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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Wordless Mid Day Post.


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  1. Oh! He is now a bus driver?
    These sportsmen sef

  2. Yeah, life is a spoon, be humble people because no one knows tomorrow. My mum always say and I quote "Don't let people know when you have money and when you don't have, be on a neutral ground"

  3. It goes to show that these Nigerian footballers don't help their teammates that fall on bad times.
    How is it that some of his own team mates are throwing wealth around and parties everywhere but couldn't help this man?
    Same things happened when Yekini was struggling.

    1. How do you expect them to help if they are not aware of the plight of their teammates?
      By the way, Ahmed Musa sent him 2m after his story went viral some days back

  4. I know Nigeria is volatile and things are unpredictable but please plan, save and invest for the rainy day especially if you have a talent or gift that feeds you.

    This is not about building that one big house that serves as a financial drain/nest for the whole family or going into a business you know very little about or don't have time to run. If some of these guys bought certain indexes back then, they'll be millionaires in USD. Even certain bank shares would have done the same for them. It's easy to respond with stories of how businesses collapse but you don't realize that many of these guys didn't have a Kobo in them. Like Okocha, they made investments based on hearsay and got burned. Thank God Jay Jay played for a good foreign club and diversified.

    How many stars built cash flowing property or had stock portfolio managed by professional brokers when at their peak? Even if this guy's career wasn't as bright as his mates, if he started a farm or went into less risky business then, he won't be in this situation today.

    In your heydays, don't waste all your money on "helping" people who will earn a check or wage every month for many years. You have no assurance that you'll still be playing, running, writing, singing or painting the next week. Use your gift to find a steady income source.

    1. He likely was sucked dry from helping friends and family.

      Folks need to remember any amount of money can finish. Sometimes the figure look so big ppl think it will last forever, but if everything is going out and nothing is coming in it will surely end.

      Financial literacy and life planning are not taught in schools. They will prefer teach us trigonometry than teach us how to handle a mortgage, investments, small businesses. All the trig I learned in school is of no use to me now, it would have been better for me to learn practical matters. These guys get one chance with a sport and whether through one bad injury or vampire family and friends they lose their glory.

      Thanks for sharing some these great points. But the sports teams also have a responsibility to teach their members money management skills.

    2. Funny enough, the trigonometry I learnt in school helped me, mainly because I'm in an IT/Maths-based profession which needs strong fundamentals in linear algebra, geometry etc.

      As for personal finance, I learnt that on my own.

  5. 15:32 and 18:02 you both made valid points.

    However, some of these sportsmen especially, footballers do not make it to the big international FCs and leagues.
    I also do not know how or if all that is due to them gets fully paid as and when due when they play for the country.
    I remember reading that the houses promised them by one president several years ago was just recently redeemed by the current president.

    In all, these sports people should look out for themselves - invest in real estate, buy health insurance and insurance savings policies etc.


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