, you full reproductive history. It helps to plan for pregnancy, any pregnancy at all. It prevents a lot.

    1. 10:55, pls what are the possible causes of this? Based on your real life experience in the hospital where you worked, your answer would be more realistic than Google. Thanks πŸ™

    2. Pregnancy happening while you’re on contraception . Use of Emergency pills. PID, etc
      I’m not the first anon

    3. @12:08
      The answers in google, from medical websites is correct and okay
      But let me help break it down in lay man's terms; imagine pipeline vandalism where untrained people attempt to steal petroleum and partially block the gas pipelines. Imagine if the oil companies did not know about it and run their gas at the regular high pressure through same pipeline. Imagine bursts and the spill of gasoline and possible ignition and inferno!
      That is what STIs and poorly treated sexually transmitted diseases and inflammations from multiple causes (e.g. septic abortions, use of tampons etc.) do to the fallopean tubes. The general term is PID; pelvic inflammatory Diseases. So when the lady is ready for pregnancy and the fertilized eggs are trapped in the partially blocked tubes, they can burst and the "internal" blood loss can be enormous. It can be fatal within minutes like I said earlier.
      But if the lady told her fiance/Gynae of the above history, she can be well examined before getting pregnant to determine if the tubes are healthy or she will be offered alternatives means of conception and save her life.
      Hope this helps.
      So that when

    4. Yea, inserting "the loop" or IUCD into your womb increases the chances because the fertilized eggs cannot find a space to implant in that womb..

  8. To God be the glory. Speed recovery.

  9. This is a huge testimony...very huge. God really preserved her life.
    Thank God for her

  10. She's stubborn like me, we give God the glory.

    1. Please learn to listen to reasoning either from your body or from others

      Her stubbornness nearly got her killed, she wasn't wise
      Thank GOD for the reasonable people around her

  11. Thank God for your life
    quick recovery

  12. What a Testimony... God be praised.
    May her healing be permanent. Amen.

  13. God is good,I thank God for your life.
    2014 when scan revealed I had slow leaking ectopic pregnancy,I almost fainted but God was there for life is full of testimonies.Thank you jesus.

  14. Thank God for saving your life. Quick recovery I wish you.

  15. Thank God for life,i wish you quick recovery

  16. Thank God for your life
    Quick recovery babe
    Ectopic pregnancy isnt a good thing.
    That tube is gone.

  17. Thank you Jesus

  18. In medicine the delay of fraction of a second could lead to death. There are no monsters in the hospitals, why are most Nigerians shying away from the hospitals. Imagine this one , even after her husband asked her to go to the hospital, she didn't, her health wasn't important at that point. Among those who go to the hospitals, they hero worship doctors. To ask questions na problems.

  19. Oh my!! was like I was literally feeling her pain as I read thisπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. She's a deep writer indeed...I pray GOD consoles and strengthens her

  20. Look at how I'm crying as if I know her. I'm so happy for her and her family.

    I wish her full recovery in Jesus Name.

    Thank you Lord for your mercy upon that family.

  21. Kai,God is awesome. Quick recovery I wish you

  22. Honestly its not easy to be a woman

  23. Thank God for your life
    Speedy recovery

  24. God really saved her. I wish you quick recovery..


  25. God really saved her. I wish you quick recovery..


  26. Thank God for her life. I had a similar experience some years ago and God delivered me. The internal bleeding I had after my tube ruptured was so bad. After I woke up from the surgery, the main doctor that performed the surgery said to me...I know you're a Christian, keep worshipping that your God because He just saved you from death.


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