Stella Dimoko Actress Anita Joseph Replies Troll Who Says Her Marriage Will Soon Crash Because Of Constant Show Off On The SM


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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Actress Anita Joseph Replies Troll Who Says Her Marriage Will Soon Crash Because Of Constant Show Off On The SM

 Actress Anita Joseph has been constantly attacked by her Instagram followers for putting too much of her marital life on the Internet and each time she is trolled, she responds fiercely....


  1. Wetin gd for una make una dey do am ooo
    Anytime wey i wan do love n post my family pics
    There must b one misundersatnding n we go fight one yeye fight for my house dat day
    N i don realise dis i no dey post us for social media again

  2. I wonder where people got that notion that marriages crash once they hit SM.Wetin go spoil go spoil abeg.I wish you well Motherhen

  3. I'm waiting nfor Dante and Ceaser to come and call her husband SIMP.
    不不不不不不不 That and narcissist are the new words here now

    1. Please permit me to play the "Angel's advocate" under your comment @Anon 11:35. Tankio!

      I'm with Caesar and Dante if they do so on this one. There are things about your marriage that MUST remain PRIVATE. These ones have practically (almost) kn*cked on social media, she constantly shows him off as her "boy-boy" online and projects herself as the husband in the marriage; and all for the viewing "delight" of total strangers. That is neither love nor respect. It is disrespectful and you should not burst a vein when the same strangers give you honest feedback based on the show they watched on your platform.

      One day now or in the future (I hope for Anita's sake that day never comes), there will be an "awakening" and this man will stop acting the little roles in Anita's online drama because he has found his life's purpose. Then what happens? She'll throw tantrums and whatever happens afterwards, happens right? Even oyinbo man dey wake up sometimes e.g. Korra and DrDean. I'm still hoping they'll come back to say it was a prank but watch how the dynamics of her platform changes henceforth. Oyinbo don use style tell her wetin dey him mind; make she use her tongue count her teeth. There is absolutely no class in belittling your spouse online or in public. None whatsoever. Nobody go give you award put.

      She's obviously the breadwinner, bedwinner and bread-sharer in that marriage and there's nothing "privately wrong" with that. But to constantly show it on SM? Mba nu! Some of us abused Chioma for not using David's platform to project herself better (career/business wise) and this Anita's husband is just the same. We'd love to see him at work, supervising, coordinating, displaying his goods, talents and services, being the best version of himself and NOT just be popular for being Anita's husband and the one who massages her feet, carries her shoes and gropes her online. He is not the first man a woman is feeding and certainly won't be the last. Ya jiri ya nwayo biko.

      As for their marriage, I hope it lasts forever because Anita gon' need more feet massage as the years roll by. If you know...

    2. Face your front abeg.

  4. You can't post failures,
    You can only post success so keep posting if God has blessed your family with success n you can afford good cloths for people to see.
    If it makes you happy,go on keep posting cos at last your happiness is key

  5. If u are hoping someone's marriage crashes all because she posts some little details on social media then there's something inherently evil within you and like she said, back to sender!

  6. Abegii,my own wey crash na sm, you guys should rest pls

    1. Ticket wey go cut go cut but don't provide the scissors. I hope you've found love and total happiness after that marriage. Some marriages will crash no matter the efforts of the couples while some will stand till the end no matter the atrocities committed by one or both of them. Marriage matter na destiny something. Make God and destiny continue to dey favour us for the journey.

  7. The warning, despite the colorations, is actually legit. Marriage and it's inherent challenges is difficult enough without the added pressure of 'keeping up appearances for the gram'. There's the famous case (study) of a popular Couple Reality show which was still airing, showing them all loved up and beautiful when their divorce broke. S.M isn't for marriage. Moderation in all things.

  8. False prophet ®12 March 2022 at 14:26

    I see so many people SIMPathizing with her husband, he always looks like someone under a reinforced spell.

  9. Because all is not well in that marriage.

  10. Wisdom is profitable to direct


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