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Friday, March 11, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



BVs please can you guys advise me.....

 Since I became a single mom, I'm always careful with men because, I've read a lot about how men try to scam single moms with marriage and all that. 

So November last year, I met a guy on Facebook, he's actually a mutual friend to some of my town people including my brother. So he sent me a friend request and chatted me up. 

From nowhere he started telling me how he knew me right from primary school and my siblings. He asked if I am married and I said no so he started telling me how he has always liked me but lacked courage to speak to me because we both were young then and all that. 

He asked me out and before you could say jack he has started talking marriage. So throughout Christmas period, I expected him to at least send even 3k to my child that he's always asking me to give phone but nothing. 

January I lost my job and he's aware so I expect him to even if once in a while ask me how we survive but he never did. So January ending he called me claiming that his Mum visited his brother's house so he needed to give her some money bla bla bla, 

He said he doesn't have cash at hand to send to her and he has exhausted his transfer limit for the day so I should send him money through a POS so he could transfer to her. I told him I don't do transfer either besides since you said your brother is capable of taking care of her why in a hurry to send her money, why not relax, when you're able to give her you can give. But he pleaded I should go to any POS with my ATM and transfer the money. About 30k. 

This is someone I've never said thank you to even with all his bragging. I don't have a problem with him not giving me but he knows I lost my job and you're telling me to send money to your "mom" that you will send it back to me later in the evening. 

Well, I refused to send the money and from that day I canceled everything I feel for him. Valentine came he only wished me a happy Val on the phone, same month my birthday he only called to wish me a happy birthday.

 I don't expect heaven and earth but I stopped calling him since that his mom whatever and only return his call if missed. Now he's trying to blackmail my emotions saying I've changed, that I don't call him, and even when he tells me he love me I only say thank you unlike before.

 My people, am I supposed to be fooling around till I'm being scammed? I just want a way to handle this....

* There are two ways to this... Either he was testing you or he was trying to scam you.....LOL
The guy aint serious please... That i need to send my mum money is so outdated....Please move on and dont attempt anything with this man... Concentrate on getting on Job and making yourself better.. Let him continue fooling himself, if he tells you he loves you again, reply ''BLESS JESUS'': If he says he misses you, tell him ''JEHOVA BE PRAISED' .....soon he willlet you be!


  1. Replies
    1. Send you 3k say wetin happen!!! Thats where I stopped reading. You women can be disgusting sometimes. Someone is chatting you up and you are expecting 3k...i am tired!

    2. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "11 March 2022 at 15:23

      Hahahahhahqhqhqhqhqhqhq Jesus is lord . Jeweluchi don break every table. Meeeehhh I laughed hard stella you no be am at all. Bless you jesus.o boy na to face front poster , God save you say you no send that money , shey p.o.s no dey him location he for send the mama the 30k instead of bothering you !brother wey too wise mmmmmmcccchhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwweeeee!

    3. Saphire, he later ask her for 30k oh. She was even thinking in her mind, but guy man sharp ask her, and put 0 in his own. Guy man na scam. That's the conclusion ms saphire

    4. When I got up to the sending 3k part it was hard for me to continue reading.

    5. Saphire and jeweluchi, I take God beg una...pls read am finish. She never asked but was saying he never tot to give even the 3k.
      As for the poster, that guy is an ijiot wit a touch of hunger and scam. Delete and block.

    6. Pure Purer Purest SCAM
      Abeg u no go face ur life n dat of ur pikin
      Na so one come meet my single paeent aunt dat year showing love upandown for her and people dey tell am.say na God wan reward her loss
      Immediately after d wedding wey my aunt born for am
      Na so he change am for my aunt ooo say make she dey take care of d two pikin she born for him
      After all, the father of her first kid no dey take care of him

    7. Sparkle, you called that ijiot like my village person. When we vex, na ijiot we dey call person.

  2. Stellaaaa, BLESS JESUS, really? 不不不不. This cracked me up.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl11 March 2022 at 15:24

      Stella this format is fresh to me and I like it.

      Poster don't mind the mumuman. Who is he to test you even if you had Elon musk's kind of wealth.

      Don't mind him he only tested you to see how desperate you were for a man to be in your life, even a miserable one like himself.

      Ignore shit.

  3. This was na scammer. They have same format. They start to talk about marriage very early in the relationship, they are very stingy to a fault, N200 recharge card, u won't see from them then shortly, they claim their mother is sick and they need to send money urgently and beg u to send that money(they know how most people feel about their mothers so they use that line to prey on ur emotions)

    Poster, u did well by not falling for that scam. May a deserving partner locate u soon.

  4. Seek Jesus in your life and your relationships will fall in place. People who do not have Jesus cannot know what true Love is.

  5. what kind of a man ask a woman he has not met physically or helped financially for money? And even if it was a test, why use money to test a woman? My dear, this relationship is not real. You have seen all the red lights and now your mind is no longer there, move on.

    1. @Olomo: Omo, bone that side oh! There are some men who ask women they've never met for money. Women they ain't in any form of relationship with though. Just friends, abi should I say, "Chat/call buddies". Yet you see them forming tush. Let me not just say more.

    2. That's Facebook scam format. You're lucky you didn't send the money.

      He's a scamer...

  6. Testing? Stella did you say he was testing her? God forbid bad thing

  7. You are right,he is a scam.

  8. The way men scam single mum's , is story for another day

  9. 不不不 is the bless Jesus and Jehovah be praised for me.

    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "11 March 2022 at 15:25

      looooooooooool anonymous 15:13 this one off me abeg lol

    2. Stella is a woman on the move!!!
      Bless Jesus
      Jehovah be praised
      I love you Stella nwanyi oma

  10. 不不不不不不.
    Chai! Stella! You be confam comedienne. I don laff tire. Which one is Bless Jesus and Jehovah be praised?

    Poster, you've heard it. Your own man will come. I've actually encountered a man like this one before. This man screams scam. Start running without looking back. If you check now, he may be scamming for a living. He may not even want sex, just your money. But the sex could present as a side bonus for him.

    Please follow Stella's advice. and hold ya purse tight wella. No send shishi for any reason to him. Pray, God send your own man.

  11. I think he is a scammer and this idea of testing people in relationship is wrong, no matter the gender, there are enough tests and drama in everyday life, does it make sense to manufacture more and put the other party under more stress? I advocate honesty and being straight forward about your expectations and in your dealings.

  12. Funny much..Scam! Scammer!! Scammest!!!

  13. Na scam o, my sister run

    I know a guy who has been declaring his love for me since life forever... Always posting pictures like one big boy but he has never sent me kobo although I never asked sha.. Not the begi begi type

    But the day he asked if all was well and I was having a little bit of challenge financially, I had no choice but to tell him I was broke, I even added a laughing emoji o

    My people, do you know this guy stopped chatting me up with that number? 不不不不不 Instantly smh

    The following week he charted me up with another number, always sending motivational quotes and prayers

  14. No man should test me using "send me money" My first boyfriend chop all the money them suppose chop. i won't ask either or feel entitled periodtt

  15. Which testing? This one na confam scammer

  16. Did you confirm from your brother if truly he knows him personally ,or he added him so as to make him look like a friend to you,be careful o, so many scammers on Facebook

    1. Exactly!
      He is a scammer on the prowl.
      Glad she didn't fall this their trick.

  17. My dear ghost him.
    No time for nonsense

  18. Scam!!!!! Please don't send him anything

  19. He really thought to ask someone who is unemployed and a single parent to go to ATM, in the current economy. This guy has no standards and no conscience. He lacks class through and through. You lost nothing and thank your lucky stars you saw this ugliness before things got too deep. Block him and move on.

  20. The same way that guys feel offended when a girl tells them to send then urgent 2k,is the same way u are allowed to feel..offended.
    Someone that knew u lost ur job and is a single mum managing on her own is asking u for money.If na test, let him carry his test and be going biko.So.of all the siblings,friends and relatives he has,its u that he has not seen before that should send him money for his mum.Hes a pure scammer and such men will drain u to the very last drop.The only thing he has as cover is empty promises of marriage,which he thinks that since ur a single mum,ur desperate.Pls ignore the big mumu.Ur worth much more than tying urself to that person.

  21. Some guys are just terrible, asking a single mom that has lost her job to send 30k to his mother. Poster you dodge a bullet.

  22. Test
    All the scammers have turned to tester
    Only unserious people test people

    All of them using testing to dupe women. My dear, you will find a single great guy.

    Useless nonsense test.
    Use the money and take care of your child.

    Over to you Dante and Ceaser... Testers and sons limited.


  23. Scam alert ⚠, how could he ask you, a single mum and jobless to send him money for any reason? Run sister

  24. That was how one started chatting my colleague, the next thing marriage and the babe is so desperate to settle down.
    Few days, he came up with - his mum had accident and they needed N60k or 40k before treatment in Calabar, since he's out of the country, she should help n transfer d money to someone in Naija. I don't know what touched her to tell me abt her new oyibo guy with pic. I told her to chill I'd handle the matter... The he-diot had promised her that he'd be coming back to Naija n will visit her in the North. Yimu

    Well, she for lost her money.
    Poster no mind him, don't send any shi shi. Country hard.

  25. Lol poster na God save you o.He is a confirm scammer. I have met some guys on Facebook using exactly this means cos they belive I gat money to send them.Lol abeg run ,cos he will still be chatting you for a long time to know if you will fall oneday o.Block him immediately


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