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Sunday, March 06, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good afternoon house.

 I met this man (American missionary who runs a ministry) via Instagram and he spends a lot on me since 2016. 

He wants me to relocate to America; But I don’t know how to go about it and secondly he got knee problem he cant fly to Nigeria.

 I’ve decided to relocate and join him so we can get married but I have no idea on what to do. Please put me through and how to relocate and join him from Nigeria. Thank you.

First off.. Do you have an international passport?

Hmmmm he cant get to Nigeria because of Knee problem? He can use a wheel chair nah.... I dont know how easy this will be for you cos it would have been easier him going down to Nigeria to sort some things out at the American embassy.

There is even no appointment again this year.

He has to send you an Invitation letter to visit him.... That is the first start, if he cannot send you the letter for one excuse or the other, pick race and run oh...



I took a blood oath with my boyfriend years back and he is in prison now and refusing to remove the oath despite him having a child with another girl ..

I even visited him in prison begging him to remove the oath..

Please I really need help; I have not been myself for years now and i am really scared... no relationship I engage myself in works out and my friends are telling me to move on that it doesn’t work but i scared cus the promise we made was to love each other till death or we die or run mad ...

I am not interested in him anymore cus he got someone pregnant..

 Please I really need help.. will the oath affect him or me`?

I know someone who has been sick for about 30 years cause of this Blood oath thing... The guy ran mad and died.... I dont if it was one or two of them that went against..... It is a sad story...

WETIN YOU CHOP WEY YOU GO FOLLOW MAN DO BLOOD OATH? what possessed you for crying out loud?..
I dont even know if it is reversible.....


  1. If the blood oat is not done in babalawo,just two of you ,nothing will happen, but if its done in any baba place, go back to the baba to reverse it,or look for another spiritualist to help you

    1. Deliverance
      Crying to GOD
      Holy life

    2. Your boyfriend that got another person pregnant and broke the oath, did he die or run mad???
      You people should use your brains to think, difficult as it may be.

    3. Poster one u sound desperate. Try pray .

    4. Run to the MFM nearest to you, tell the pastor in-charge,he will guide you through the oat breaking.

  2. Both posters dey loco!!!!!
    You wan go meet man wey you nor know.. he has leg issue so he can't travel. Prostitution dey wait for you.

    Blood convenant and him give another girl belle. Well go make them pray for you

    1. Lmaooo especially poster 2.
      Poster2 just assume the oath has spoilt since he went against it.
      Then work on yourself, your relationship falling may not be from the oath. For you to have something to do with someone with criminal tendency says a lot about you.

    2. Poster 1,i hope you return with your kidney intact.
      Make long throat no put you for wahala.

  3. That blood oath of a thing doesn't work..
    Or will I say it's depends on how and where it was done..
    I remembered I did it then, brokeup after like a year of the mumu oath, moved on,got a life,got married,the guy marry and was having children,so I asked what will now stop me?we believe it was just children things then,so I don't know why it's so difficult for some.. please enlighten me more

    1. Beloved Mrs. Sharon;
      If you break the laws of God, you will reap sorrows Psalms 16:4
      Look at the proof to the above in these Scriptures;

      Deut. 12:23 But be sure you do not eat the blood, because the blood is the life, and you must not eat the life with the meat.

      Leviticus 17:10
      If anyone from the house of Israel or a foreigner living among them eats any blood, I will set My face against that person and cut him off from among his people.

      Acts 15:20
      Instead, we should write and tell them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals, and from blood.

      The only thing that can save anyone is the Blood of Jesus. John 1:29, 1 John 1:7-8

      Please study your Bible everyday.

    2. 2. Which kind love dey shack person reach do blood covenant? Pray and move on, remove your mind from it

      1. He has to invite you first.

  4. Poster if he is a legal permanent resident or a citizen of the United state, you won't be the one to be seeking for answers to these questions, he should know how to go about it or at least seek counsel. Information about USCIS is everywhere on google/Internet if he intends filing for you.
    Shine your eyes ooo before you get entangled with an illegal immigrant who will only work visiting visa and get you stranded after your visa expires.
    If you still insist on seeing him, let him sort out a visiting visa for you, go spend a few weeks and see for yourself before flying/jumping into marriage with him.
    Poster 2, better carry your family members to his family members to beg or do whatever so he frees you. But then again, is the path one sided? Because if its not then it's nothing seeing as he has a child and a baby mama who nothing have happened to so far.

  5. Dear poster one...

    If the man truly wanted to marry you and have you relocate to be with him, you would not be the one asking us what the process is! He would!

    He should be the one finding out the steps to take to secure a K1 visa for you. After all, he is the one that has to provide proof of finances, and all the other supporting documentation.

    My only advice to you is... Don't put the cart before the horse.

  6. The mind is a powerful tool, it can enslave you. I've always posted this before, I took this path thing with 3 different guys, today we all are married to different people and in different continents, all doing fine. Poster nothing will happen to you unless you guys went to babalawo. The oath did not kill him when he went to have a baby with another girl? Pls move on and stop being a slave to your mindset.

  7. A friend recommended this book from amazon
    "Sin in the house -a revelation of the blood covenants"

    The lessons I learned there helped my nephew who lived in Ghana and had same blood oath problem.

  8. American poster, have u seen the knee? Look well o, before u reach there and find out he has no legs to begin with.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. That's what I suspect sef. The American guy may not even have legs to begin with

  9. That first narrative sounds like a huge scam to me;
    1. An "American missionary" in USA who wants to marry you won't be allowing you to wallow in the ignorance of relocation. He should know what to do and do it.
    2. He ought to have visited you there in Nigeria to sort things out (Pay your Bride price at least).
    3. "Spending on you since 2016" seems to be what is obscuring your vision from seeing through the lies and how many missionaries have monies to throw around.
    4. I am not writing all these to convince you otherwise, seeing that your mind is made up to relocate to America (which to many of you is heaven.)
    And yes, I live in the US (for work purposes. And wouldn't have chosen here if not for work)
    Good wishes.

    1. lol heaven on earth.. they don't know people sleep on the streets

    2. while i appreciate that people see America as heaven stop making it sound like it is not much better than Nigeria. not everyone sleeps on the streets. yes it also depends on how you go there. I am in naija currently though have ILR in the UK. my sister is a nurse in Houston and I visit America often and yes i will rather live abroad than naija. I know it is not all rosy abroad and you must be ready to work hard and probably start from bottom up except if you come in as an expatriate but truth be told alot are better off than Nigeria...
      that said, poster shine your eyes well with that "missionary" sure he is not totally disabled and looking for a free nanny/lover.. spending on you might be an investment for lifelong slavery...things dey happen for this world oh

  10. Yea Stella, it is reversible in Christ. The lady first have to give her life to Christ and then either;
    *She fasts for quite long doing renunciation prayers or
    *Someone who is knowledgeable helps her with fasting and praying

    I took the first route and thank God, I am free today; married with kids.
    E get anything Jesus cannot do?

  11. Poster two. There is power in the tongue. You used your mouth to declear the oath. You can also use your month to nulify it. Bible said anything you permit on earth stands and anything you do not permit does not stand. What blood is stronger or more effective than the blood of Jesus? Wake up my dear. Cry to Jesus. The prodigal son went and squandered everything yet the father accepted him back with joy. Jesus is our high priest. He loves us so much that there is nothing he cannot do only if we ASK and BELIEVE. Use your mouth to create your reality. Cry for mercy. Whosoever the Lord shall set free is FREE INDEED. It is because of you Jesus died. Send angels on assignment. Ask angles of God to go to the spot of the oath swearing and nulify everything. He is the silent listener to every conversation. He heard every word that was said that day. Let the angles use the exact words spoken to nulify everything.

    Congratulations in advance. Welcome to a world of freedom and possibilities

  12. It will be easier for the man to come to Nigeria here and marry you. With the marriage certificate or pictures of the marriage you will apply for a visa with his help. Knee pains is a very lame excuse. My 76 years old mother came to Nigeria with knee pains , my sisters simply paid for her to be cared for.

    He impregnated a girl and the blood oath did not affect him in anyway right? Why will the blood oath affect you? If the oath is effective ,it ought to have affected him immediately he started cheating on you. The way I see it the oath wasn't binding and he knew. Stop allowing your imaginations erode your happiness. Move on

    1. Alex has said it all for the both Chronicles

  13. Angel of the morning6 March 2022 at 16:39

    Stella you're adding fire to wet wood, there's no oath otherwise he wouldn't have gotten a girl pregnant let alone have a child, my dear its in your mind, with the name above all names and oaths the chain is far broken. Live your life.

  14. Poster 1 dem wan carry you do lamba.
    Poster 2 receive sense in Jesus name.

  15. Poster the oath is not working, Why didn't the oath affect him when,he cheated on you and even with a child to top it up.
    Please move on with your life just accept πŸ™ Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour,,make Holy Spirit your best friend and move on..

    Poster 1,let him come and do the needful first by paying your bride price..
    Since 2016????

  16. This covenant you're worried about is nothing. It's just mind game. Free yourself from this guilt and see your life turn around for good

  17. Poster 1...u know say na b4 Christmas dem dey buy fowl den feed am well make e fat so dat e go get enough meat when u don ready to kill am parable I speak soπŸ₯³

  18. Poster 1 - are you sure this isn’t a scam?? I don’t understand why you’re the one asking about relocation when the “American missionary” should be aware of the process. Spending money on you since 2016 isn’t enough criteria to decide to marry someone you haven’t met in person.

  19. poster 1: shine your eyes...he should be doing the enquiry for you cos all documents should come from his end.
    poster 2: if you took an oath and he broke it by impregnating someone else then have no fear, after all he broke it first and still alive.. but if you made incantations or went to babalawo or used shigidi things then you need to pray well oh. people dey love dey take oath never makes sense to me walahi


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