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Friday, March 11, 2022




How una dey? The Sun today on this side has bee really awesome!  Those complaining of Harmattan, una never see cold oooh... Please enjoy it.

BV Zaram can you please send me a mail?

In house news will be back on Monday by Gods Grace......



Una doh oh!

How market my people?

I go salon for washing and setting. I come back to sidon follow Mama Nedu gist small, inside her second shop wey she just open.

Na as I sidon, two young girls about 18 years old come greet us. As Mama Nedu dey find new sales girl since the former one go carry belle for person wey dey buy am Egg roll and Fanta. Wetin person no go even see for inside life!

Mama Nedu interview the girl ( Alero) wey come apply for the sales job. Her friend wey follow come just sidon one side dey look around the shop like evil spirit.

After them finish the interrogation, Mama Nedu give Alero Guarantor form, make she take go house go fill and bring back with two passport photographs the next day.

She even say make Alero dey careful with the form as na only one copy dey available o. She give am time to come the next day for 9am and collect her friend phone number since Alero say her phone don spoil.

The two girls waka comot but, I notice as the second girl dey use corner bad eyes dey look this her friend, Alero. Once she see say me sef dey look am with FBI eyes, she go quick adjust her face.

Two days later, me sef don forget about the matter until I see Mama Nedu dey use cane flog person. Wetin hapun?! Wetin hapun?! Abi this one too don carry belle?! Abi she thief something?!

Na so I see the Alero girl wey sidon for floor dey cry, as Mama Nedu dey flog her friend wey follow her come the other day.

I say make una talk wetin hapun Na?! Na so I quick drag the friend comot from Mama Nedu hand, hollam for my back. Abeg no kill am, biko!

Mama Nedu begin breathe like person wey swallow octopus! Oya, sidon tell me wetin hapun. I never chop breakfast, make una no break my hand biko.

She begin talk say this Alero girl, wey she dey expect to come with Guarantor form two days ago and resume work no gree show and she no come get any means to call her directly.

Na as she sidon for store yesterday, this Alero friend wey be 'Ekwensu' come with the Guarantor form. She tell Mama Nedu say make she no collect Alero for shop o, say Alero na Kleptomania ( be like person wey collect degree for burglary, nuclear weaponry(clearing of person money) and advanced thiefry)

Mama Nedu say, she collect the form from this Alero friend and see say na she fill the form and even put passport photograph there.

Ekwensu also talk say, Alero say she no dey interested in the Job again, say Mama Nedu face resemble wicked person! Na so she collect the form say make she kukuma come collect the job instead.

I still dey use side eye look Alero wey sidon for floor dey wail like soldier pikin wey no see her period!
Bia, calm down make I hear person wey dey talk biko...

Na so Mama Nedu continue say, na this morning she rush go collect some thing from next street, she come back meet Alero for her shop. She ask Alero wetin she dey find? Na so Alero talk say this her Ekwensu friend say Mama Nedu talk say she no want Alero again as sales girl and na she, Ekwensu Mama Nedu prefer.
Na why Alero sidon wait make Mama Nedu from come.

Alero come explain say as dem both comot from Mama Nedu shop the other day, say na inside Ekwensu purse she fold and keep the Guarantors form.
Say she forget to collect the form from Ekwensu until the next day.

Alero say she quick go her friend house make she collect the form go give her papa to fill, so she go bring am come give Mama Nedu and start work .

As she reach her friend house for 7am, she tell Alero say the form no dey with am, begin lie say Alero no keep am inside her purse.
Na the predicament hold Alero wey she no fit come back to face Mama Nedu without form.

Meanwhile, she no know say her Ekwensu friend don carry form fill to resume work instanta! Na when she summon courage reach shop to beg Mama Nedu, everything come scatter like yam and pepper inside hot oyel!

So the beating Ekwensu dey chop na say she carry lie ontop Mama Nedu head, talk wetin she no talk.

Na while we still dey talk the matter, my hairdresser pikin rush come gimme my pomade wey I forget for their salon.

Na there my hairdresser pikin even recognise Ekwensu say, she don follow her work for somewhere before wey she carry money (#50,000)put inside nylon come push am enter inside her 'down below' wey their madam carry all of them go police station.

Na there wey D.P.O wey get internal eyes sense say na Ekwensu body the money dey! Choi! Small, small pikin of this generation o!

Before I turn look the geh wey I hol for back dey protect, na only scarf I see for floor. Ekwensu show us wetin the word 'Flee' inside Bible mean!

Una see this life my people?! Pikin no dey again o!

Mama Nedu collect Alero immediately for the work. She collect her parents number and address and called the number immediately. She say she go visit the address and ask around about Alero and the family.

She warn Alero to give distance to nonsense evil friends like Ekwensu wey dey go people behind to scatter person Joy.

May God help us o

Na wah ooooh



I want to help educate females who might be having menstrual foul smell: I was experiencing foul smell ONLY during my period. No, it was not because I am dirty as you Nigerians are Judginas. I went to the hospital for test, no infection.

I changed my brand of pad. Changed pad whenever I go to urinate, and not the usual 4hrs interval and I rinsed my vagina with water to remove excess blood, instead of using toilet roll. The problem still persisted.

The stench was like something rotten! But after my period, no stench at all. I got fed up. Whenever my period approaches, I would be sad.

Until one day, I asked myself, is it likely what I eat during my periods? I started experimenting. Guess what? It was BOILED EGGS and TIN MILK! I now understand why I will have this cravings for boiled eggs when expecting my period.

I will eat 4 or 5 boiled eggs in a day! I like my tea thick and rich, I will pour a tin of milk finish in a cup of tea. I started experiencing this problem after I relocated to abroad 4 years ago.

I suffered this embarrassing situation for 2+ years, until I found the solution last year. Now, for 5 months, my period does not stink. I still wash my vagina with water and change my pad after every pee to reduce the excess blood. And shave often, I don't like much hair. I hope this help someone out there.

 I also don't eat any yogurt again.

So boiled eggs gives bad smell in the Vjayjay during monthly flow? Ha!!!
Thanks for sharing this info, i hope it helps someone



Years back at University of Nigeria, I had a friend then(name withheld),we were so close and we shared so many things together ....Aside from horny pot.
People thought we were brothers(like same blood) because we look alike.

We went to one dinner party organized by Ondo State students association towards the end of second semester. My partner in crime met a lady, she was so pretty,tall,slim and what she was putting on that night accentuated her shape which made me notice her. They both exchanged pleasantries and after sometime,they exchanged contact and that was all.

After like 3weeks,he told me to accompany him to see the lady at her house(the lady stayed off campus). we got there and I met her friend too and I also asked her out. They both stayed together. We played, laughed and discussed a lot. when it was 7pm,my friend sent a text message that we would sleep in her house. I was surprised, then I replied him and told him to see me outside so we could talk.

We both went outside and discussed and his GF joined us and said ''Pinky, e sun sibi jare,ke ba oremi sere'' (sleep here tonight and also play with my friend). They both stayed in a room but it's a very big room which was part into two with Cotton (You know how ashewo dey use cloth divide room).

I agreed and when it was time to sleep. one bed was taken to the other side for me and her friend. We both slept on the same bed and my friend and the other lady slept at the other side. At about 11pm when I was busy trying to convince this lady to at least breastfeed me, my friend was busy knacking and I could hear the sound and the moaning style of her friend. I was hard and ready to pass through friction system.

She finally agreed to breastfeed me and she said, she will only accept to have fun with me provided I will be able to swear with a bible that I won't leave her after the fun. As a sharp guy, I thought of accepting and do the do, so she stood up, brought her bible then opened to Deuteronomy 28 vs 16-20.

 She asked me to pick any of those verses and use it as said by her. I never knew what came into me, then my rod that was standing like transistor radio came down. I told her to forget about it and I jejely backed her and fiaam,I removed my mind from the nasty sound I was hearing, she tried petting me and doing all sorts but I respected myself and told her politely not to bother and I slept off.

Since then, I have never forgotten that bible passage because I read it and comprehended it before telling her no. I got to remember this event on Monday (8/03/2022) when I saw her Facebook friend request around 4pm.

Please, men in general should be watchful and not allow 5minuets enjoyment become life time endurance.

I checked the Bible verses and underneath is what it says....

Deuteronomy 28 vs 16-20.

''16 Cursed shall you be in the city, and cursed shall you be in the field. 

17 Cursed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl. 

18 Cursed shall be the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your ground, the increase of your herds and the young of your flock. 

19 Cursed shall you be when you come in, and cursed shall you be when you go out.

20 “The Lord will send on you curses, confusion, and frustration in all that you undertake to do, until you are destroyed and perish quickly on account of the evil of your deeds, because you have forsaken me'.



''My neighbor is hurting.

 She is going through divorce. She is suffering her maid seriously. 

The maid is less than 11yrs but she is really tormenting this girl. You will always hear her screaming or beating the maid. I want to mind my business but that innocent girls torment is affecting me. I once told told her to take it easy with the little girl as she is still a child and bound to make mistakes but she took it personal and stopped talking to me for days. I heard she beat the girl very well the next day accusing her of taking her matter to neighbors.

 Please someone advice me on how to go about making her reduce the torment on the girl. 

My beautiful ladies in the house. Please if you cannot treat a maid well. Kindly leave her with her parents to suffer. 

Dear mothers, no matter how hard you are suffering, be careful of who you give your child as maid

This is so sad... Please look for a way to help the little lady......



  1. Happy weekend everyone!
    Please let's try and rest this weekend, it was a very stressful week.

    1. Why not report the woman to the appropriate authority anonymously? Is the small girl the cause of her divorce? Its really bad of her

    2. If only we can rest totally that is Mentally, physically and emotionally...

      Happy weekend Miss Ess

    3. Sisi Senaponi, I dey enjoy your gist no be small. more ink to your biro.

      Good afternoon everyone. the sun can roast plantains

    4. Good afternoon, please someone mentioned previously, that one can get a letter of attestation, indicating that the person was taught in English Language during her first degree.
      My question now is must the letter be written by a professor from that department.
      Can a senior lecturer write the letter.

      When can one submit application for Sept admission in the UK as I'm still trying to get all the requirements.

      Anybody with useful information help a sister. I am not using an agent na me be my agent.
      Thank you all as I look forward to getting response.

    5. Today marks 3 weeks i have been in the hospital with my mum after they had a fatal accident while going for a women's conference. (One of them didn't make it). She had little blood clot of blood in the brain, another broke a leg (already operated on), 2 others their hands, 1 is wearing a colar. But by his grace they are all doing great and about to be discharged. I thank God coz i knw the devil planned worse than this.
      You come to the hospital crying only to see others whose conditions are waaay worse. LORD I THANK YOU!!
      A healthy person has no idea how lucky he is, the bills nko? Thank almighty as the church is taking care of all financial burden.

    6. So sorry for what happened to your mum
      I'm wishing her speedy recovery πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’—

    7. Anon 15:51, What you need is letter of proficiency in English, Most Higher Institution gives it out after payment is made for it. With School letterhead and Register signature. It's an official document cannot be written by any body.

    8. @Anony,depends on the sch,some accept C grades in Waec of not more than can also get medium of instruction from your sch exams and record mine for 5k last month, unfortunately the UK sch i used it for said my degree is above 5yrs so cant suffice.i wish I can post lists of UK schools but stella wont approve.

    9. Anon 15.51,go to general enquiry for UK stduent visa under travel topic on naira land and get all you needed for school applications,I hope stella approve this and you still see it.

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    As Jesus is, so am I in this world. I refuse to live or function by natural abilities or within human capacities. I make full proof of God’s limitless power that has been deposited in my spirit; thus, I reign, rule, and dominate my world. I proclaim that my health and everything that concerns me prospers. 

  3. Please o, I really need a job, I'm tired of staying idle,please help my life, even if its blow job I don't mind,any type of job please help me

    1. Go and write this exactly on your social media pages, you will get one

  4. Just because of what exactly.....that someone will enter that kind of curse

  5. Good afternoon my people.

    TGIF is the code,lovelies..πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

    1. Afternoon Prudent
      How was the job search?

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 kai the anons on here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. i don laugh tire for Deuteronomy matter

    1. I tell u, that is a good prick Shrinker. Pinky, u bin jus wan chop and clean mouth??

  7. Why transfer her frustration or aggression on the innocent irl

    1. Can you just imagine how wicked some humans can be??

    2. I already know the tribe of the woman abuser. Pls, report to any police station anonymously. They wil hide u. Maybe God is using this to permanent ur prayers answered.

    3. Sparkle ,leave tribal bashing and go and purchase Brighter Grammar...afi permanent.

  8. Men should be very careful. Mr pinky it is Good that save you from that girl, see Bible verses.
    IHN is here, what a hot afternoon !!!

    1. The girl was just being smart unto sey she know sey greedy pipu jus wan chop clean mouth then commot fiam! Like sey nothing happen...........

  9. Beautiful sunny 🌞 day to you all

    1. You too Boo πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

      @Engraced howdy darling πŸ₯°πŸ’ have a fantastic weekend πŸ₯³

  10. I greet una o, my old friends.
    TGIF !

    1. Greetings Don πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ howdy?

    2. Thanks to you beautiful people.
      I dey miss una most time.
      Glad to be here today.
      I love you all πŸ’


  11. The Abuja roads trend is very amusing.

    Because if you get car, you go loss, if you no get car, you go still loss.
    You ask too much question you go loss more.

    Airport Road is Lugbe, Airport Junction is in Jabi by Life Camp, you get flight and you go stop for Airport junction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£, I laugh in Hebrew na GUO night bus you go enter las las.

    You enter bus because you hear Galadima and na Galadimawa you dey go, my dear you haff loss.

    You find yourself for Wuye and your interview nah for Wuse, my dear return to LinkedIn jobs and Indeed start applying again.

    You dey go Idu magically find yours for Idoo, you should know how this one will end nah.

    You think Area 1 to Area 11 dey in order bah? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ you will crew.

    Zone 1 to Zone 7? Better enter Bolt ooo

    You dey go Apo dem carry you go Aco? You will crode.

    You want to see craze? Assume that Wuse 2 and Wuse Zone 2 na the same place.

    City Gate na where Abuja start, the other places na FCT, don't be deceived.

    There's Berger in Berger and Berger in Lugbe.

    There's Police Signboard in Lugbe and Police Signboard in Dutse. No this Dutse is Wuse, and remember that Wuse and Wuye have no business.

    My dear, download Uber/Rida/Bolt.

    You are driving and you miss a ramp. Hehehehehehe welcome to Nasarawa.

    You are driving and you take the wrong flyover, Niger State appreciates your presence mai dear.

    The only thing that you can count on here is Ordinary President shouting Hembelembe.

    Welcome to Abuja mai dear.

    N.B: Lugbe people should not comment on this post, let's respect ourselves, by the way, why is that place called Car Wash? Have you seen any Signboard at Police Signboard?


    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ’šπŸ’‹πŸ’™❤πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ’œ

  12. That lady must be possessed

  13. TGIFπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ

    Hello IHN!

  14. This weather is HOT. Na outside I dey sleep these days.

  15. That 18 yr old that betrayed her friend, na so e dey start.. its her type that snatch their sisters and friends husband korokoro.

    1. E don dey her body already, my neighbors confronted the one in my compound that was always beating her help, after the second confrontation, she sent the girl away, the girl told us before she left that she was hoping she can remain here till she writes WAEC, I'm waiting for any news about her, I have resolved to sponsor her WAEC if I can reach her, so sad I wasn't around when she left.

    2. So true.
      She's obviously trying to 'horn her craft', terrible.

  16. Sunny afternoon house,i wonder how some women feel when they maltreat somebody's child.

  17. Good day my people,op y'all are good,it's been awhile, I've nt heard from bv chisom my gbas gbos queen,I op she dey fine

    Ada ohafia

    1. Your friend shit for blog, blog owner con sack am

    2. I'm surprised your comment was approved. I asked about her twice mine wasn't approved.

  18. IHN
    Good afternoon blog fam

  19. #TGIF Thank God I'm Favoured
    Na me talk am since....

  20. Let God be God!! It will surely end in praise, whether the devil likes it or not

  21. See curses because of wetin.
    How can she even sleep with someone she just met that very day. No development of chemistry no nothing.

    1. How can she? What of him? How can he? From the story she actually stopped anything serious from happening.

  22. "She ask Alero wetin she dey find? Na so Alero talk say this her Ekwensu friend say Mama Nedu talk say she no want Alero again as sales girl and na she, Ekwensu Mama Nedu prefer.
    Na why Alero sidon wait make Mama Nedu from come.

    As she reach her friend house for 7am, she tell Alero say the form no dey with am, begin lie say Alero no keep am inside her purse.
    Na the predicament hold Alero wey she no fit come back to face Mama Nedu without form.

    Meanwhile, she no know say her Ekwensu friend don carry form fill to resume work instanta! Na when she summon courage reach shop to beg Mama Nedu, everything come scatter like yam and pepper inside hot oyel!"

    SISI Senaponi, these 2nd and 3rd paragraphs contradicted the 1st paragraph.
    What you said Mama Nedu told you that Alero said is totally different from what Alero said in your presence.

    So it is either
    1: I didn't read well,
    2: you made up the story
    3: you added salt to the story so that the story will have more "taste"

    1. Anytime I doubt the authenticity of gists like that, I just enjoy the creativity of the writers. At least, they contribute to the fun we enjoy here.

    2. Na today,all of them form stories here daily,including myself

  23. This sun ehn 😩😩😩😩

  24. Pinky, na God save you. The poster whose neighbour is maltreating a little child. Well, let me tell you what I did no my mothers sister. I went for Omugwo cos she birthed twins. I went to the hospital with my bag and this very malnourished little girl came visiting with her other 2 older kids. Mind you her eldest Child is almost taller than this girl. As soon as my mom's sis saw her she started crying, that her husband has killed my child, referring to the maid. She dragged her close and asked her if she had been eating at all. She then told me she was ashamed that people in the hospital would be looking at her as a wicked woman cos of how the maid looked. She told me she was certain that since she had been on admission, her husband might have been starving the girl. I was shocked and kept my peace. We got home, we did not go to their old house cos they had just constructed a larger house. I thought in my mind since this is a big house with bow 4 kids they would get an older maid cos this little girl Can not cater to the needs of 4 kids and 2 adults.

    As I stayed, I noticed this girl did everything in that house, no rest. I helped out as much as I could cos I was sorry for her. I joined her in cleaning the house in fact I heard she single-handedly cleaned a brand new house in which u invite people to come clean before u move in. I noticed for some odd reason, the moment we woke up, we both worked till night when we sleep, we washed big basins of mighty cloths, she was made to carry, you know that big construction drums, instead of this husband to call men to come and carry it. Even with me as an additional hand, the work was too much. During one of our washing sessions, I asked her "so when I leave only u will do all this work?" She said yes. We got talking and she began to open up, she has lived with then for 7 years and they promised training or schooling her and yet nothing, no salary too. She works till everyone goes to bed and sleeps at odd places out of tiredness. I shook my head. Well, plus I saw how verbally my aunts husband was towards the girl, and her wretched father as he says. This man drives with noodles in his car so that a girl who slaves for the family will not eat it. I nodded. Before I left, I left the next day, I encouraged her to leave cos when I leave the next day she will work to death, she accepted. I gave her Tfare. She left that day. They began looking for her, me I joined in looking for her too. Tou can not come and kill another person's child, I would do it again and again. Heard they got 2 older maids after she left. Please, do all u can and help that child go back to her parents. She is not the course of the woman's divorce.

    1. Thank you for helping, hope she went back to her people and didn't divert or get diverted somewhere else where some other issues might befall her? This is where having the number of children you can train is strongly advocated.

    2. Some people are extremely wicked that I shiver!
      God bless you Tiana for saving a modern day slave girl.
      Your aunt and husband are such a wicked couple.

    3. Some people are extremely wicked that I shiver!
      God bless you Tiana for saving a modern day slave girl.
      Your aunt and husband are such a wicked couple.

  25. Oh boy!! See ogbonge curse on top fornication.

  26. @woman watching her neighbour torment a child, pls find any human rights people to report that woman to ASAP. No child deserves any form of maltreatment

  27. Good afternoon sdkers. tgif.

    some kids are really going through torment all in the name of maid.. this is really painful

  28. Thanks for the period information.
    I have always known that you are what you eat.
    Nice one.

    1. I think it differs with everyone. Yours might not be eggs or milk, just watch your body and know what you react to.
      I currently break out in hives anytime I eat fried eggs. In fact anything eggs.

    2. Lady Diana, your first sentence is so apt.
      Happy weekend.

  29. It’s always a wrong idea to check google whenever u have any body was itching and I playfully decided to check google..what I saw scared me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚kidney disease,liver problem,and all those big big diseases,Omo I ran for my dear life.ill never check google again for any health related issues.The results can give someone hbpπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    1. Learn the correct use of English words Valeree.
      So because Google didn't favour you on that particular enquiry you had to use "always"?
      What happened to words like "sometimes"?
      Well, Google helps me and people around me most times when I need info on so many issues including those that concerns my body
      Speak for yourself and stop saying "always" except you say it is always a wrong idea for you in particular vahleree.

  30. Sanwo Olu scored below average in an interview he did on Channels TV commenting about the gruesome murder of Bamise on a BRT bus.

    Sanwo Olu instead of being a leader played the blame and victim game. Instead of Oga to commiserate with the deceased family, he went rambling...

    People are unjustly blaming me.

    People want to score cheap pointsπŸ™„

    People who are blaming me are evil and unwise.

    We don't manage BRT buses.

    It is the fault of local manufacturers that a BRT bus without camera was allowed to operate in the state...

    Just be truly sorry. And tell us the way forward. I understand that the job of a Governor is not easy - no job is.

    If people don't blame you and the state for such a gruesome murder on a state transport vehicle , who will they blame?

    I always say anyone that dies in this wicked world has gone to rest - may God comfort the family of the deceased.

  31. Untop pekus nahim this kind curse dey for. Nawao oooo. Fear our gender

  32. I don't find my boyfriend sexually attractive anymore, i still love him but sex with him is a chore. I come up with excuses everytime he tries to initiate sex.
    He plans to see my people next month but this issue is getting me worried. I feel i should tell him to abort mission.
    P.s. He has a high sex drive, i used to too with him but not anymore

    1. What changed exactly?

    2. See them!
      So you have been sleeping with a man who is yet to see your people?
      No advice for you

    3. 18:54 and so? Keep your stupid advice to yourself she doesn't need it
      Op did you meet someone new?

  33. Hi guys good afternoon. Please can anyone suggest a cream for sunburn? Or any treatment for sunburn? I have been having it for years now please help.

  34. Our minds have the ability to detect and sense DANGER. If your guts tell you something is wrong, never ignore that feeling.

  35. B.Vs please i need your input here
    I want to go into dry catfish business, that is buying and reselling dried cat fish. It's not something i have done before, neither do I know how it is done. Please will 100k be Ohk to start it up? Plus if any of you have a plug in Abuja/Kaduna/Katsina please hook a girl up.
    I was gifted 100k and i really want to start up something with it instead of wasting it on buying shoes, clothes, data and chop chop.
    Abeg don't scroll and pass, God bless you'll

    1. Ask around for a fish pond, or owners of fish ponds. Some of them dry the cat fish themselves and sell while others sell their fishes fresh to people who dry and sell. But if you can locate fish ponds owners, they willlink you to their customers who buy and dry it, then you can buy form those ones. To get fish pond owners, locate those who sell fresh catfish and explain your predicament to them. If you were in Ibadan, I would have helped.

  36. Good afternoon people.


  37. Small gbim gbim gbim for make u loose all, u are lucky, some will damn the consequencies and forge ahead.

    That lady beating the little maid, i pray for God to touch her mind, which kind wickedness be this

  38. Nawoooh evil friends plenty for this worldoooh, imagine small rat. That girl na real ekwensuoooooh

  39. Good evening Bvs
    I am so excited its already weekend

  40. Boyfriend break up with me ds week dey ask for space, make e go ask im mama for space. Oga sef for office just dey annoy me d whole week, e dey use corner eye dey look me say i no come meet am for office as usual say make i beg, boyfriend sef go don wait tire the whole week say i never call am to beg as usual. These billy goats no know say na d cat fish joint dem dey launch for my area today na im dey my mind. Anyway, as i dey type with left hand na my other hand they faya the roast catfish with chips and coleslaw....the sauce hot chai yeh! as my nose dey run na so i dey wash am down with mortuary chilled Smirnoff. No be me man go kill biko. Make i do baff again and dive bed.

  41. Na this househelp own vex me pass.Pls nebor,DO NOT LET THAT POOR GIRL DIE IN THAT HOUSE. Do something immediately to help her go back to her parents.Pls I beg you.

    Thanks in advance


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